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Chapter 497 - Pig-out Grass That’s Worth Having

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 497: Pig-out Grass That’s Worth Having

    Zi Shang promptly helped Yun Jiuge up, but she pushed his arm and urged, “Quick help me check how A’dai is?”

    Since she discovered the mystery of the golden light in A’dai’s brain, Yun Jiuge attached great importance to it.

    “He’s okay. He’ll probably need another two to three days to wake up. After all, it’s a brain injury and won’t heal so quickly.”

    Zi Shang swiftly swept a glance at A’dai and then supported Yun Jiuge to sit down at the side. Next, he angrily said, “You overexerted yourself for him.” What was she going to do if she were to meet with a dangerous situation in the future when she had used up her Holy Power now?

    “It’s alright,” said Yun Jiuge. She shook her head and did not mention the matter of the golden light to Zi Shang.

    It was not that she did not trust Zi Shang. But with Yin Shili around, it was hard to bring up the matter of her Holy Power.

    Although Yin Shili had already declared his allegiance to her, she was still somewhat afraid of the consequences at the thought that he was sent by someone else.

    “Don’t do this next time,” reprimanded Zi Shang, although half-knowing it was futile for him to say so. Yun Jiuge was particularly stubborn when it came to saving people. He could only look after her a little more.

    “Yes, yes,” Yun Jiuge mumbled perfunctorily and talked about another matter, “The human-beast hybrids are really suffering, and winter may be coming soon.

    The food in my Magical Bottomless Bag is utterly insufficient. We’ve to find a way to help them solve the food crisis. Otherwise they’ll still seek refuge from that Divine Envoy. Do you have any way to help them grow some kind of foodstuffs, like rice?”

    “Don’t look at me. Anything I plant, dies,” Yin Shili immediately shook his head. As a Living Corpse, he would only absorb Life Energy. He basically could not grow any food.

    Damn! If she had known that a Yin Corpse was so useless, she should have sought shelter with a Righteous Sect.

    Yun Jiuge swore under her breath and then gazed at Zi Shang with a look of expectation.

    “It’s not so easy,” said Zi Shang. He looked mindlessly at Yun Jiuge and continued, “You just have to let Cute Little Baby out and that should do it. You’ve used the Essence of All Living Things to refine it into a Divine Tool after all.”

    Speaking of Cute Little Baby, there was a story behind it. When Yun Jiuge had just come of age, she suddenly wanted to build her own hanging gardens.

    She ordered everyone in the Celestial Palace to collect a myriad of seeds and then began to put them in order.

    Later, she was displeased that the flowers, plants, and trees grew too slowly. So, she collected the Essence of All Living Things to make a Weapon Spirit dedicated to the management of the garden.

    At that time, Yun Jiuge’s Holy Power was at its most abundant and she could refine an extremely rare Divine Tool at will. Thus, Cute Little Baby was born.

    “Oh yes, I forgot about it,” said Yun Jiuge, who had not dabbled in plants and trees for many years. In addition, the Divine Cauldron had now changed into a Magic Cauldron, causing her to mistakenly think of using it only when she needed to produce pills.

    “You’ve collected an assortment of diverse seeds. Maybe there’s something among them which can work.” Yun Jiuge mainly collected flowers, plants, and trees though.

    A lot of flowers and herbs could still be consumed. Some of them could also bear fruit.

    “I’ll ask,” said Yun Jiuge, who got down to it and began to call for Cute Little Baby.

    “Master, what can I do for you?” Cute Little Baby jumped out at once.

    “Help me take a look at the types of seeds suitable for planting in the land that has been ravaged by Death Energy. They also need to be edible,” Yun Jiuge commanded.

    “Ah, Death Energy. How can any good grow out of such a broken place?” Cute Little Baby pursed its lips. It had followed Yun Jiuge and muddled along for so many years. It did not even think Heavenly Spiritual Field was good enough, let alone planting on a land with Death Energy.

    “Stop being so pesky. Just do as I say,” Yun Jiuge spoke sternly. She did not have time to fuss around with this brat.

    “Okay,” replied Cute Little Baby. It stuck out its tongue as its small fat hand shoved into a pocket and began to fish out something. It then muttered to itself, “This Thousand Tinkling Leaves Flower won’t do, this Red Passion Fruit won’t work, this White Dew Jade Flower isn’t good either…”

    “Hurry up!” Yun Jiuge urged impatiently. Although it required little Holy Power to communicate with Cute Little Baby, it was currently a big burden to her.

    “Ah, yes, I have it,” said Cute Little Baby. Its eyes lit up as it fished out a fist-sized ochre colored seed from its pocket and said, “This is the Pig-out Herb which the Herb Clan living in the Death Desert offered during that time. It has the most tenacious vitality among all Spiritual Herbs and also the most adaptable herb seed.”

    “What does the Pig-out Herb look like when it’s grown?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “Once it sprouts, a large area of yellow herbs will emerge!” Cute Little Baby blinked its big eyes and said, “I heard that this herb is rich in moisture, as well as very starchy. People and animals can eat it.” During that time, the Desert Herb Clan relied on this item to obtain the desert folks’ trust, and it then caught the attention of the Celestial Palace later.

    Even though Cute Little Baby was contemptuous when it received this herb, it still accepted it on the account that the Desert Herb Clan was commendable. It did not expect it to come in handy now.

    “Well, that’s it then. How come there’s only one?” One seed was too little. It would be a long time after planting before it could supply the human-beast hybrids with food.

    “One seed is already extraordinarily strong. You just have to grind this herb a little and it will grow into a large patch anywhere you scatter. It can be eaten in two days.” The Desert Herb Clan had offered the essence of the herb to the Goddess. No matter how much was cut from the seed, it would grow back.

    It was no exaggeration to say that the fist-sized seed could be planted throughout half of the Secret Realm.

    “I’ll go try it now.” After Yun Jiuge exited her Subconscious mind, a fist-sized yellow seed appeared in her hand after.

    “What kind of herb seed is this?” Zi Shang took it and sniffed it. There was a fragrance of green grass.

    Crouching in the corner, Yin Shili also looked curious.

    “Pig-out Herb. It’s said that only a little amount can grow into a large area. People and animals can eat it. Why don’t we go to the human-snake hybrid clan and give it a try?” Eagle Cliff did not have much flat land. It would be a waste to test it here.

    “What about A’dai?” Zi Shang looked at A’dai who was fast asleep. His small belly rose and fall as he slept soundly.

    “Just put him inside the Spiritual Beast Bag,” said Yun Jiuge. With that, she placed A’dai inside her Spiritual Beast Bag. Under these circumstances, she had to carry him with her at all times to be safe.

    “It’s too crammed, too crammed,” Feifei began to shriek unhappily, which directly went straight into Yun Jiuge’s head.

    “Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion haven’t made a sound. You talk too much,” replied Yun Jiuge, who rubbed her ears.

    “How can they compare with me? I’m a girl,” replied Feifei, who felt aggrieved. Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion were already an elderly pair. They had swiftly laid on top of the fat bird and slept very soundly.

    But Feifei’s incorruptible body was definitely not getting close to a male bird emitting a strong scent.

    “Very well, you come out and follow me then!” said Yun Jiuge, thinking that Feifei’s physique could switch between Yin and Yang. Perhaps she could be of some use at her side.

    Feifei could not wait and had already flown out. Then it landed unhappily on Yun Jiuge’s shoulder and started to complain tearfully.

    “Be obedient and you’ll get Spiritual Pills to eat,” said Yun Jiuge, who used two Spiritual Pills to shut Feifei up. Then she asked Zi Shang to call A’ze and Advisor Jun to come up.

    The two human-bird hybrids flew up and were shocked to find their prince missing.

    Yun Jiuge had to demonstrate the function of how she collected her Spiritual Beasts, which then gave them peace of mind.

    “I’m making a trip to the human-snake hybrid clan. Can you take us?” Yun Jiuge said under A’ze’s admiring gaze.