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Chapter 288 - Werent You Good at Cheering Him up in the Past? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 288: Weren't You Good at Cheering Him up in the Past? (2)

    She clicked on the latest news regarding current affairs. At the top of the page was the story of the worker from the Gu Corporation that had fallen from the building.

    She then opened her Weibo account. As she had expected, the story was trending there as well. The latest news stated that the worker who had fallen from the building had been saved in time. Unfortunately, he lost the use of both of his legs despite no longer being in critical condition.

    Shortly afterward, the general public began to voice their opinions. Based on their statements, Gu Corporation fell out of favor with the majority of the people who spoke up.

    The general consensus consisted of a few points. Firstly, Gu Corporation forced their workers to complete their work during the New Year holidays. It was rumored that their hours were too long, causing the workers to be fatigued. Having been exhausted from work, the worker lost his focus and accidentally fell.

    Secondly, the worker tried to grab on to the handrail of the amusement facility as he fell. However, the handrail was built with insufficient reinforcements. As a result, the handrail had given way and caused the worker to fall.

    In other words, Gu Corporation constructed its large-scale amusement park using insufficient materials to maximize profits! This was no laughing matter; it meant people's lives would be at risk in the future!

    In an instant, Gu Corporation had gained the poor reputation of being unscrupulous profiteers. Following the accusation, several people online were agreeing to boycott the company.

    A frown appeared on Xu Weilai's face as she read on, and the look in her eyes sank.

    Unlike what Gu Yu had told her, this situation was very dire! If Gu Corporation didn't handle this situation well, they would have to face several consequences. Integrity was the most important aspect of any business. Once the public lost their faith in a company, it would be difficult for the company to move forward.

    Even so, that was Gu Yu's own business; it wasn't hers to worry over. Why was she thinking so much about it?

    Xu Weilai forced herself to put the situation out of her mind. She walked into the bedroom and took a shower. Upon emerging, she lay on the bed and closed her eyes!

    However, she couldn't seem to sleep well the whole night. Her heart was feeling heavy as if something was weighing down on it and suffocating her.

    The next day, Xu Weilai opened her eyes instantly at the break of dawn. She retrieved her phone to check the time; it was only half-past seven in the morning…

    She closed her eyes to get a little more sleep. However, a minute later, she gave up on sleeping and got out of bed. After washing up, she put on her sportswear and headed down to the community garden for a morning run.

    After perspiring profusely, she returned for a quick shower, made herself breakfast, and brewed some coffee. When she had eaten her fill, she reached for her phone without thinking and opened Weibo again.

    At nine o'clock this morning, a group of workers had gathered at Gu Corporation's branch office to protest, demanding for Gu Corporation to explain themselves!

    There was even a group of people hollering for everyone to boycott the Gu Corporation. In their protests, the group used the corporation's unscrupulousness and lack of consideration for the lives and safety of their workers.

    Several reporters had rushed to the scene and were broadcasting the situation live. Xu Weilai's finger hesitated for a moment before eventually clicking on the live video to play it.

    The scene was utter chaos. Extremely indignant, the workers were confronting the security guards until somebody suddenly yelled, "The CEO of Gu Corporation is here!"

    The camera panned over to a black sedan car that had just arrived, and Xu Weilai witnessed Gu Yu and Assistant Lin stepping out of the vehicle. Gu Yu's handsome expression remained calm and collected, and his eyes did not show any of his emotions or thoughts.

    He did not ignore the crowd of workers. Instead, he walked over and scanned them with his dark eyes.

    The invisible and imposing aura he emanated intimidated everyone at the scene. Even the protesting workers instinctively stopped, causing the scene to suddenly grew quiet