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Chapter 400 - Grinding For Baby Tiger With You

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 400 Grinding For Baby Tiger With You

    In the morning, after waking up and washing, Zhou Wen headed to the cafeteria. He filled his stomach before buying a few buns and soy milk for Wang Lu.

    Thankfully, Wang Lu's dorm was right next door, so it was still on the way.

    He pressed Wang Lu's dorm's doorbell several times before he saw her opening the door while rubbing her eyes.

    "Breakfast." Zhou Wen handed the buns and soy milk over.

    "Why are you so early?" Wang Lu asked as she took the bag and walked back to the living room.

    "It's getting late. I've already begun gaming usually at this time," Zhou Wen said.

    Wang Lu pursed her lips and ignored him. She continued opening the bag and saw that it was filled with buns and soy milk. She said with a smile, "You're very thrifty."

    "I don't know what you like to eat. I bought the most common food. If you wish to eat anything in particular, tell me in advance the next time," Zhou Wen said.

    "This will do. Wait for me. I'll go wash up first." After washing up and eating breakfast, it was already more than an hour later.

    Zhou Wen and Wang Lu went to Binyang Cave. When the soldier guarding it saw Wang Lu, his eyes immediately widened as he stared at her, as though he was guarding against a thief.

    "I want to spin it three times," Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen.

    Wang Lu naturally wasn't the one forking out the money. After Zhou Wen paid, he got Wang Lu to spin the wheel of fortune.

    The soldiers held their guns and stared intently at Wang Lu like searchlights. However, they could only watch helplessly as Wang Lu won the entrance requirement to Binyang Cave three times in a row.

    The officer in charge of the area stared blankly. After Zhou Wen and Wang Lu left, he checked the wheel of fortune again. However, there weren't any problems. They spun it dozens of times, but none of them managed to hit the red line.

    "What the hell!" The officer felt that this was too odd. After the last time, they had already installed higher-grade Primordial Energy sensors. If Wang Lu used any powers, the Primordial Energy sensor would have sounded the alarm, but it showed nothing.

    The two entered Binyang Cave. Wang Lu's luck was excellent as expected. Her luck was good to begin with but with the augmentation of the baby tiger and the Four-Leaf Clover, it was even more impressive. Not long after they entered the cave, they saw a tiger deliver itself to them, baring its teeth and pouncing over.

    "Are you going to personally kill it?" Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu and asked. He didn't know if he needed Wang Lu to personally kill the tiger to have a chance of having a Companion Egg drop.

    "Give me your hand," Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen.

    "What for?" Zhou Wen extended his right hand in front of Wang Lu.

    Wang Lu reached out her fingers and drew a circle in Zhou Wen's palm. Then, she grabbed Zhou Wen's right hand and pushed his fingers towards his palm. She made Zhou Wen's right hand clench into a fist and said piously, "May the Goddess of Luck be with you. Alright, you can go."

    Zhou Wen was doubtful. Wang Lu's luck was good, but luck shouldn't spread, right? Zhou Wen had killed the tiger countless times in-game, but only some Primordial Energy Crystals dropped. He had never seen a Companion Egg before.

    Zhou Wen doubted Wang Lu's claim that the circle was of use.

    Although he didn't believe it, the tiger had already pounced in front of him. Zhou Wen didn't hesitate as he unsheathed Bamboo Blade with his right hand and slashed at the tiger with a Fangwheel Sword Flash.

    The tiger was surprisingly stronger than usual. With a twist of its waist, it dodged the Fangwheel Sword Flash. Unfortunately, it had not expected it to boomerang back and cleave it into two.

    "Killing an Epic dimensional creature with one strike. It might be the weakest, but your strength is already very powerful. What a pity," said Wang Lu.