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Chapter 302 - Location Exposed!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 302: Location Exposed!

    “Nine o’clock direction. Someone is there,” Tang Jinyu said.

    Feng Yi held onto his sniper rifle and immediately aimed at the location that Tang Jinyu said, and he found someone there.

    “Boss, do I shoot?” Feng Yi had already targeted Old Man Qiu who was moving on the ground.

    Feng Yi was slightly excited. “It seems like Lightning hasn’t changed his strategy at all.”

    “Someone did appear.”

    Tang Jinyu did not say anything. He was still observing their surroundings.

    If Lightning had not changed his strategy in any way, someone else must be hiding with him as well.

    So where was the other person?

    Feng Yi kept his eyes on Old Man Qiu. When he was moving out of his sight, Feng Yi said, “Boss, do I fire? If I don’t shoot, he’s going to hide and I won’t be able to aim accurately anymore.”

    Feng Yi was ready to pull the trigger, he was just waiting for Tang Jinyu’s command.

    Tang Jinyu was still looking for something. He ended up looking in the direction that Old Man Qiu was going toward and he looked in the opposite direction.

    “Boss, the target is getting out of range,” Feng Yi reminded him again.

    “Don’t go for him first. Walk around to the side and avoid your one o’clock direction. Don’t let anyone from that direction notice you,” Tang Jinyu told Feng Yi seriously.

    Feng Yi nodded. He picked up his sniper rifle and moved as fast as he could toward Old Man Qiu’s direction.

    After Feng Yi had left, Tang Jinyu looked toward the one o’clock direction again with his binoculars and he moved toward that direction as fast as he could…

    Jian Qi held onto her binoculars to observe her surroundings and then a voice came from her earpiece. “Big Sister Qi, I’ve reached my location.”

    Jian Qi looked through the sniper mirror to look for the opponent that could be hiding.

    If this really were a trap that was set up by Tang Jinyu, where would they be hiding?

    There was still one thing that Jian Qi could not understand. According to Tang Jinyu’s personality, he would not put his own comrades’ lives on the line. Because if a sniper had found their target, it would be impossible to dodge the shot!

    Tang Jinyu would not use such a dangerous move!

    Old Man Qiu’s voice came from her earpiece again, “Can we start?”

    After Jian Qi made sure that there was nothing amiss, she put down her binoculars and picked up her sniper rifle to aim at her target.

    “Get ready!” Jian Qi said.

    Her finger was on the trigger.

    Just before she pulled the trigger, her finger lifted slightly.

    Her motions slowed down, and then she stopped. She picked up her binoculars again and looked toward that direction.

    She finally realized what went wrong.

    “Old Man Qiu, get out of there immediately!” Jian Qi said. “I’ll cover you. Your location has been compromised. We’ll meet up at the next checkpoint!”

    Old Man Qiu did not know what she found out but he could tell that something was terribly wrong.

    “Is everything okay on your side?” Old Man Qiu asked while he was moving as fast as he could.

    “I’m fine but you have to move faster!” Jian Qi replied while moving away from her location. She looked toward Old Man Qiu’s location and a few minutes later, someone had appeared from another direction and was moving toward him.

    Jian Qi frowned. She knew that if she did not pull the trigger, Old Man Qiu would be in deep trouble. But if she were to fire a shot, then she might expose herself!

    When the person was getting even closer to Old Man Qiu, Jian Qi decided to pull the trigger.


    The shot was fired and the sound reveberated throughout the whole jungle, it was the first gunshot in this battlefield!

    At the same time, this shot also meant that Jian Qi’s location had been exposed!