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Chapter 494 - So It’s Demon Qi

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 494: So It’s Demon Qi

    “I probably forgot to then,” Yin Shili said with a grin. He injected his own Yin Qi into the gray stone.

    The gray stone immediately changed, turning into a ball of black and red light that ferociously charged towards him.

    Yin Shili used Yin Qi to block it, but the Yin Qi was only devoured by it.

    Yun Jiuge moved quickly and sent a circle of golden light to surround the black and red light.

    The black and red light struggled desperately, but could not escape the Holy Power.

    “What on earth is this?” Yun Jiuge asked. She originally thought it was the power of control, but had not expected that it was something else.

    “It seems to be Demon Qi,” Zi Shang said hesitantly.

    “Demon Qi? Aren’t all the Demonic Clans in the Demon Realm?” Yun Jiuge asked. Back then, she had specially created a large realm for the Demon Clans to get together and play so that they would not go out and harm others.

    Besides, Wan Sha had already returned to the Demon Realm. He would not have allowed any demons to come out and cause trouble.

    “It’s a little like Wan Sha’s Demon’s Qi, but yet not really the same,” Zi Shang replied. He thought about it, bit his index finger and touched his forehead in the middle of his eyebrows, activating his Demonic Eye.

    His pupil divided into three and emitted different colors while rotating, then looked towards the black and red light.

    “How is it?” Yun Jiuge asked nervously.

    “It’s not just ordinary Demon Qi, but a mixture of Yin Qi, Fiendish Qi, Resentment Qi and many other evil spirits,” Zi Shang said, his forehead dripping with sweat. He quickly closed his eyes, looking exhausted.

    It was too tiring to use his Demonic Eye when he had no Demonic Power.

    “Are you okay?” Yun Jiuge helped Zi Shang wipe away his sweat and nagged, “The situation now isn’t like before. Don’t overexert yourself. What if something goes wrong?”

    “I’m fine,” Zi Shang answered. He quickly livened up so that Yun Jiuge would not worry.

    “The Demon Qi that this gray stone contains is so complicated. Where did Nangong Yue get it from?” Yin Shili asked. He was very surprised because Nangong Yue was a righteous person.

    “Only Nangong Yue, or Nangong Li and the others, will know,” Yun Jiuge said, shaking her head.

    “Since it’s useless to investigate the origin of this, why don’t we think about how to get rid of it?” Zi Shang said.

    “My Yin Qi can’t remove it and only makes it stronger,” Yin Shili said and shook his head, indicating that he couldn’t offer any help.

    Yun Jiuge was going to say that her Holy Power could remove it, but Zi Shang interceded and said, “Although your power can remove it, it doesn’t target the root problem. Nangong Yue must have a lot of these gray stones, and you can’t stop her.” There were so many human-beast hybrids in the Secret Realm and she couldn’t possibly save them all with her Holy Power.

    “Then what should we do?” Yun Jiuge frowned and asked. Were they just going to watch the human-beast hybrids die? She couldn’t accept this!

    “The purpose of our entry into the Secret Realm was to find Li Wei and get the key. We should find him first before helping these human-beast hybrids to escape control,” Zi Shang said. He wanted the human-beast hybrids to help them find Li Wei.

    Otherwise, they would take ages to find him because the Secret Realm was so big and they couldn’t use their Divine Knowledge.

    “After saying so much, you still have no way to deal with this Demon Qi!” Yun Jiuge said and almost rolled her eyes. Zi Shang always wanted to use others to help him.

    “We can always think of a solution. At least we now know what this gray stone is. To resolve this, all we need is time,” Zi Shang replied indifferently.

    “Senior is right. This object is formed by a mixture of Demon Qi and other evil spirits. Ultimately, it’s just a high-level type of Demon Qi. We’ll soon be able to find a solution after trying a few more times,” Yin Shili said.

    Yin Shili was the Sect Leader of a major devilish sect and was very knowledgeable about such things. He suggested, “Miss Yun, why not use a method from the righteous path such as Buddha’s Light, Taoist Light, etc?”

    “Sect Leader, have you forgotten that we’re from the same sect?” Yun Jiuge asked. Where was she going to get the Buddha’s Light from?

    “Oh right!” Yin Shili said, slightly embarrassed. He had always grouped Yun Jiuge and The Almighty Fan Yin together.

    “Fan Yin told you to follow us here. Didn’t he tell you anything else?” Zi Shang asked. That guy was a Buddhist Master.

    “No, The Almighty only told me to follow your orders at all times,” Yin Shili said and shook his head.

    “If he wanted you to follow me, he should have given you some magic weapons, such as some Buddhist relics,” Yun Jiuge asked hopefully.

    “If I, a Living Corpse, carried such stuff around, wouldn’t I just die faster?” Yin Shili said honestly.

    “Alright then!” Yun Jiuge said and didn’t pursue the matter any further.

    “The issue of the magic weapons can be discussed later. Go check whether there’s Demon Qi in A’dai’s brain,” Zi Shang said.

    If the gray energy in A’dai’s brain was not Demon Qi, then what they discussed now wouldn’t even matter.

    “Okay, I’m going to take a look now,” Yun Jiuge said. Previously, she had only briefly looked at it with her Spiritual Eye. This time, she needed to investigate it thoroughly.

    When the three of them went outside, they saw A’ze and Advisor Jun squatting beside A’dai, looking at the pile of food on the ground hungrily and pitifully.

    A’dai’s two fat wings were spread into a semi-circle, protecting the food in the middle. It pecked at the food quickly.

    “A’dai, you’re too stingy!” Yun Jiuge said, glancing at A’dai’s bulging belly. It was so full that it could almost vomit, yet it still didn’t want to share its food with others. What a stingy bird.

    “Miss Yun, please don’t blame the prince, he wasn’t like this before. He probably doesn’t recognize us, that’s why he’s being so protective over his food,” Advisor Jun quickly explained on behalf of A’dai, fearing that Yun Jiuge would abandon the Eagle Clan because she had a bad impression of A’dai.

    “I’m afraid he’s going to get bloated. Enough, A’dai, don’t eat anymore,” Yun Jiuge said. She walked to its side and tightly wrapped up the food on the ground with cloth.

    “Caw caw!” A’dai puffed its feathers and turned into a big ball.

    It stared at A’ze and Advisor Jun fiercely, as if it was going to fight with them over food.

    “Keep this well and only eat it when you’re hungry,” Yun Jiuge said. She didn’t give the food to A’ze and Advisor Jun, but packed them into a big bag and tied it to A’dai’s body.

    Satisfied with this, A’dai kept away his fat wings. He walked up to his nest and lay down with the package, about to sleep.

    A’ze and Advisor Jun covered their flat bellies. Although they were disappointed, they did not dare to say anything.

    “You can divide these up first,” Yun Jiuge said as she turned around and took a big bag of beef patties and big buns from her cloth bag. She said to A’ze, “I’ll help you solve the food shortage after I solve the problem of the gray energy.”

    “That’s okay. For now, we can still find food. You just have to solve the problem before winter comes,” A’ze replied cheerfully, taking the bag of food.

    “Okay,” Yun Jiuge answered. She decided to let Yin Shili handle the human-beast hybrid’s food shortage problem so that he would not become too idle.