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Chapter 943 - Feelings of Regre

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 943: Feelings of Regret

    Wen Xinya could not help but be shocked, for “Seventeenth Note” was a precious gem to collectors from all over the world, and it was said that a painting adapted from it was auctioned off at an exorbitant price of 300 million yuan!

    Besides, that particular auction took place several years ago.

    In recent years, those collections had appreciated tremendously in value and she reckoned that it was definitely worth more than the originally auctioned price.

    Despite the fact that Duke Moville was very sincere in his apology, Si Yiyan was still unsatisfied and he remained silent while pursing his lips.

    Wen Xinya tugged his sleeve and said with a grin, “Rex has always doted on me greatly and he can’t stand seeing me get hurt. We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of you, Duke Moville. My injuries are not that severe, I’ll be fine after applying some medication for a few days.”

    It simply meant that she had accepted Duke Moville’s apology and she made sure not to say anything to embarrass Duke Moville.

    Duke Moville immediately instructed his servants to get the items.

    At this moment, the sounds of the door being knocked could be heard. It was the doctor.

    Duke Moville frantically allowed the doctor to enter the room.

    After checking the wound on Wen Xinya’s arm, the doctor said, “Fortunately, only the skin surface has been damaged and her bones and ligaments are still intact. However, Miss Bella’s skin is very delicate and her wound has worsened a little because it wasn’t treated in time.”

    The doctor’s words made Si Yiyan purse his lips. “How long will it take for her wounds to heal with proper treatment?”

    Although her wounds were less severe than he had imagined, he still felt heartbroken because she had gotten wounded. It was not his first time feeling that way and hence, he was extremely upset and angered by Avrora’s actions. He had already begun thinking about how he should deal with her.

    The doctor answered, “It will take about a week or so.”

    Her injury was much less severe compared to the ones that Avrora had suffered. Avrora had sprained her ankle and suffered numerous abrasions after falling off the horse. She would probably take at least a month to completely recover.

    Si Yiyan’s eyes turned gloomy.

    Wen Xinya frantically said, “Don’t worry, I’m alright. This wound may look terrifying, but it doesn’t hurt much. Look at me… does it look like it hurts at all?”

    She was lying. Getting whipped was considered to be the worst punishment of all, and Avrora had whipped her with all her might. In fact, her wound had been hurting terribly, and it felt as if she had been caned and her skin had been ripped apart. Now, there was a stinging pain that made her feel like someone had poured chili water onto her wound.

    She had been trying her best to bear with the pain because she was afraid that Si Yiyan would find out. To her surprise, Si Yiyan was extremely sharp and he found out about it in no time!

    After hearing her words, Si Yiyan’s body stiffened and he asked while pointing at his chest, “I know… whether or not your wound hurts!”

    “I…” Wen Xinya could no longer say anything to appease him and her throat turned dry all of a sudden.

    She had in fact only suffered abrasions that were much less severe than they seemed on the surface. Although her skin had been ripped apart, the wound was not as severe as those left behind by a real whip.

    Duke Moville said, “I do have some premium quality medicated cream. I can guarantee that your wound will heal without any scars after applying it, Miss Bella.”

    Duke Moville gazed at the two of them apologetically. Their masks had covered the emotions on their faces, though it was obvious that Si Yiyan was incredibly upset.

    A sullen expression formed on his face.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Thank you very much, Duke Moville.”

    Soon, the medicated cream was sent to them.

    Just as the doctor was about to grab it, Si Yiyan beat him to it and grabbed the jade bottle with his long and slender fingers. His bones were defined and they looked rigid.

    Si Yiyan exclaimed coldly, “Doctor, I’ll clean her wound and apply the medicated cream for her!”

    As soon as he finished speaking, Duke Moville raised his brows and thought to himself,

    Si Yiyan ignored the doctor’s fear and Duke Moville’s astonishment. He felt that it would be better for him to clean her wounds himself.

    Si Yiyan placed her arm on his lap and took out the disinfectant cotton swab, after which he began cleaning the surrounding skin of her wound carefully, making sure to be as gentle and error-free as he could.