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Chapter 233 - Mom

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 233: Mom

    The moment the person stood up, Su Cha felt a jolt in her heart.

    Her pupils constricted in disbelief.

    When the person walked toward her, it seemed to overlap with the blurry figure in her memory.

    Her blurry memories finally became clearer.

    She was of ordinary build, but she had a good figure. She had long, curly hair, and she liked to wear a plain dress occasionally. Her makeup was light, but her eyebrows were deeply drawn.

    She knew how to keep a low profile.

    Occasionally, she would look at her with a gentle smile.

    “Mom… Mom?”

    Her voice trembled when she called out the name.

    It was also drowned out by the sound of the piano and the song, so much so that as the person walked over, she did not hear her. She only glanced at her in surprise. “Did Quan Jia send you here? Are you the runner-up of the singing program?”

    When the woman said this, her gaze landed on Su Cha, but she was puzzled.

    She was a smart and generous woman who was about 40 years old. There were no signs of age on her face, and her outfit was as simple as ever.

    But she was very ordinary.

    It was as if in a vast sea of people, no one would notice her.

    Su Cha’s shock subsided a little. She looked at the other party and opened her mouth slightly. “Mom?”

    The woman was stunned.

    She looked up and down carefully. As if in disbelief, she called out the name, “Su Cha?”

    It was confirmed.

    The sound of the piano gradually faded and the children’s singing stopped. Everyone’s eyes were on them.

    The woman glanced at the students behind her and said, “You guys continue practicing. Teacher has something on.”

    Then she patted Su Cha’s shoulder. “Come with me.”

    Her tone was normal and she was not too agitated.

    There was no intimate feeling.

    Su Cha sensed something and pursed her lips before following her.

    She brought Su Cha to a room to rest. Su Cha sat down on the sofa, and the woman poured a glass of water for her. “I thought the name was similar, but I didn’t think it was really you.”

    She sat down and looked at Su Cha, unable to hide her surprise. “Why did you participate in such a show? Despite Su Mingzhe’s old-fashioned way of thinking, he actually allowed you to participate?”

    Su Cha had calmed down. She thought of something and smiled lightly. “You don’t seem very happy to see me. Have you forgotten that you have a daughter?”

    When she heard this, an awkward expression flashed across Dai Xiaofu’s face.

    As if she had just remembered something, she subconsciously avoided Su Cha’s gaze. “I’ve been busy for so many years. You followed Su Mingzhe…”

    Before she could finish, Su Cha said bluntly, “I already know that he is not my biological father.”

    Su Cha held the cup of water and her gaze landed on its surface. “I thought you were my mother, but it seems like you have nothing to do with me or him.”

    Otherwise, after she had seen Su Cha again, Dai Xiaofu’s expression should not look that way.

    She was surprised as if she was facing someone whom she didn’t know well after a long time.

    Most importantly, Su Cha did not expect that the music teacher Quan Jia recommended was her mother, Su Mingzhe’s ex-wife.

    She had just met Lian Chi and now it was an old acquaintance.

    The Imperial Capital was so big.