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Chapter 235 - Lesson

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 235: Lesson

    Su Cha thought of some questions and said, “What nightmare did I have when I was young?”

    Dai Xiaofu responded quickly, “It’s nothing. When you came to us when you were young, you probably had nightmares because you were not used to it.”

    After answering the question, she looked at Su Cha with some surprise. “Su Mingzhe allowed you to participate in this show, didn’t he? Since you already know about this, he must have said something, right?”

    Su Cha’s eyes flickered. “Yes.”

    Her answer was vague.

    She had already fallen out with Su Mingzhe, so there was no reason for him to tell her about it.

    Dai Xiaofu did not continue to ask.

    She nodded and pinched her fingers as if she had nothing to talk about with Su Cha.

    The mother-daughter relationship aside, Su Cha and Dai Xiaofu did not have any disputes. It was normal for them to not be able to find a topic to talk about, but Dai Xiaofu was still a music teacher.

    “The music teacher recommended by Teacher Quan Jia is you. You teach music?”

    Su Cha was not sure what Dai Xiaofu did when she left Su Mingzhe.

    She had heard about her going to the Imperial Capital by chance. She did not expect Dai Xiaofu to be a music teacher.

    She seemed to have good taste, and those who talked about music would naturally be artistic. Why did she fall for Su Mingzhe?

    Hearing this, Dai Xiaofu smiled. “Of course not. If I was really a music teacher, Quan Jia would recommend you to me so that I can teach you how to sing. I used to be a vocal coach, but I lost my voice after smoking too much. Now that my voice is hoarse, it’s not appropriate for me to teach singing. I should just be a music teacher.”

    Her voice was indeed hoarse.

    Su Cha pursed her lips and showed kindness to this woman who used to treat her gently. She asked with concern, “I remember that you didn’t use to smoke. How come you smoke now?”

    Dai Xiaofu sneered. “It’s all because of that useless Su Mingzhe. Back then, I was worried about getting a divorce. I got addicted to cigarettes at that time. But it’s useless to talk about it now. It’s all in the past. I’m living well.”

    She looked at Su Cha, and her eyes became much gentler; it was as if there was a shadow in Su Cha’s memory. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Since Quan Jia has recommended you to me, I will teach you well. Since you are the runner-up of the competition, it means you have good qualities. Sing a few lines first.”

    Su Cha smiled. Her smile was clean and bright, which stunned Dai Xiaofu.

    “Are you my teacher now?”

    Dai Xiaofu: “Of course. If it were someone else, I would not be willing to teach them. Just sing a few lines.”

    Su Cha coughed and sang a few songs according to Dai Xiaofu’s request.

    After Dai Xiaofu heard this, her expression showed she was a little surprised. “Your voice is really good. Your ethereal voice has such a high recognizability. You can’t blame Quan Jia for asking me to train you well though. I can tell that your breath is not very stable.”

    After all, Dai Xiaofu was a professional. After hearing out Su Cha, she started to give her pointers.

    The two of them seemed to have tacitly dismissed the past. Now, what they had was just the relationship between a teacher and a student.

    Su Cha stayed at Dai Xiaofu’s place for an entire afternoon. She first gave Su Cha a simple vocal lesson and taught her some basic knowledge.