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Chapter 301 - I’ll Be Fine

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 301: I’ll Be Fine

    Old Man Qiu was startled and then he nodded. “The main purpose of this training is to build the unconditional trust we have for each other. Since you’re confident that you can win this, I shall trust you!”

    The trust that Old Man Qiu was talking about, was not simply because of what Jian Qi had said. There was something more to it.

    Such as the unconditional trust one had for their comrades!

    Such as the invisible aura that this girl had, or the power of reassurance that she possessed!

    He thought about it. Maybe it was everything.

    This girl before him might be way younger than he was but they had never treated her as a clueless little girl.

    In every training or elimination round, they all looked up to her as a worthy comrade and a worthy opponent!

    Jian Qi noticed that Old Man Qiu had been staring at her and her smile was even brighter now. She teased him, “Aren’t you afraid that I might be ruthless?”

    Old Man Qiu laughed and he turned his eyes back to the sniper mirror. He aimed at the person hiding opposite them. “As your senior, I’m going to teach you the true meaning of trust between comrades today. And that includes putting your own life in their hands!”

    Jian Qi glanced at the side of his face. Even though the face was covered in paint, when he said those words, there was something charming about him.

    “Old Man Qiu, you’re exceptionally good-looking today!” Jian Qi complimented him.

    Old Man Qiu smiled and asked, “Who’s more handsome? Our boss? Or me?”

    “Old Man Qiu, sometimes when a girl compliments you, you shouldn’t be too proud. You might end up humiliating yourself,” Jian Qi giggled. “Why would you want to compare yourself with Instructor Tang? Are you trying to humiliate yourself?”

    Old Man Qiu. “…”

    It was indeed humiliating!

    “Alright. What should we do now?” Old Man Qiu immediately changed the topic. They would probably freeze to death if they continued talking in the cold weather like this!

    Jian Qi looked around their surroundings and observed the place where they were.

    If they run and hide immediately after sniping them, it should not be a big problem.

    “You’ll go to the seven o’clock position while I stay here. I’ll take down the person there, if there is an ambush they will surely notice it immediately. Once they open fire, you’ll take them down as fast as possible!”

    “Your arm has not fully recovered yet. I’ll fire the first shot, you should go!” Old Man Qiu said. The first shot might be a dangerous one. If it were a trap, then they might be exposed and end up dying!

    “Didn’t you say that you trust me?” Jian Qi smiled cheekily.

    Old Man Qiu was hesitant but he nodded. “Be careful.”

    “Don’t worry. I still have to torture Instructor Tang with my own two hands. I won’t die just like that!”

    Jian Qi smiled faintly. She seemed rather relaxed.

    They both started moving. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the mountain, Crocodile was shivering while staying hidden there.

    Crocodile turned on his microphone and said, “Boss, how long more do I have to stay here? Can I change to a different spot?”

    “Wait,” Tang Jinyu replied.

    Tang Jinyu was observing their surroundings with a pair of binoculars.

    Feng Yi was beside him.

    Tang Jinyu was not holding onto any weapon. Even though he was the leader, he was also Feng Yi’s lookout. Hence, he was only holding onto his binoculars.

    “Boss, are you sure that there will be people hiding there?” Feng Yi asked.

    “If Lightning hasn’t changed the way he strategizes, then he would surely put people at that spot!”

    Tang Jinyu replied as his hand that was holding the binoculars jerked slightly, and his lips started slowly moving upwards…