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Chapter 648 - Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 7)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 648: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 7)

    “Who, who’s knocking on my window. Who is it…..”

    Luo Qing Chen was surprised by her own ringtone. She rubbed her hair as she picked it up, “Big brother?”

    “Little sister?” Luo Chi Mo said in an uncertain voice before saying with a sigh, “You scared your big brother to death, someone said that you jumped into the sea!”

    “He, he.” Luo Qing Chen awkwardly said, “Wise people don’t believe in rumours!”

    “Let’s stop talking about this.” Luo Chi Mo rolled his eyes and said, “It’s fine that you’re alright, do you want me to come find you?”

    “No, no, no.” Luo Qing Chen quickly shook her head and said, “Big brother, I’m already going to sleep! Good night!”

    She immediately hung up before letting out a long sigh of relief.

    The first thing to do was to change her ringtone!

    My god, how nostalgic girls were! Although this song sounded good, it didn’t suit her!

    After setting the ringtone, she laid down on her big bed.

    She closed her eyes. She was so tired, sleeping without a single dream.

    When she opened her eyes, it was already the next morning.

    Since they approached shore early, this gathering had ended ahead of time.

    Anyway this kind of thing was just to waste time for rich people, so most people didn’t really care.

    But that man named Lu Xi Feng didn’t think like this.

    “Director Lu, this is the list of everyone on the ship.” Lin Yue handed him this list as he said, “Everyone has been confirmed, not a single person is missing.”

    Lu Xi Feng took the list and a slight doubt appeared in his eyes.

    This isn’t right…...

    “There are several people not in the circle here, do they need to be investigated?”

    Lu Xi Feng wanted to say no, but he thought that she could be counted among them, so he changed his words, “Investigate them all.”



    “Does director Lu have any other orders!”

    “Contact everyone on the list, I will be holding a banquet at the Venice Royal Hotel. If the people of the circle want to give this Lu face, they will definitely come.” He narrowed his eyes as a faint sparkle appeared in them.

    “Director Lu wants to…..”

    “That girl didn’t seem unfamiliar to me.” His dark eyes looked over the list in his hand as he slightly knit his brows, “Who are you?”


    When Luo Qing Chen received the invitation to the Lu Group’s banquet, she was terrified…..

    A bit embarrassed, a bit shy, and a bit afraid.

    But she had to go!

    “Kou, kou, kou.”

    “Come in.”

    Luo Chi Mo came in with a cup of warm milk, “Little sister, drinking milk will make you smarter!”

    “Then you should drink it yourself.” She was typing on her laptop as she said this.

    Luo Chi Mo was stunned as he looked at her in disbelief, “Little sister, when did you learn how to use a laptop!”

    “Big brother, what kind of person is Lu Xi Feng?” Luo Qing Chen suddenly looked up and placed one hand on her chin as she said, “There’s little information on Baidu, so he is a very low key person?”

    “Little sister…..” Luo Chi Mo swallowed a mouthful of saliva before looking over her, “When did your words become so fluent…...”

    His little sister spoke in broken words before, like she had to think about what she said for every word.

    Her doctor had said that it was because her intelligence was low. Her brain’s receiving ability was very slow, so she had to think about every word before she said them.

    “Big brother, why are you asking me questions instead of answering!” Luo Qing Chen gave a helpless shrug as she said, “Get to the main point!”