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Chapter 314 - Hit Me!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 314: Hit Me!

    Ning Meng's Maserati looked different. The word "DIE" was seen on the car in blood-red paint, it was a striking and shocking sight. Ning Meng raised her brow and felt hurt upon seeing her car in this state. How much money would the repairs cost!

    Huo Beichen's body was filled with fury.

    "Check the CCTV footage!"

    This community area was a high-class one and not many people would be allowed to enter the premises, meaning this had to be the work of one of the staff within this community. After inspecting the CCTV footage, the culprit was identified to be the person responsible for trimming the grass in this community area. He looked like he was in his forties and wore old clothes. One could easily tell that he was from a poor family.

    When he was summoned over, he unabashedly said, "I don't recognize her, but I do recognize this car. It's her fault for looking down on us peasants!"

    The management of the property kept apologizing profusely to Ning Meng. All the while, Huo Beichen's face remained cold. Seeing that this village person did not acknowledge his wrongdoing and to prevent him from making a more serious fuss in the future, he then said, "Let's report this to the police."

    If it were not for the fact that he wanted to follow the laws of this country, he really would have wanted to ask Fei Bai to get rid of this man. Soon, the police arrived and investigated the matter. After confirming that he was indeed the offender, they took him away.

    When they arrived at the community gate, they were held up by a group of reporters.

    "Sir, good day to you. I'm a reporter from Gossip City. Why is this person being taken away?"

    "Sir, are you protecting these filthy rich people? Why are you not protecting us?"


    All these questions were putting the police in a tight spot. Finally, the police captain in charge of the case said, "We are just carrying out our duties to arrest the offender. Miss Ning did no wrong."

    This statement caused a further uproar among the reporters.

    Ning Meng, who had uninstalled her Weibo app, was ignorant of the ongoing incident and could only sigh.

    "I can't start my car."

    Huo Beichen asked, "Do you still want to go out? Stephen can send you."

    Ning Meng gave it some thought.

    "Of course! I did not do anything wrong, why can't I go out? I don't just want to go out, I want to uprightly go out! Step Hen, let's head to the production company!"

    Stephen suppressed his feelings of wanting to correct her mispronunciation of his name and followed her orders obediently.

    "Yes ma'am."

    Huo Beichen closed his eyes halfway. "Find a few more people to join you in ensuring the safety of the Missus."

    "Yes sir."


    Ning Meng sat in Stephen's car and went out through the main entrance, managing to avoid the mass of reporters and headed toward the production company. Liu Miao had told her yesterday that the male lead of this TV drama, Wang Ran, looked down on Li Shiyao and had purposely made things difficult for her.

    As an investor, Ning Meng wanted to pay them a visit to support Li Shiyao and to have an honest discussion with Wang Ran.

    To avoid causing any problems for the production company, they tried to avoid the reporters, and so, they went through a backroad where there were not many people. However, she did not expect that the moment they made a turn, she saw Fei Bai standing in an obscure corner clad in white sportswear. His face was expressionless while Wang Ran was trembling in fear and crying in the corner.

    "Big brother, I won't bully Li Shiyao again in the future, OK?"

    Ning Meng pursed her lips. She felt that with Fei Bai around, her coming over was a waste of time. While she was deep in her thoughts, she saw Li Shiyao suddenly walking over. Nervousness flickered across Fei Bai's eyes when he saw her and the next thing he knew, he had crouched to eye level with Wang Ran and fiercely ordered him, "Hit me!"

    Wang Ran and Ning Meng were confused and speechless.