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Chapter 402 - Luck Composition

Let Me Game in Peace
     402 Luck Composition

    Apart from eating at the cafeteria and bringing Wang Lu breakfast, Zhou Wen hardly left the house.

    With the baby tiger, the efficiency of grinding increased significantly. The dimensional crystals and Companion Beasts that dropped had improved significantly, be it in terms of quantity or quality.

    +5 Luck really shows an obvious improvement. If I have a few more points, wouldn't the drop rate double? Zhou Wen thought about where to get another pet that added luck.

    Due to the Lucky Baby Tiger's Life Providence being unique, even if he had one more baby tiger, the luck wouldn't stack. Therefore, it was useless even if Zhou Wen went to Binyang Cave to grind for the baby tiger again.

    Wait a minute. The Lucky Baby Tiger's Life Providence can't be stacked, but can it be synthesized? When two different Companion Beasts combine, they might produce a different Life Providence. Just like when I fused the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and Sky Spider Youngling, the King of Low Altitudes became the King of Sky. If I were to fuse the baby tiger with some other cat or dog, would I be able to turn it into a lucky cat or something? Would it be stackable? Zhou Wen was considering the viability of this matter.

    If he could really synthesize one like this, he could completely synthesize the luck-type Life Providence with another powerful Companion Beast. It would give him a luck bonus and powerful combat ability.

    Zhou Wen was only thinking about it. He couldn't have the blood-colored avatar die, nor could he refresh dungeons. All his thoughts were empty thoughts, making it impossible for him to farm the baby tiger.

    As he hadn't refreshed the dungeon, Zhou Wen had nearly wiped out all the monsters he could grind in the past few days. He was about to reach a point of not having any monsters to grind on. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation since obtaining the mysterious phone.

    Although there were also instance dungeons he had never been before, such as Mount Laojun, Zhou Wen didn't dare visit them as he was afraid the blood-colored avatar would die inside.

    Thankfully, Zhou Wen had many books to read, so it wasn't that he had nothing to do. He was engrossed in an ocean of knowledge every day.


    Zheng Tianlun felt like crying. He originally believed that using his relationship as a fellow schoolmate, it wouldn't be difficult to get a strand of Zhou Wen's hair. In the beginning, he had sought out the Xuanwen Club members who were closer to Zhou Wen. He claimed that the student council wanted to host a joint activity with them, hoping that Li Xuan and Zhou Wen could participate.

    He was responsible for all the expenses. For this, he spent a large sum to get some special dimensional zones passes.

    However, to his surprise, Li Xuan told him that Zhou Wen was in seclusion and refused to participate in any activities. In the end, the joint activity was held. He had spent the money but failed to see Zhou Wen.

    What do I do? What do I do? Zheng Tianlun was extremely anxious. There was less than a day left. He had to obtain Zhou Wen's hair as soon as possible. He didn't dare imagine the outcome of failure and dared not remember the tragic state of the stray dog.

    Zheng Tianlun had thought of many methods, but they were unviable. Finally, he had no choice but to find Zhou Wen himself. He had to obtain a strand of Zhou Wen's hair no matter what.


    Zhou Wen was reading a book near the balcony on the second floor. The sunlight shone on him, making him feel warm and comfortable.

    As he wore the Truth Listener earring in its companion form the entire time, Zhou Wen heard Zheng Tianlun's approach before he even reached the yard's entrance.

    Why is he here? Zhou Wen was puzzled. Zheng Tianlun was clearly walking towards his building and was about to reach his yard's entrance.

    "I have to get his hair… I have to get it…" Zhou Wen listened carefully and heard Zheng Tianlun muttering to himself. It was so soft that ordinary people might not be able to hear it even if they stood beside him. However, Truth Listener's hearing was just too good. Zhou Wen heard him clearly.

    Whose hair does he want? Mine? What does he want my hair for? Zhou Wen immediately made some bad connections.

    There were many magical dimensional forces in the League. Legend had it that some people in the West District had curse-type Primordial Energy Skills that allowed them to curse a person to death remotely through mediums such as a person's hair and nails.

    There were many similar abilities in the East District, and they were even more exaggerated. There was no need for any physical contact. Just knowing the time someone was born was enough to take their life, even from a great distance away.