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Chapter 944 - The Murderous Intentions Surfaced Instantly

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 944: The Murderous Intentions Surfaced Instantly

    Duke Moville personally escorted Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya out of the mansion while holding onto the serpent cane. He would subconsciously stroke the eyes of the scaled serpent with a cold and menacing look in his gray eyes. They were just as clear as the serpent’s.

    His main purpose of holding the banquet was to express his sincerity to Si Yiyan. He then intentionally mentioned the drug business and Si Yiyan’s feud with the Ivanov Family so as to tempt him. He believed that Si Yiyan would definitely not turn him down after hearing the benefits that he could reap.

    Although Si Yiyan possessed an extraordinary status in the Russian aristocratic circle, he would often face restrictions which would no longer exist if he were to cooperate with Duke Moville. Lucifer would even gain lots of privileges and advantages by working with him.

    Being an aristocrat, Duke Moville was not willing to swallow his pride even though he was willing to cooperate with Si Yiyan.

    Hence, that resulted in Wen Xinya teaching Anatoli a lesson.

    It also resulted in the conflict between Rex and Duke Moville.

    Duke Moville was utterly embarrassed by Wen Xinya and yet, he still lost the battle. Hence, he decided to let Avrora marry Si Yiyan so that he could acquire more power.

    However, he did not expect that Rex would turn him down.

    They even almost fell out with each other because of the matter.

    On the other hand, Avrora had also failed in obtaining the matriarchal token and even fell off the horse.

    Is this all because of that Miss Bella?

    Duke Moville’s face grew sullen.

    Murderous intentions formed in his gaze as he watched the smoke waft out of the exhaust pipes of Si Yiyan’s car as it began driving away slowly.

    Duke Moville turned around and headed back to the study.

    As soon as he entered the study, he felt that something was amiss and a menacing gaze formed in his eyes. He slowly approached the desk and stared at the Russian flag, the sculpture of Catherine the Great as well as the documents, all of which were in the same place!


    He shifted his gaze onto the drawer below the desk which was closed when he left. Yet, there was now a tiny crack.

    Someone must have entered his study and touched something in his drawer.

    An austere expression formed on his face as he opened the drawer to stare at the black sandalwood box, on which there was a carved scaled serpent. It was coated in gray flint that made it look cold and daunting.

    As soon as he opened the box, he was greeted with the sight of a square serpent-shaped stamp. Not frightened by the terrifying demeanor of the snake, he grabbed the stamp, only to realize that it was still moist.

    At this moment, the door was pushed open and Duke Mo entered together with Anatoli. “Duke Moville, bad news. Miss Avrora took the Moville Family’s official transferral document and sealed it on her own for the sake of competing with that Miss Bella.”

    Extremely flabbergasted and infuriated, Duke Moville’s eyes widened and he began glaring daggers.

    How brazen of Avrora to mess with the family’s power and authority.

    Anatoli recounted everything that happened, after which he said, “It’s such a major incident and Miss Avrora has even fallen off the horse. Yet, not everyone knows about it yet. Clearly, that Miss Bella had already set this up beforehand and was just waiting to lure Miss Avrora into the trap.”

    Even Anatoli did not expect Wen Xinya to be that scheming. Avrora was not a silly woman and was in fact very intelligent. Yet, she actually lost to Wen Xinya. Clearly, Wen Xinya was not to be belittled.

    Duke Moville thought to himself,

    Duke Moville flew into a rage and barked. “Avrora that stupid girl. So much for doting on her and educating her personally. She actually used our family’s heirloom and authority as a stake for her stupid bet which she even ended up losing. She’s brought shame to our family and that’s an unforgivable mistake. She’s incorrigible.”

    He sounded stern and terrifying, so much that even Duke Mo and Anatoli were frightened.

    To Duke Moville, power and pride were the most important things to him, and he would be willing to do anything and sacrifice anyone for the sake of those two things. Avrora was no exception. She would be facing punishment if things were as simple as Wen Xinya winning. However, now that she had lost such a big-ticket item, Duke Moville definitely wouldn’t spare her.

    As pale as a ghost, Duke Moville screeched. “I initially wanted to cooperate with Rex and bait him with some benefits so as to let him agree to marry Avrora. I wanted to make Lucifer mine. Yet, all of these plans were sabotaged because of stupid Avrora.”

    Duke Moville was gradually already losing his power and Si Yiyan need not worry about the political complications. He could now continue living liberally in Russia while keeping a low profile.