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Chapter 315 - Fainting at the Sight of Blood

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 315: Fainting at the Sight of Blood

    Wang Ran looked at Fei Bai in disbelief, feeling as though he must have misheard him. He had only just walked by but was suddenly dragged by Li Shiyao’s manager over to this corner. The latter’s intense and ferocious aggressiveness had scared Wang Ran to the point that he did not dare to even breathe and yet, he never expected that his request was for him to… hit him?

    Was there something wrong with his brain!?

    Wang Ran was still processing the situation when Fei Bai threw him a fierce glare and quietly said, “If you don’t act soon, I will kill you!”

    Wang Ran had been in the acting industry for many years and had seen many people in his life. He knew how to tell when someone was threatening him for real. He was so scared that he raised his hand and threw out a punch.


    The sound was quite muffled as his punch lacked intensity.

    “Did you not eat today? Throw a harder punch.”


    He was about to burst into tears. “Big brother, I will not bully Li Shiyao anymore, alright? Please don’t do this to me…”

    Fei Bai’s eyes turned cold. “Quick.”

    Wang Ran could only close his eyes and throw the hardest punch he could muster. After doing so, he asked, “Is that good enough?”

    This strength was not sufficient to even leave any bruises on his skin! Why were the men in this generation so much weaker than women?


    If it were not for the fact that he remembered that he was in his own country as well as the warning from his boss, he would have had a good “discussion” with Wang Ran.

    But now…

    Fei Bai glanced at Wang Ran in disdain before holding onto his chest and releasing a low moan.

    For some reason, Li Shiyao, who had just walked over, bought the act gave out a shocked cry, “Fei Bai!”

    She ran over and pushed Wang Ran aside. Little Queen’s apricot eyes widened and were filled with tears, looking like a wronged little deer. She then shouted, “Teacher Wang, if you’re not satisfied with me, you can just come at me! Why did you need to hit my manager!?”

    Li Shiyao then looked at Fei Bai and asked, “How are you feeling?”

    Fei Bai quickly held onto his stomach. “A bit painful.”

    Li Shiyao quickly held Fei Bai up, worry plastered all over her face. “Should we take you to the doctor? I’ll bring you to see the doctor in the production company!”

    Fei Bai shook his head. “No need. I just need some rest.”

    Li Shiyao nodded and clung onto his arm. They slowly plodded to the resting room and left Wang Ran standing there at a loss for words.

    Ning Meng, who was observing the whole commotion from afar, did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Who knew that among the three stooges, Fei Bai would have the highest EQ among them all!!

    She walked past Wang Ran in an upright manner and ignored him, heading toward the resting room. Before she went in, she stood outside the door for a while and heard their conversation from inside.

    “Fei Bai, why did you let Wang Ran hit you? Aren’t you a bodyguard!?”

    “He’s a celebrity, I do not dare to hit him.”

    “You do not dare? You used to do this in the past…”

    Li Shiyao did not dare to spell out his killings.

    “It was because I was traumatized after I had accidentally done those things in the past. I was seriously mentally scarred ever since then. I can’t even look at blood. I faint at the sight of blood.”