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Chapter 401 - Quickly Grow Up

Let Me Game in Peace
     401 Quickly Grow Up

    A few Companion Eggs dropped as well, so Zhou Wen fed them to his Companion Beasts. Tyrant Behemoth finally began to evolve after eating the two Poison Bat Companion Eggs.

    The tiny behemoth, which was originally only half a person's height, grew its fur crazily. Its muscles swelled like balloons and soon, it grew to almost four meters tall. The muscles on its body were like steel, filled with explosive power.

    Tyrant Behemoth: Legendary (Evolvable)

    Life Providence: Extreme Strength

    Strength: 21

    Speed: 21

    Constitution: 21

    Primordial Energy: 21

    Talent Skill: Mountain Devouring

    Companion Form: Boxing Glove

    Zhou Wen had been feeding it for quite some time, with plenty of Epic Companion Eggs in the mix. It took this long before Tyrant Behemoth advanced to the Legendary stage, so he had no idea when it would advance to the Epic stage.

    However, Tyrant Behemoth was indeed ferocious. It was nearly four meters tall when it was only at the Legendary stage. If it advanced to the Mythical stage, it might really be able to devour a mountain. It would be unimaginably massive.

    Little Behemoth, quickly grow up. I don't expect you to advance to the Mythical stage. Hurry up and advance to the Epic stage. Be a happy fighter for me. Zhou Wen actually didn't wish for Tyrant Behemoth to advance to the Mythical stage.

    The six hero families had plenty of resources; yet, it was difficult for them to nurture Mythical Companion Beasts, so it would be even harder for him. If it weren't for the game dungeons that allowed them to grind for resources, Zhou Wen probably wouldn't have been able to afford to rear a Mythical Companion Beast.


    Zheng Tianlun had been in a bad mood recently. He had imagined that he would be able to get close to the girls from the Weiyang Club after he got together with Sulli. That way, he could then hit on the other beauties.

    With his family background and position as the vice president of the student council, it didn't seem difficult.

    However, to his surprise, those female students from the Weiyang Club didn't participate in activities with the student council and instead regularly hung out with the people from the Xuanwen Club instead.

    Although Zheng Tianlun's family had some connections, he was naturally far more inferior to Li Xuan. He didn't dare to do anything about the Xuanwen Club. He originally wanted to invite Wei Ge to help him deal with the Xuanwen Club, but Wei Ge repeatedly rejected the notion. Nothing happened. This made Zheng Tianlun even more depressed.

    After leaving campus, Zheng Tianlun was heading home. When he walked to a small alley, he saw a pale-faced, middle-aged man with a sickly look walking over.

    The middle-aged man's appearance reminded Zheng Tianlun of Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen's face was a little pale, as though he hadn't been out in the sun for years. It felt very similar to the middle-aged man, worsening Zheng Tianlun's mood.

    When Zheng Tianlun saw that the man was staring at him, he couldn't help but feel p*ssed. He glared back and wanted to ask what he was looking at. However, the moment his eyes met the middle-aged man's gaze, he was left rooted to the spot.

    He felt as if there was a ball of mist in the middle-aged man's eyes that was attracting him. He couldn't help but look into those eyes, unable to think about anything else.

    Ják kept looking at Zheng Tianlun and slowly walked in front of him. Then, he stretched out a hand and carefully pulled out a strand of hair from Zheng Tianlun's head.

    Zheng Tianlun was jolted awake from the pain. Even though he did not know why he was suddenly confused, he felt a sense of fear when he looked at the middle-aged man. He couldn't help but retreat and ask, "What are you trying to do?"

    Ják ignored Zheng Tianlun and pinched the strand of hair with his fingers before taking out a palm-sized doll. The doll looked like a clown.

    Ják stuck Zheng Tianlun's hair onto the clown doll's head. The soft strand of hair seemed to turn into a steel needle in his hands, it quickly sank into the body of the clown doll.

    At that moment, Ják looked up at Zheng Tianlun with a strange, chilling smile. He pursed his slightly purple lips and said, "I have something I need your help with. There's a student named Zhou Wen in your school. Help me get a strand of his hair or nails."

    "Are you crazy? Why would I do such things for you?" Zheng Tianlun didn't know why, but the fear in his heart intensified as he spoke. He kept retreating, and if not for his legs going soft, he would have already turned around and escaped.

    Ják didn't say anything to Zheng Tianlun. He glanced at a stray dog who was rummaging through a trash can. He reached out in the air, pulled out the stray dog's fur, and sucked it to his fingers.

    Under the pain, the stray dog barked at Ják, but Ják only gave it a look before the stray dog instantly turned around and ran off with its tail between its legs. It didn't even dare to bark again.

    Ják took out another clown doll, inserted the dog fur into the head of the clown doll, and drilled an unforgettable scene into Zheng Tianlun's mind.

    Ják's eyes became frighteningly bright as he stared intently at the clown doll in his hand. He had a frightening smile on his face as if he was a clown smiling. That pale face looked like the white face after a clown put on clown makeup.

    In the next second, Ják exerted some strength to rip off the clown doll's arm. At the same time, the stray dog let out a tragic cry as fresh blood spewed out. One of its front legs seemed to be ripped off by an invisible hand.

    Ják yanked at the doll in his hand even more crazily. Very quickly, the remaining limbs of the doll were torn off. Similarly, the stray dog lost its limbs as blood splattered everywhere.

    Under Zheng Tianlun's horrified gaze, Ják tore off the clown doll's head. When Zheng Tianlun saw the stray dog being beheaded in front of him, he broke down mentally. He screamed and turned around to run.

    "Your hair is here too." Ják's soft words made Zheng Tianlun, who was extremely terrified, stop running. He stood there like a stone statue, without moving.

    "I'll give you two days. I want to see Zhou Wen's hair or nails; otherwise, you will be like that stray dog." As Ják spoke, he reached out and stroked the clown doll's head.