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Chapter 290 - Missing the Taste of Coffee With Milk (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 290: Missing the Taste of Coffee With Milk (2)

    The next day…

    The press conference was held at the branch office's conference hall at two o'clock in the afternoon.

    Before the clock even struck at one o'clock, journalists began to arrive in droves and pack up the sprawling hall. Cameras lined the perimeters like cannons, ready to record the entire process down to the smallest detail.

    Following the journalists, the workers arrived together. Without sufficient seats available, they were nevertheless willing to stand in the aisle to await the official statement from the Gu Corporation.

    If Gu Corporation couldn't provide the workers with a satisfactory explanation today, they were prepared to wreak havoc on them! Just because they were ordinary workers didn't mean they would allow the Corporation to trample on them without any consequences!


    Inside the office on the top floor…

    Assistant Lin hurriedly pushed the door open and walked in. Facing the elegant and impassive man standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows, he reported, "Most of the journalists and workers have arrived."

    Gu Yu did not turn around. His dark eyes continued staring outside the window at the blue sky and white clouds. A faint grunt of acknowledgment was his only reply.

    Assistant Lin continued with his second report, "It was as you expected; that person has already left the house. Based on the route he's taken, he should be on his way to the company as long as there are no unforeseen problems."

    Gu Yu's pulled his lips into a thin line. With no emotion in his voice, he remarked, "Alright."

    He turned around and strode over to the couch to take a seat. Picking up his cup of hot coffee, he took a sip. The pure black coffee tasted bitter, having been brewed according to his original preferences.

    However, he didn't enjoy it as much this time. He missed the taste of coffee with milk.

    Assistant Lin noticed the frown on his face and couldn't help asking, "Mr. Gu, what's wrong? Does the coffee taste bad? Shall I brew a new cup for you?"

    Gu Yu placed the coffee down and replied, "That won't be necessary. You won't be able to change it to what I want anyway."

    Assistant Lin was left speechless, feeling personally attacked at that moment.

    After working by Mr. Gu's side for so many years, he had always prepared his coffee personally; he knew his preferences like that back of his hand. Why was he complaining of it now?

    Just who had brewed the coffee that Mr. Gu was currently craving for? Was it that little vixen? He was prepared to compete with her to the bitter end!


    At approximately two o'clock…

    Gu Yu entered the conference hall along with several high-level executives. As they took their seats on the stage, the journalists all immediately turned their cameras towards them.

    Xiao Chun, the manager of the Public Relations department, spoke first and made all the details of the incident public. The head of the project, Wu Fang, had used the hefty budget set aside for premium material to purchase inferior goods to keep the difference for himself. Moreover, all the workers that had to work through the holidays were supposed to be paid three times their usual wages. Not only did he deduct 80% of that for himself, but he had also forced the workers to rush their work through the night, resulting in the unfortunate incident.

    Wu Fang was currently fired from the company, and Gu Corporation was intending to sue him for liquidated damages. Every cent of the money received would then be distributed to the injured worker for medical expenses and future living expenses. Additionally, Gu Yu himself would compensate the injured worker with a house and a car. He would even cover his children's educational expenses until they reached university.

    After everything had been laid out in the open Gu Yu walked down the stage and stood in front of the crowd. Speaking into the microphone handed over by one of the reporters, he said, "I will show no mercy towards traitors! Since Wu Fang's actions damaged the reputation of the Corporation, the industry will no longer want anything to do with him!"

    Gu Yu's declaration meant that Wu Fang would be permanently blacklisted within the industry! Coupled with the fact that he was about to face prosecution, that meant that he was about to be driven into a corner…