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Chapter 291 - You’re Not Allowed to Die (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 291: You’re Not Allowed to Die (1)

    The person who rushed over had her back towards Gu Yu, wearing a peaked cap with the peak pulled down to cover more than half her face. Even with that much of her face covered, Gu Yu recognized her the moment she collapsed in his arms.

    Xu Weilai…

    As Gu Yu instinctively reached out to catch her, his hand holding her by her shoulders began to tremble uncontrollably.

    Now consumed by madness, Wu Fang fully intended to drag Gu Yu down with him into the deepest depths of hell. Without any hesitation, he pulled the knife out and wielded it towards Gu Yu once again.

    Upon seeing the knife headed in their direction again and aimed towards Xu Weilai’s heart, Gu Yu held Xu Weilai steady with one hand and raised his other hand to block the knife.

    As the sharp blade sliced deeply into his arms, he let out a dull grunt in pain. Immediately after, he kicked Wu Fang forcefully in the chest without any mercy. The heavy blow sent Wu Fang reeling back by a few steps. After losing his balance, Wu Fang fell to the ground. His scrunched-up face lost its color.

    Taking advantage of Wu Fang’s stupor, Assistant Lin took several steps forward and quickly snatched the weapon in his hand away from him. Afterward, security rushed over immediately and held him firmly on the ground with his hands behind his back. Wu Fang was now completely subdued!

    Despite unfolding in less than a few minutes, the whole scenario was shocking to see! Even the journalists and workers had not yet recovered from the shock of what they had just witnessed.

    The journalists and workers aside, even Xu Weilai herself hadn’t recovered from the shock.

    The small assignment that her Big Boss had given to her was to come to A City to partake in the Gu Corporation’s press conference and write a news article. It didn’t matter that the news wasn’t exclusive. After all, any news about Gu Corporation would be worth plenty of money.

    Since such a simple assignment didn’t pay much, it wasn’t one that Xu Weilai would usually accept. This time, however, she had agreed to it.

    Back then, she had thought that even though it was a small assignment that paid little, money was still money at the end of the day! Since it was only right that beggars couldn’t be choosers, she decided to accept the assignment!

    Hence, she convinced herself that her acceptance of the assignment had nothing to do with the fact that she was worried about Gu Yu.

    Not wanting Gu Yu to realize that she was present at the press conference, she hid amongst the crowd, wearing a peaked cap to conceal her face. She didn’t step forward to ask any questions either. She simply had to record the contents of the press conference and return to cobble together a news article with whatever information she had managed to obtain.

    She had truly intended to come and go without being noticed.

    However, she had always been more vigilant and sharper than the average person. When Wu Fang had entered the conference room, he had bumped into her. At that moment, she found that something about him was off with just one glance; had glanced at him; the look in his eyes had been intense and unsettling, and a murderous aura had followed him.

    An ominous premonition overcame her, and she couldn’t help but pay attention to his every move.

    Sure enough, after listening to Gu Yu’s words, he had suddenly withdrawn his hidden knife and had rushed towards Gu Yu like a lunatic.

    Xu Weilai had seen the knife gleam threateningly under the light. At that moment, she subconsciously rushed over to Gu Yu.

    She had shielded Gu Yu with her body, causing the knife to instantly cut into her body.

    At that moment, her mind went blank as her body had frozen in shock. It was only when the agonizing pain hit her that she realized what she had done. Lowering her head automatically, she saw her white shirt now soaked with blood…