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Chapter 403 - Battling Ják

Let Me Game in Peace
     403 Battling Ják

    the two never expected such a turn of events. no matter how fast zhou wen retreated, his hand was quickly stained by the blood mist as zheng tianlun fell to the ground and screamed.

    in a forest in the suburbs, ják revealed a mocking smile. how could he place his hopes on others? he made zheng tianlun firmly believe that he needed zhou wen's hair. only then would zheng tianlun be able to fool zhou wen because even zheng tianlun himself believed that it was real. others wouldn't be able to see through the flaws.

    "old pal, it's been a while since we got some exercise. it's time to come out and get some exercise." as ják spoke, a sanguine aura on him surged and condensed into a blood-colored clown life soul.

    the blood-colored clown life soul came in front of ják. ják pulled out the strand of zheng tianlun's hair from the puppet and gave it to the clown life soul.

    the clown life soul reached out to grab the hair, and it immediately burned with a blood-colored flame and quickly burnt to ashes. it transformed into a sanguine beam that fused into the clown's body.

    "by using your blood as the medium, i'll use the soul as a guide, blood hex clown, use your strength to make those ignorant people tremble in grief once again." ják looked excitedly at the blood hex clown and growled.

    a sanguine glint flashed in the eyes of the blood hex clown as a demonic blood-colored flame rose over its body.

    in his dorm, zhou wen looked at the blood on his hand and tried to shake it off, but it was already too late. he felt his ears heat up before a force entered his body from his palm and spread through his entire body. large amounts of primordial energy surged into his body. it was massive, almost comparable to the lightning bolt he had endured at dragon gate grotto.

    zhou wen immediately realized that truth listener's evil nullification life soul had taken effect, resolving the strange power of the assailant.

    i was still too careless. zhou wen reflected over his faults, but after some thought, he realized that he was up against someone bent on getting him. no matter how prepared he was, it was inevitable for him to miss out certain things. the best way was to eliminate the enemy first to truly feel worry-free.

    but now, he didn't even know where his opponent was. when he looked at zheng tianlun who had his arms torn apart, zhou wen felt a chill run down his spine.

    it was zheng tianlun this time, someone he didn't care too much about. but what if the next person was li xuan, wang lu, or the rest? could he still remain so indifferent?

    zhou wen called the school's emergency number and called for a doctor to handle zheng tianlun.

    ják stared at the blood hex clown in front of him. seeing the sanguine light in its eyes glow with greater intensity, he believed that the blood hex's power was in control of zhou wen. he ordered, "bring him here."

    zhou wen felt an endless stream of primordial energy surge into his body, preventing him from being able to accommodate it as large amounts of primordial energy seeped out of his body.

    suddenly, the truth listener earring seemed to be pulled by something as it floated up and pointed in one direction.

    zhou wen's heart stirred as he walked outside. the moment he opened the door, he saw an jing and wang lu standing outside, about to knock on the door. zheng tianlun's screams had alerted them, which was why they had come over to take a look.

    "help me look after him. don't let him die. i have to make a trip." zhou wen pointed at zheng tianlun who was screaming inside before walking out.

    he didn't pity zheng tianlun, but if zheng tianlun really died in his dormitory room, he would probably have a hard time explaining himself. without any evidence, the college would only believe that he had killed zheng tianlun.

    regardless of an jing's and wang lu's expressions, zhou wen headed straight for the direction the earring had pointed.

    after leaving the school, zhou wen headed west according to the earring. soon, he left the city and entered the suburbs.

    a forest appeared in front of zhou wen, and the heat from the truth listener earring grew stronger. it made zhou wen realize that he was approaching his target.

    after slowing down his speed, zhou wen carefully entered the forest. truth listener earring's hearing was put to its greatest use. everything within a hundred meters around him projected into an image in his mind thanks to his hearing.