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Chapter 303 - Boss, I’m Dead

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 303: Boss, I’m Dead

    The moment Jian Qi fired the shot at him, Feng Yi slipped on a pile of snow and he leaned backward, instantly steadying himself and stopping the fall. This stumble of his had apparently saved his life.

    The bullet landed a few centimeters in front of him.

    That was horrifying to watch.

    Feng Yi used the terrain to hide himself.

    Just when Jian Qi was still looking for her target who was about one metre away, Crocodile, who had been in hiding for a while, immediately noticed her and aimed in her direction.

    “Boss, the target has appeared!” Crocodile said.

    Tang Jinyu was still moving but he gave out orders accordingly. “Crocodile, take down your target, and Feng Yi please continue to go after your target, but be cautious. You’ve already been exposed!”

    Jian Qi was surprised that she did not hit her target!

    After the first shot had failed, it would be even harder to aim at the target.

    Jian Qi did not pursue her target. After that shot, she immediately fled.

    Just when she started moving, there were already bullets flying in her direction.

    She immediately flopped onto the ground and used the terrain advantage to hide herself.

    It was as she predicted, the target that they saw earlier was a fake one!

    The real target was hiding!

    At her previous location, it was impossible to have shot that person!

    Old Man Qiu heard the gunshots and he was worried. “Big Sister Qi, are you there? I’ll come and back you up!”

    “Don’t come here. I’m fine, everything is under control. The person that was after you is already here, you should be careful!” Jian Qi stopped him.

    “Alright, you too!” Old Man Qiu replied.

    Jian Qi was on the ground observing her surroundings. She would be eliminated if she got up.

    She was not able to face them in this manner. She had to run.

    When Jian Qi was thinking about how she could get out of the situation, there was another gunshot coming from Old Man Qiu’s location.

    Jian Qi frowned. They had to face it head-on!

    Jian Qi was startled for a few seconds before she picked up her sniper rifle, and she crawled out of her location immediately. She went toward Old Man Qiu’s location.

    Crocodile had been searching for the target for a while now and there was no movement. He then told Tang Jinyu, “Boss, the person is hiding…”

    “Hiding?” Tang Jinyu went toward Jian Qi’s previous location and he could only find traces of the person that was there. Tang Jinyu smiled. This person was moving fast!

    “Your target has already run away. Go backup Feng Yi and eliminate that person there. I think the person that was hiding here has gone to backup the person there. You should move faster!” Tang Jinyu commanded.

    “Copy that, Boss!” Crocodile replied.

    Tang Jinyu stood at the same place and looked around the surroundings there. He then went toward Jian Qi’s location.

    Jian Qi had just left and Crocodile had been using the terrain to assist Feng Yi.

    Jian Qi frowned when she heard the gunshots. She knew that Old Man Qiu had been contained!

    How could they contain Old Man Qiu!!!

    Jian Qi moved even faster.

    She moved as fast as she could while she looked around the surroundings. She immediately went toward the snow mountain.

    She crawled on the ground and picked up her binoculars to observe the situation on the opposite side. Old Man Qiu’s position had been exposed and he was unable to fight back.

    She was moving at a pretty fast speed. Whenever she noticed that there were enemies, she would take them down immediately.

    Jian Qi was staring at a distance away and her eyes were flashing a bloodthirsty glare. She looked through the sniper mirror, aimed at the target and pulled the trigger.


    The sound of the gunshot went off and the bullet hit Feng Yi who was a distance away!

    Feng Yi. “…”

    “Boss, I’m dead…”