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Chapter 555 - Spilled the Beans!

Medical Master
     Fang Qiu finished testing the first drug.

    After a short break, he began to try the second medicine.

    As a result, the heavy metal content in the second medicine actually exceeded the limit.

    It should be known that if the heavy metal content exceeded the limit, it would cause great harm to the human body’s organs, which might cause great influence on the nerves’ development and functions, reproduction and growth, kidney function, cardiovascular function, and immune function. It could even cause cancer.

    How could a pharmaceutical company sell drugs whose heavy metal content exceeded the standard?

    His face darkened.

    Fang Qiu continued to try the third kind of medicine.

    After carefully testing it, he found a problem. Different from the former two drugs, the pesticide residues in the third drug actually exceeded the limit.

    Because Fang Qiu could see internally and use mental power to carefully explore it, he could clearly see the components of the pesticide residues in the medicine.

    The pesticide residues exceeded the limit, which also caused health problems like infertility, deformation, cancer, and so on.

    After Fang Qiu tested the three drugs, his face changed.

    He didn’t expect that the first three drugs he tried all had problems. Was there any problem with other drugs?

    A thought flashed through his mind.

    Fang Qiu continued to test the rest of the drugs.

    After taking all the medicine he bought, Fang Qiu was astonished to find that there was something wrong with all the medicine.

    Not only was the pesticide residues, heavy metal content, and sulfur dioxide exceeded the standard, but these drugs also lacked efficacy and so on.

    “Humph, what selfish businessmen!”

    Fang Qiu sneered with a gloomy face and said, “Not only are they hurting people, but they also produce these harmful drugs to tarnish Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbs!

    “If that’s the case, I’ll just use a deliberate act as a warning to the opponent. I’m going to overhaul the Chinese Medicine market!”

    Fang Qiu was aware that once this kind of scandal was spread out, it would easily cause people to distrust Chinese Medicine, but this would definitely not ruin Chinese Medicine. A pot of milk would be ruined by a drop of poison. If the poison was found out now, it might come as a blow to Chinese Medicine at most. If it was neglected, Chinese Medicine would be destroyed bit by bit!

    While he was thinking, Fang Qiu suddenly thought of what He Gaoming said. Now it seemed that He Gaoming was right. Although he had no money, he knew the scandals about those Western Medicine companies!

    Using their scandals could also affect their stock prices!

    “Phew… ” Fang Qiu opened his mouth and let out a long breath. He spat out all the impurities and harmful things left in his body after testing the medicine.

    The next day, it was six o’clock in the morning.

    “Beep beep beep…” Director Li Huawen, who just left his house and was rushing to the Central Television building, suddenly received a call from Fang Qiu.

    “Hello, Fang Qiu?” Seeing it was Fang Qiu’s call, Director Li Huawen immediately picked up the phone with a smile.

    “It’s me, Director Li.” In the hotel room, Fang Qiu answered with a smile, “I have something to do. I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

    “Oh?” Director Li Huawen was stunned and said, “You want to ask me for help so early in the morning?”

    “It’s urgent,” Fang Qiu answered.

    “Tell me about it.” Li Huawen nodded.

    “Here’s the thing.” Fang Qiu pursed his lips and said, “I want to ask you to help me contact Capital University of Science and Technology. I have something to test in the chemical laboratory of the school. I’m not familiar with this place, so I can only ask you for help.”

    “What do you want to test?” Director Li Huawen asked curiously.

    Fang Qiu answered, “You’ll know in a few days.”

    Li Huawen said, “All right, I’ll help you to contact them now. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

    “Thank you.” Fang Qiu expressed his gratitude.

    After he hung up the phone, Director Li Huawen immediately asked someone to help him get in touch with the leaders of the Capital University of Science and Technology. As they learned his demand, the leaders of the Capital University of Science and Technology immediately agreed with Fang Qiu’s request.

    After all, Li Huawen was the director of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, which was a big hit today.

    Helping Li Huawen and Fang Qiu was equivalent to helping Chinese Medicine.

    How could the Capital University of Science and Technology turn them down when this country was going to support Chinese Medicine with great efforts?

    Soon, Li Huawen called Fang Qiu after getting permission.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate, packed the medicine of those companies in his backpack, and rushed to Capital University of Science and Technology with Li Huawen.

    In the early morning, there was no traffic congestion.

    They soon arrived at the university. Under the greeting and leading of school leaders, they came all the way to the chemistry laboratory.

    Li Huawen was waiting outside the lab. He didn’t even know what Fang Qiu wanted to test.

    One and a half hours later, Fang Qiu came out of the lab, holding a stack of test data in his hand.

    Undoubtedly, after testing, he found that various harmful substances in all the Chinese Medicine produced by Western Medicine companies had exceeded the standard.

    “Are you testing Chinese Medicine?” Li Huawen asked as he glanced at the data in Fang Qiu’s hand.

    “Yeah.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    “Why did you test the Chinese Medicine?” Director Li Huawen asked doubtfully.

    Fang Qiu said with a grin, “You’ll know soon. Just wait to see what will happen next.”

    “What?” Director Li Huawen was stunned. He had a vague feeling that something was wrong.

    In the afternoon, taking the tickets they booked last night, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu went back to Jiangjing together.

    On the way, Fang Qiu issued a post on Weibo.

    “After the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor tonight, there will be big news! Please come and watch by then.”

    As soon as the post was issued, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous people.

    “Big news?”

    “What will it be?”

    “Is Fang Qiu finally going to give a public response to those malicious rumors on the Internet?”

    Many people came to Fang Qiu’s Weibo and left their comments and discussions below his Weibo.

    Under such circumstances, there were more and more comments and reposts on Fang Qiu’s Weibo, which soon attracted so many people’s attention.

    Even those who were not interested in Fang Qiu were also tempted.

    Of course, there were also a lot of fans of the popular stars in the entertainment circle, even some famous paparazzi.

    In the eyes of these people, Fang Qiu now had already become one of the people in the entertainment circle.

    Therefore, they speculated that Fang Qiu’s news might be related to the entertainment circle. Some even wondered if Fang Qiu’s news referred to the official announcement that he was going to enter the entertainment circle.

    There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Different people had different opinions.

    For a moment, all kinds of guesses appeared below Fang Qiu’s post.

    In such a heated discussion, people’s curiosity got aroused. They were getting more and more interested in Fang Qiu’s big news.

    At 8:30 p.m. that night, the latest edited ninth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor officially began on Channel 3 of Central Television.

    As always, countless people were waiting in front of the TV and computers.

    As the show started, everyone immediately concentrated on TV.

    Seeing the interaction between Fang Qiu and Feng Xuexin, all the people watching the program couldn’t help laughing out loud.

    These two men were simply too interesting.

    They were just like a quarrelsome but loving couple.

    The funniest thing was that the staff of the show seemed so confident that everything was under their control.

    When they saw that Fang Qiu and Feng Xuexin knew each other, their faces fell in an instant.

    There was no doubt that the show’s crew suffered a lot on this matter.

    After that, Fang Qiu needed to deal with a patient suffering from cancer again.

    With the camera focusing on him, Fang Qiu came to the patient’s house and began to treat him.

    Because he had already announced the treatment method to cure cancer before, the show didn’t try to avoid it this time. Instead, the whole process of the treatment was publicized.

    Seeing the student pleading, the villagers’ descriptions of the patient’s family affairs, Fang Qiu’s treatment to the patient, and the patient eating a big bowl of noodles on the spot, most of the audience who were watching the show had tears in their eyes.

    In daily life, they also watched variety shows a lot.

    In those variety shows, they often heard a variety of painful, pitiable, and painful things, which made them shed tears.

    But now, as such a thing happened in front of their eyes, it was strange that they didn’t cry.

    Perhaps they also saw hope in Fang Qiu as they saw something so desperate.

    “Fang Qiu is really a nice person.”

    “It’s so good.”

    “I hope that every patient in the world will meet a good doctor.”

    The viewers who were watching the live broadcast on the Internet started to comment on the screen one after another.

    The show was still going on.

    After treating the patient, the picture turned to Fang Qiu and Director Li Huawen who walked side by side and returned to the clinic.

    Then, the camera switched.

    It turned to the picture of the other nine contestants.

    When everyone came to the clinic, they were touched. Then they were surprised to hear that they were going to treat patients in the clinic. It also showed some trivial things which happened when they were in the clinic. As long as there was something funny, it would be shown to the audience.

    The audience sometimes burst into laughter, then felt embarrassed occasionally, also shook their heads, and sometimes sighed with emotion.

    At the end of the show, the scene changed.

    Back at Qimen Town, Fang Qiu and Li Huawen walked out of the clinic. When they were about to get into the cars and leave, they were blocked by hundreds of townspeople. The scene was very chaotic all the way.

    The next moment, the screen changed again. The staff of the crew discussed urgently whether they should leave or not.

    They hadn’t reached an agreement yet.

    The show was over!

    As soon as the show was over, the comments on the Internet live broadcast burst out in an instant.

    “What the f*ck? How could they edit the show like that?”

    “The people in the show are crazy, aren’t they?”

    “D*mn it. Are they leaving or not?”

    “I was scared to death. I thought people from Qimen Town were going to fight with the show’s crew!”

    “Why did the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor also use this kind of editing? They keep us in suspense. The show is really shameless now.”

    Everyone was still refuting and complaining.

    On the other side, some other people who had finished watching the show began to comment and discuss with each other on Weibo.

    “The crew are so funny this time. Ha-ha!”

    “They actually found a place that Fang Qiu is familiar with. Now, let’s see what they are going to do this time!”

    “The other contestants have already begun to see patients. If Fang Qiu moves to another place, won’t he be slower than others?”

    “In fact, it’s okay if they don’t change the place. It’s the same for seeing patients. It doesn’t matter whether the patients know Fang Qiu or not.”

    “Hey, I don’t think there are any rules in this round.”

    “Yeah, isn’t this a competition? What are the rules?”

    Soon, a topic came up on Weibo—#The Rules of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’s Ninth Episode#

    While everyone was discussing, the ratings of this episode came out.

    According to statistics, the average ratings of the ninth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor actually reached 6.7%, and the highest ratings reached 6.9%.

    Although it hadn’t exceeded 7%, the ratings of this episode were incredibly high!