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Chapter 304 - Boss, Big Sister Qi is Publicly Taunting You!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 304: Boss, Big Sister Qi is Publicly Taunting You!

    When she saw that her target had been shot, she said, “Old Man Qiu, get out of there. I’ll cover you!”

    Jian Qi lay on the ground, hiding herself.

    There was only one person left and Jian Qi wanted to continue fighting with her opponent but then there were gunshots coming from Old Man Qiu’s direction again.

    The sound came from somewhere not far from her location.

    And that was not the sound of a sniper rifle’s bullet.

    It was coming from a handgun.

    Jian Qi frowned. This gunshot…

    If she was not wrong, during the discussion, they did mention that Tang Jinyu would not be using a sniper rifle!

    So, that shot might be coming from Tang Jinyu!

    “Old Man Qiu?” Jian Qi shouted.

    Old Man Qiu was quiet for two seconds and he awkwardly replied, “Big Sister Qi, you… good luck!”

    That sentence only meant one thing.

    They eliminated one of them and the opponent also took down someone!

    Jian Qi frowned. Even though this was just another training but she treated it seriously and her comrade was dead…

    She was upset, even if it was just a training.

    There were two of them left and the opponent on the opposite side vaguely knew her location.

    Especially now that her opponent was Tang Jinyu!

    She just said that she would torture Tang Jinyu, how could she be eliminated just like that!

    “Old Man Qiu, I’ll avenge you!” Jian Qi replied to Old Man Qiu in a serious tone.

    Tang Jinyu put his gun away and looked at Old Man Qiu. He raised an eyebrow. “Stop talking, you’re already dead. Who is your other partner?”

    Old Man Qiu smiled and he said, “Boss, you eliminated me so early, why not just let me say a few words?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at him and smirked. “How did you guys realize that there was something off with the person hiding on the opposite side?”

    “You should ask Big Sister Qi. I still don’t understand even till now. But it was lucky that she realized that something was wrong or we would both be dead!”

    Old Man Qiu was grateful.

    Tang Jinyu sneered. “It really was that rascal.”

    “Boss, you knew?” Old Man Qiu was surprised.

    “The traces she left behind. I could tell by the body shape.”

    Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi was slightly thinner as compared to the rest. Hence, it was not that hard to tell that it was her.

    Jian Qi did not have time to cover up her traces so he was able to notice rather easily.

    Old Man Qiu smiled. He knew that Tang Jinyu had everything under control, and his observation skills were amazing.

    “Anyways, Big Sister Qi said that she wants to torture you. You should be careful, Boss,” Old Man Qiu said hastily, his excitement unsupressed. He was ready to watch them fight.

    Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrow. “Torture me?”

    Old Man Qiu nodded. “Yes, she swears by it!”

    Tang Jinyu did not say anything, and he left.

    Their conversation was overheard by Feng Yi and Crocodile.

    Crocodile then started teasing Feng Yi. “Feng Yi, how do you feel being eliminated by your goddess with just one shot?”

    Feng Yi replied, “…Shut up!

    After saying so, he took off his earpiece out of anger!

    Crocodile started laughing. After he was done laughing, he continued to ask Tang Jinyu, “Boss, Big Sister Qi is publicly taunting you!”