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Chapter 305 - We’re Finally Gonna Fight Each Other

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 305: We’re Finally Gonna Fight Each Other

    Tang Jinyu hummed softly in response without any facial expression.

    Crocodile did not expect that kind of reaction from him. In fact, it was not what he wanted.

    Now, he was even more eager to see what happens next. ‘Is it truly the best if you were to be taken down just like that?’

    “Boss, what do you plan to do to Big Sister Qi?” Crocodile smiled and asked.

    He could not even hide the excitement in his voice.

    “Do you want to give it a try?”

    Tang Jinyu’s cold voice was heard again. It was a warning to him. Clearly, the coldness in his voice was even colder than the snow surrounding them.

    Crocodile faked a few coughs. “Boss, I was just making a joke to lighten up the mood.”

    “Your teammate was sacrificed. How could you claim that you want to lighten up the mood?” Tang Jinyu sounded extremely frosty and distant.

    ‘I’ve dug up my own grave!’

    ‘Why did I even mention about wanting to teach Big Sister Qi a lesson?’

    “Boss, I’m gonna reflect on my own mistakes.” Crocodile then said solemnly.

    “Change the target. Let’s head to another place now.” Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly.

    “Roger that, boss.”

    Crocodile sighed. The boss’s temper seemed to have become worse.

    Especially whenever someone brought up Big Sister Qi.

    Jian Qi contacted Lightning and the others the moment she left.

    She learned that the two veterans in their team had been eliminated. At the same time, one of Tang Jinyu’s teammates was eliminated too.

    Hence, there were three people left in her team including Lightning and Lu Yao.

    On the other hand, there were four people left in Tang Jinyu’s team.

    “We should not be separated anymore. Let’s meet up to discuss our next move.”

    Both Jian Qi and Lu Yao agreed on that.

    Tang Jinyu used an operating tactic this time around where he manipulated his teammates well. They cooperated with each other during their attacks. As such, it would not be a good idea if Jian Qi fought them on her own.

    Moreover, it was a different scenario now. She only had to care for herself in the past. However, she had two other teammates with her now.

    Jian Qi then moved swiftly to the appointed location as mentioned by Lightning.

    Probably due to her sharp instincts when in the face of danger, she sensed that something was off when she was headed toward the designated location.

    She could not help but quicken her pace. She tried her best to reach the stones which were covered with snow.

    Suddenly, she heard a gunshot. At that moment, she reacted subconsciously and rolled forward immediately. She hid herself behind the stone swiftly.

    Another bullet hit the stone once again.

    Jian Qi frowned.

    It was a sniper again.

    It was not far from her previous location. As such, it was impossible for the others to ambush her there. It must be Tang Jinyu and his teammate who shot at her just now.

    She had indeed looked down on Tang Jinyu’s abilities.

    It appeared that he knew which road she was going to take. Therefore, he went there first and ambushed her.

    Did Tang Jinyu know her that well?

    Or, did he know about Lightning’s military style?

    Jian Qi felt that the second assumption seemed to be more logical.

    They were waiting for her now. She could not dodge their attacks forever. As such, she had to take action.

    In fact, Jian Qi became rather excited when she knew that she was going to fight with Tang Jinyu head-on.

    Perhaps there was a gene in her that craved for battles, as at that particular moment, she was quite excited.

    Her beautiful eyes were filled with viciousness, making her seem bloodthirsty.

    Then, her eyes became dark and she focused her full attention on the current situation. She seemed to have become another person all of a sudden.

    She appeared to be like a villain because of her wicked and cunning appearance.

    This seemed to be her true self.

    Her bloodthirsty desire to fight engulfed her entire being.