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Chapter 312 - Your Radiant Beam Brought Healing to My World

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 312: Your Radiant Beam Brought Healing to My World

    Ning Meng had thought that the reason he had called her personally was to tell her that they would quickly release the clarification statement, however, her expectations were soon shattered.

    "I'm really sorry. We have a special situation now at the police station. Since we have captured the scammer this afternoon, we decided to dispatch some policemen in secret to their hiding place. We want to catch the whole syndicate in one go, so, before we succeed in the operation, unfortunately, we cannot tell the public about it. Could you wait until we have arrested the group? We will then release the clarification statement."

    Ning Meng was completely stunned and her mind went blank at that instant.

    "Miss Ning? I know that you have been unjustly wronged, but we are in the middle of an important operation now. If we were to help you clarify your situation, everything we've done would be wasted. We would even put the undercover policemen in danger…"

    When Ning Meng heard this, she had no reason to refuse. After all, she was no valiant hero. She was just a small little comic artist. She knew that as a citizen of China, she had the obligation to help the police with their duties.

    In the real world, she had been an orphan. Her orphanage manager had told her that she was being trafficked when she was younger. Luckily, the police had busted the syndicate just when they were about to sell her off to another country, hence, she was sent to the orphanage.

    If it were not for the police, the scammers might have sold her off to become a live specimen or harvested her organs to be sold…

    And so, she quickly came to a decision. "No problem."

    The policeman breathed a sigh of relief. "Don't you worry. We will capture these criminals as soon as possible and we will then hold a press conference to give you the justice you deserve. Meanwhile, if you have any problems, do look to us for help."

    While he was in the middle of the conversation, someone shouted out, "Captain, new duties!"

    The policeman quickly said, "Miss Ning, I…"

    Ning Meng smiled. "Sir, do carry on with your duties. Thanks for all your hard work!"

    She could not blame the policemen. They had cast a long fishing line and were waiting for the big catch. The magnitude of her problem of being insulted on the internet paled in comparison. The truth would be revealed sooner or later anyway.

    After she had hung up, she looked to the front in a daze. Suddenly, a glass of warm milk was placed in her hands, and Ning Meng lifted her head. Huo Beichen asked, "What happened?"

    She hesitated for a while and finally said, "Nothing, let's go to bed."

    After drinking the milk, Ning Meng lay on the sofa and could not sleep. She kept thinking about her earlier post on Weibo. She had said that she would reveal the truth the next day, but now that it was not possible, what else could she do?

    She tossed to one side and deleted the Weibo post on her phone. After deleting the post, she uninstalled Weibo. No matter what storm would brew, or what fires would descend on the internet, she just needed to not see them and completely ignore them, right? After she had thought about this, she fell asleep.

    The next day she woke up groggily. After she had stretched, she tossed to one side, but just as she turned her body, she noticed that something was amiss. She stretched out her hand and felt the soft bed she was on. After a while, she abruptly opened her eyes and found that she was on her bed again! But she was sure she had not gone to the toilet last night, how had this happened!?

    While she was still in shock, the toilet door opened, and out came Huo Beichen who had just finished his shower. His face was still wet as he calmly said, "Morning Meng Meng."

    He gazed deeply at her, his eyes sparkling and gleaming as he warmly continued, "We meet again, my love. Your warm smile makes my heart race. Your radiant beam has brought healing to my world."