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Chapter 945 - The Reason for Taking Her to the Banque

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 945: The Reason for Taking Her to the Banquet

    Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan got inside their car, after which a fleet of Mercedes S600 Pullman Guards formed a snake-like line which began traveling away from the mansion. Anyone could tell at one glance that it was an aristocrat going out. Hence, those who ran into him on the roads hurriedly made way.

    It was already half-past ten at night but the streets were still vibrant and lively at night.

    It was enchanting and amorous.

    When Wen Xinya first arrived in Russia, she once racked her brains for words to describe Russia at night. The colorful bricks were mesmerizing and the brown-haired beauties standing along the streets were absolutely ravishing, with their voluptuous figures and fair, slender legs.

    Enchanting and amorous were the only descriptive words she could think of to describe nighttime in Russia.

    The formation of the cars had been altered twice and the initial sequence was already rearranged. Wen Xinya removed her mask to reveal her beautiful and vibrant appearance. Beneath the dim yellow light inside the car, her rosy lips made her look breathtakingly gorgeous as she lifted the heavy hem of her dress slowly to retrieve the document.

    Gu Yuehan had already handed the document to her when he escorted her back to the room just now.

    She understood Gu Yuehan’s intentions. After all, she had devised a scheme to get her hands on the document and had even gotten injured during the process. He obviously hoped that she could hand it to Si Yiyan herself.

    “Yan, look at this,” she said, swinging the document in front of Si Yiyan. Her skin was fair like porcelain beneath the light.

    Si Yiyan leaned back against the chair with a sullen expression on his face. His lips were pressed tightly together and he asked calmly, “Is this the reason you agreed to compete with Avrora?”

    Although he could not guess exactly what it was, he knew roughly that it was something that she had won from Avrora. He understood Wen Xinya very well and he knew that she would not give in to Avrora’s taunting unless she would be getting a huge benefit.

    Wen Xinya could tell that he was still a little angry. Hence, she giggled and answered, “Guess what it is.”

    Although she had gotten injured, she felt that everything was worth it because she managed to get her hands on the document and bring about some unexpected benefits for Si Yiyan. She would strive and do her best to do anything for him, so long as it was within her means to.

    Glancing at the document in her hands, Si Yiyan said, “I only know that you got injured because of this thing.”

    Hence, he was not quite interested in it.

    Wen Xinya’s smile stiffened and she thought to herself,

    However, she knew that she was at fault. During the banquet last night, she had already been audacious enough. If it weren’t because of Si Yiyan defending her, she wouldn’t have been able to stand up to Duke Moville.

    The situation at the banquet was initially already very complicated, and what she ought to do was to just stay beside Si Yiyan quietly like a vase. Only then could she protect herself and not become his burden.

    Hanging her head low, Wen Xinya extended her hand and tugged his sleeve. “Are you still angry at me?”

    Si Yiyan glanced at her slender fingers that were clear and beautiful like jade. They seemed to glow under the light and it was as if she was trying to show her vulnerability to him, causing his heart to turn soft again despite having tried his best to remain angry.

    He finally got the chance to understand what it meant to be wrapped around her finger.

    He sighed slightly and asked softly, “Does your wound still hurt?”

    Wen Xinya frantically shook her head. However, after thinking about the sullen expression on his face, she frantically nodded again before shaking her head, causing Si Yiyan to be entirely amused.

    Staring at the tender expression on his face, Wen Xinya asked, “Aren’t you angry anymore?”

    She had always been dauntless, but her only fear was Si Yiyan getting angry. Whenever he was angry, he wouldn’t lose his temper or hit and scold anyone. However, his silence and commanding aura often made her feel ill at ease.

    Si Yiyan sighed and said, “I’m not angry at you, but I regret taking you to the banquet.”

    He had been stuck in a dilemma for a long time before coming to a decision to take her with him to the banquet. He knew that love and devotion were not the strongest things in this world, but rather the strongest and sturdiest things were benefits and pride. By combining their benefits, they would have the sturdiest relationship ever.

    He and Wen Xinya seemed to be in love and strongly devoted to each other, but there were too many uncertainties.

    Right from the start, they never belonged to the same world!

    She was a pristine viburnum flower which had developed into jade after the passing of time, while he was the fallen angel and king of devils, Lucifer. He held great power and authority and was highly manipulative.

    Although she was not a Buddhist, she was very kindhearted.

    Despite being an avid Buddhist, he fell onto the path of Asura and committed deadly sins.

    Despite being incredibly impressive, he could not actually help her much and he was in fact, much worse than Xu Zhenyu and Gu Junling!

    She was still young and had a bright future ahead of her. However, he had already experienced the worst that humanity could offer, and he had long begun seeing through jaded eyes.

    He felt that he had been too eager and that it was not the time for Wen Xinya to be exposed to such harsh power struggles yet, even though she was emotionally mature. Although he had already made all the necessary arrangements, she still got injured in the end.

    Hugging her arm, Wen Xinya said, “I thought the banquet would be interesting. I’ve long wanted to teach Anatoli a lesson since he insulted me three years ago. And that bitch Avrora. How dare she set her sights on my man. In that case, I decided to make her incur a huge loss.”

    In fact, she had indeed taught Avrora a lesson too. Not only did Avrora try to vie with her for her man, she even held her at gunpoint. She reckoned that Avrora must be getting punished by Duke Moville now.

    Si Yiyan thought about her performance during the banquet today and he could not help but be amazed by her sensibility and her ability to manipulate with one’s mind, be it during the scuffle with Anatoli or her conversation with Duke Moville and the competition with Avrora. She managed to manipulate everyone in the Moville Family.

    Her performance had truly shocked him.

    However, not all women could act so sensibly during such circumstances.