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Chapter 313 - I’m Not a Delicate Little Flower

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 313: I’m Not a Delicate Little Flower

    Ning Meng was slightly stunned.

    Well, that was indeed right. Today was not the first time that they had met, after all. Her lips curled upward and she smiled. After she had smiled, she felt that something was amiss. Why was she smiling just because he said she was smiling?!

    Ning Meng pressed her lips together and coughed. “Why did I end up on the bed again?”

    Huo Beichen maintained his composure and calmly looked at her. “That’s right, why?”

    His unperturbed response made Ning Meng doubt herself. Had she sleepwalked this time?

    Seeing that she was trying to figure things out, Huo Beichen casually opened the bedroom door and went out. “I’ll prepare breakfast.”

    As he walked out, Ning Meng’s face was still flushed red. This wave of romantic words that had just hit her… she could not take it anymore! As a matter of fact, Lord Chen’s romantic words could not even compare to her lowly words of love… There was a world of difference!

    Ning Meng was utterly defeated!

    After she had washed up, she went out to eat breakfast with Huo Beichen before heading downstairs together. Huo Beichen was headed to work and he asked, “What are you planning to do today?”

    “I’m going to check on the filming and then visit my company. After that, I need to finish my comic!”

    She was out all the time every day to the point that her second volume of Lifebloom was not finished yet, so she wanted to quickly complete the work and publish it. Huo Beichen nodded. “Okay, I’ll ask the housekeeper to deliver your lunch. Let’s go out for dinner together?”

    Ning Meng nodded. “Sure.”

    As they both headed toward the carpark area, Huo Beichen’s back was straightened, the haute couture business suit he wore showing off his slender body, making him look elegant and noble as he walked. Ning Meng was clad in a white trench coat and had her hair tied into a bun.

    She cheekily turned toward Huo Beichen. “Sigh. When I was younger, I used to pity those whose houses had the word “demolish” painted on its wall because it meant that they would be homeless. Now, I realize that that is the best way to show off.”

    Huo Beichen laughed quietly. This woman was infatuated with money. It made him wonder how much money would be sufficient to make her feel secure. He stopped staring at her and looked to the front, however, while accompanying her to her car, something he saw made him stop dead in his tracks.

    Ning Meng could not catch what was going on, and just as she was about to turn her eyes toward his direction, he suddenly held her in his arms and pulled her to his chest.

    “Don’t look.”

    His words made her panic slightly and she did not know why but she had a bad feeling about this. Soon, she heard him sternly call out, “Stephen.”

    Ning Meng could only hear the sound of footsteps rushing over. They then went around to check the surroundings. She wanted to lift her head to see what was going on, but he held onto her even more intensely. She could only bury her head in his embrace and listen to his heart racing. Eventually, his thumping heart slowly calmed down, and Stephen came over to them.

    “It’s not blood, sir.”

    Huo Beichen breathed a sigh of relief and Ning Meng patted him on his shoulder. As he lowered his head to look at her, she lifted her head and looked at him with her sparkly peach blossom eyes.

    “Lord Chen, I know that you want to protect me but I’m not a delicate little flower, you know.”

    Huo Beichen raised his brow slightly and finally let her go.