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Chapter 287 - Werent You Good at Cheering Him up in the Past? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 287: Weren't You Good at Cheering Him up in the Past? (1)

    Xu Weilai's mind went blank. Having never expected Gu Yu to answer her call so quickly, she was caught unprepared. At that moment, she didn't know what to say.

    The silence lingered until Gu Yu's voice suddenly rang out over the phone. "Speak!" he simply said.

    After suddenly being jolted back into reality, Xu Weilai came back to her senses and bit her bottom lip. After all, her parents were watching her; she couldn't give him a half-hearted response before hanging up. After a moment's hesitation, she slowly forced out her words, "I… I just saw the news. Is the situation dire?"

    On the other side of the line, Gu Yu went silent. Had she not heard his soft breathing, she would have thought that he had hung up on her.

    Xu Weilai's hand clenched instinctively while holding the phone.

    Ever since she and Gu Yu and gotten married, she had never asked about his affairs. She knew she didn't possess the right to, so she had kept within her limit. Was she now overstepping her boundaries?

    Worried that Gu Yu would give her a scathing reply that would embarrass her parents, Xu Weilai quickly spoke up again. "Well," she said, "You must be very busy, so I won't disturb you any longer. I'll…"

    Before she could say "hang up now," Gu Yu suddenly spoke. She could easily tell that his tone was much softer as he said, "It isn't dire."

    After a pause, he lowered his voice and added, "Don't worry." For some strange reason, he sounded as if he were smiling when he said those last two words.

    Xu Weilai blinked. This couldn't be real!

    At that moment, she didn't know how to reply. Coincidentally, she overhead over the phone Assistant Lin softly reminding Gu Yu that their meeting was about to begin. Grabbing that opportunity, she said, "You should go to your meeting. Please… remember to take care of yourself."

    Gu Yu was quiet again for several seconds before he simply replied, "Okay." His voice was mesmerizing and very pleasant to the ears. Xu Weilai felt her heart softening just hearing him speak.

    Xu Weilai's hand trembled uncontrollably. Fighting to stay calm, she ended the call.

    Why did she suddenly feel as if that wasn't Gu Yu on the other end?

    Mrs. Xu had heard the entire verbal exchange between Gu Yu and Xu Weilai. She stared at her daughter exasperatedly as she said, "Weilai, can't you learn to sweeten your lips and cheer Yu up even a little? All men need a woman gently supporting him from behind, especially during such troubling times. Weren't you great at cheering him up in the past? Did you lose all your charms after spending three years abroad?"

    Weren't you good at cheering him up in the past…?

    It was true that she had been good at cheering him up in the past.

    Back then, she was so willing to cheer him up only because she had liked him. It was also because she had liked him that she had insisted on taking care of him. She stayed by his side after he lost consciousness in the car accident, disregarding all the objections that stood in her way.

    However, her consolations and encouragement had always been sincere. She had never used it to exploit him.

    There was still an element of pride that remained in her love for him; she didn't want her feelings to end it. She couldn't do it!

    This was the only remaining thing she was certain about.

    Pretending not to hear her mother's words, Xu Weilai bluntly said, "Dad, Mom. I'll make a move first."

    Mrs. Xu was not finished speaking. "You…" she began.

    She was about to say more when Mr. Xu suddenly cut her off as he said, "Alright. Watch out for the traffic on your way back."

    "Thanks, Dad."