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Chapter 649 - Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 8)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 649: Black bellied president’s deep kiss (Part 8)

    Luo Chi Mo seriously looked at Luo Qing Chen as he said in a trembling voice, “Are you really my little sister?”

    “......” Luo Qing Chen gave him a cold look as she said, “It seems like I might not be like this!”

    Looking at Luo Chi Mo in front of her, Luo Qing Chen had to come to a single conclusion.

    It was that the intelligence of both children in the previous host’s home wasn’t that high!

    Three days later, at the Venice Royal Hotel.

    Luo Qing Chen had spent three days changing herself from head to toe.

    Although it was only changing her hair style and clothes, it was at least now worthy of being a rich person.

    The previous host really was beautiful, it was a kind of pure as water beauty.

    But with her low intelligence, she didn’t really take care of herself, so she didn’t exude beauty.

    Her old appearance had hair to her waist with a large part in the middle, making her look like Sadako.

    She liked the colour green because most of her wardrobe was filled with green clothes.

    Luo Qing mChen didn’t make any large changes, she just cut her hair to shoulder length and curled it slightly. She also gave herself thin bangs to give herself a touch of youth.

    As for clothes, she had a princess dress made overnight.

    The pink dress with the white straps, it created a unique and beautiful scene.

    After all, since Wang Zi Hang was so cruel to her, why couldn’t she use this banquet to start something?!

    When it came to clothes, she didn’t dare call herself an expert, but she was still better compared to the previous host.

    At least when Luo Chi Mo saw her coming down the stairs, his eyes almost popped out.

    “Little sister!” Luo Chi Mo said with a smile, “Your appearance will definitely make Wang Zi Hang fall at your pomegranate… your princess dress!”

    He had long heard that Wang Zi Hang was with his sister for the Luo Family’s influence and that he called her a fool in front of his friends.

    He even called her ugly…...

    Really! Was his eyes run over?

    “Big brother, it’s a pity that…..” Luo Qing Chen took his wrist with a faint smile, “I don’t like him.”

    At the Venice Royal Hotel.

    Every car parked at the door cost at least a million, this was a banquet for rich people.

    The people at the banquet weren’t there just for the food, but rather to see if they could catch any big fish.

    In the eyes of the many families of A City, the Lu Family’s Lu Xi Feng was the biggest fish.

    As for Wang Zi Hang inviting Luo Qing Chen, he was very decisively rejected. So he could only reluctantly invite Han Xi Er from the Han Family who were also one of A City’s four great families.

    As for Gu Ya Ru…...

    If it wasn’t for Wang Zi Hang bringing her on account of him being a young master, she wouldn’t be able to come to this banquet at all.

    Actually Wang Zi Hang didn’t know that Gu Ya Ru didn’t just come because she wanted to be with him like she had said.

    She had to have a plan B. Other than Wang Zi Hang, if there were other young masters willing to take her.

    Then wasn’t it for the best?

    She liked this feeling the most, having a group of men around her.

    When Luo Qing Chen came into the banquet holding Luo Chi Mo’s hand, she saw Wang Zi Hang standing not far away from the door.

    He seemed to be talking to Gu Ya Ru and Han Xi Er on the side didn’t have a good looking expression.

    A young miss would have a temper and since Wang Zi Hang had invited her as a companion, he shouldn’t be whispering to a servant.

    Leaving her to the side.

    Gu Ya Ru naturally knew why Han Xi Er’s expression was bad, but she was feeling incomparable pride in her heart at that moment.