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Chapter 349 – Treasury

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Suddenly, the Good Fortune Tablet gently trembled and its small body emitted an endless momentum, as if it were an ancient god that supported the heavens and earth. Then, bathed beneath the dark golden rays of light, Qin Yu’s thoughts were interrupted. His eyes widened in shock.

    This was because at this time, an incredibly pure and potent magic power was pouring into his body using the dark golden light as a medium. Although this was a vast and boundless amount of magic power, it didn’t place any pressure on Qin Yu. He felt as if he were soaked in a warm bath, so comfortable that he could almost fall asleep.

    But now, Qin Yu had no intention of sleeping. His entire mind was flooded with disbelief and elation. The magic power rushing into his body seemed as if it were his own strength. He absorbed it without any hindrance at all, and it gathered into his dantian sea where it was then absorbed by his Five Element Nascent Souls.

    Qin Yu could hear the vivid cheers of his Nascent Souls. They wildly absorbed the magic power that raged in, and he could feel his cultivation rising at a dramatic speed.

    Nascent Soul, fifth level.

    Nascent Soul, sixth level.

    Nascent Soul, seventh level.

    Nascent Soul, eighth level.

    In the beginning Qin Yu was a bit worried. If his cultivation rose so fast, would it cause his foundation to become unsteady and affect his future training? But he soon discovered that these worries were all for nothing. The magic power that came from the Good Fortune Tablet seemed as if it had been tempered countless times and thoroughly solidified before it transformed into Qin Yu’s own cultivation. Thus, not only were there no impurities left in his foundation, but after absorbing this magic power, it had become even more stable than before!

    At the end, when the dark golden light dissipated, Qin Yu’s cultivation broke through one more level, reaching the early ninth level of Nascent Soul. In just several moments he had leapt from the middle fourth level of Nascent Soul to the early ninth level of Nascent Soul. This was an almost five level increase in cultivation; it was inconceivable!

    Cultivating was like climbing up a mountain that became increasingly steep the higher one went. If Qin Yu wanted to gradually train, this nearly five level increase in cultivation would take at least two years. Moreover, that would be with a massive amount of pills sustaining him in a situation where he experienced no interruptions. Only then could he barely achieve this.

    Then, a gentle strength sent Qin Yu back out.

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor smiled. “Ning Qin, are you satisfied with what my nation’s holy object gave back to you?”

    Qin Yu respectfully bowed. “This junior is satisfied!”

    To consume a hundred years of life to obtain three points of the Good Fortune Tablet and also reach the ninth level of Nascent Soul, he really had no idea if this transaction had been worth it or not.

    Of course, he couldn’t express this dilemma at all.

    The Old Ancestor laughed. “Ning Qin, I have high hopes for you. Continue working hard!”

    He looked deeply at him and then left.

    Chief Steward Qin’s eyes flashed. He had followed the Old Ancestor for many years, so he could discern any meaning in his words.

    Qin Yu returned to his residence, a dignified expression showing on his face. If Qin Wushang could hear the meaning behind the Old Ancestor’s words, then he could also understand a little of it.

    But what should he do now?

    His complexion was overcast for a long time. Then, he clenched his teeth and came to a decision.

    Within his expectations, Chief Steward Qin came to pay him a visit. There was no small talk; he directly stated his reason for coming. “Little friend Ning Qin, the Old Ancestor is extremely satisfied with the Revival Good Fortune Pill you refined. He hopes that you can refine one more.”

    Qin Yu revealed an awkward expression but he coldly sneered in his heart. If that old freak could live for a few dozen more years then of course he would be incomparably satisfied!

    This was because the so-called Southshine Nation’s holy object was in essence the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor!

    100,000 years ago, the Hulun Clan experienced countless casualties and losses as they finally managed to seize the stone tablet that fell from the heavens. The tribe’s Great Elder spent a hundred years before he was finally able to perceive some of its mysteries. He then blended his own vitality with it, borrowing the power of the stone tablet to become a nearly undying being.

    This life had lasted for 100,000 years!

    That’s right, today’s Southshine Nation Old Ancestor was the same Hulun Clan Great Elder of the past!

    This could be called the Southshine Nation’s greatest secret. Those that had the qualifications to know this could be counted on a single hand. Qin Yu only learned of this through his connection with the Good Fortune Tablet.

    Although he had already decided on a plan, Qin Yu remained silent, allowing Qin Wushang to set forth his conditions.

    As he thought, Chief Steward Qin continued to say, “The Old Ancestor knows that you lost a great deal of your lifespan refining the pill, so he asked me to give you a special promise. If you agree to refine the pill once more, then you can go to the Southshine Nation’s treasury and choose any treasure you wish.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened as if he were moved. But, there was also the slightest hint of hesitation.

    Qin Wushang didn’t seem surprised by this. This was the treasury of an entire great nation! The temptation of that could be imagined. He smirked and said, “Little friend Ning Qin, so what if you lose some of your lifespan? You are already at the ninth level of Nascent Soul; the day you break through to Divine Soul is inevitable. At that time, you will regain your lost lifespan. With interest.”

    As if moved, Qin Yu clenched his teeth and said, “This junior may agree, but I would like to take a few more treasures.”

    Qin Wushang said, “Alright.”

    He was just a little Nascent Soul junior. Even if he were to enter the treasury, how much would he dare to take? It had to be known that any casual item within was priceless.

    However, Chief Steward Qin didn’t know that Qin Yu was aware of how important refining the Revival Good Fortune Pill was to the Old Ancestor. So, the following experience was bound to be a sad one for him.

    They left together. Qin Yu rode in Chief Steward Qin’s private car all the way to the royal palace. As he looked out the window during the drive, he finally understood for the first time how lively and vast the capital city was.

    It was truly extraordinary!

    At the parking lot, Chief Steward Qin pushed open the door. Since he had already phoned in, there were people respectfully waiting for them.

    “Little friend Ning Qin, let’s walk.”

    The Southshine Nation’s treasury was as expected. It was built deep in the royal palace and naturally there was no need to mention how sternly guarded it was. But, what left Qin Yu particularly surprised was an invisible perception that spread through the area, covering this part of the world. If anything out of the ordinary occurred, it was bound to meet a destructive attack.

    Chief Steward Qin’s eyes flashed. He had purposefully arranged for all of this in order to overawe Qin Yu’s heart and make it so that he wouldn’t dare to be too insolent. With a carefree expression he waved his hand and said, “Little friend Ning Qin, please.”

    The treasury had nine doors and each door had a different method of opening. Even if Chief Steward Qin came here with a token and decree, the entire process was tedious and cumbersome.

    After the ninth door opened, Chief Steward Qin let out a light breath and said, “Welcome to my nation’s treasury.”

    At first glance, Qin Yu was shaken by the brilliance of the treasures that soared to the heavens. Luckily, he was already prepared for this and it only took him a few deep breaths to calm himself.

    This sight was caught by Chief Steward Qin. He smiled in self-satisfaction. “My Southshine Nation has stood upon this land for over 100,000 years and we have an inheritance spanning over ten generations. We are the highest Blue Sea nation, and this treasury collects valuables from all over the world. In terms of items alone, there are over 100,000.” He turned and said, “If little friend Ning Qin has need for anything in particular, feel free to tell me. I am very familiar with the treasury so I can help save you time.”

    Qin Yu took a deep breath. “Then I’ll have to bother Chief Steward Qin. I am looking for some treasures that can enhance a person’s talent.”

    Chief Steward Qin’s eyes flashed before returning to how they were in the beginning. “Little friend has good judgment. Talent-increasing treasures, whether it is value or effect, are all top of the line. Please follow me.”

    As they walked through the treasury, Qin Yu’s eyes were caught by the various flashing treasures, all of them with divine lights so bright that they almost blinded his eyes. The Lord Chief Steward finally stopped and turned, pointing and saying, “These air bubbles are all especially refined to preserve treasures and lock in the medicinal efficacy so that it isn’t lost. Okay, little friend Ning Qin, please feel free to choose.”

    Heaven seizing grass.

    Nine nether vine.

    Buddha insight fruit.

    Good fortune nectar.

    Ground essence jade juice.

    Looking around, all of these were first class treasures. If any one of them were placed outside, it could be sold for a sky high price.

    Qin Yu wished he could grab all these treasures and carry them away. At that time, even if he were to eat one and lose one, just from pure quantity alone they could form a cultivating genius.

    But this was only a fantastical thought. He would truly have to be crazy to really dare to mention this.

    Walking forwards, he perused the various items. All of them were good things that he didn’t want to miss out on. Qin Yu soon discovered that there was no way for him to pick one up, so he turned and asked, “Lord Chief Steward, how do I take one?”

    Chief Steward Qin smiled. “If you have chosen one, just tell me.”

    “Oh. Then, I’d like to ask chief steward to help this junior select the nine nether vine.”

    Chief Steward Qin nodded. He took out his token and swung it around. The nine nether vine and the air bubble it was wrapped in suddenly flew over. “Little friend, take this together with the air bubble, and when you are ready to use it, you can simply break it open.” The Lord Chief Steward sighed and said, “In order to seal away these heavenly materials, the Old Ancestor commissioned ten sealing array grandmasters to manufacture these air bubbles. Just in terms of value, these air bubbles are worth 100,000 spirit stones each.” From his words, he was clearly telling Qin Yu just how valuable the item he chose was. This brat, he had best know when to quit while he was ahead!

    Qin Yu had on an appreciative look as if he had learnt a great lesson. He carefully received the nine nether vine and pointed again, saying, “And also that buddha insight fruit.”

    Chief Steward’s smile stiffened. He brought over the Buddha insight fruit.

    “Mm. And also that nine heavens thunder juice.”

    Chief Steward Qin already wanted to cry. As he saw Qin Yu put away those three air bubbles and place them in his storage ring, he could feel his heart bleeding and twitching.

    “Cough cough. Little friend Ning Qin, is there anything else you need?”

    With heaven and earth as his witness, he was purely trying to make small talk. In Qin Wushang’s eyes, the three talent-increasing treasures that Qin Yu chose had already overstepped his limits.

    But the response he received caused his field of vision to flash black.

    Qin Yu smiled in embarrassment. “This junior would also like to look at treasures that can strengthen the soul. I’m losing too much of my lifespan so I’m in a hurry to enter the Divine Soul realm.”

    After a moment, Chief Steward Qin cursed inwardly. Hey, you brat, why don’t you take a good look at the atmosphere? You’re still choosing? You actually dare to keep choosing!?

    He watched helplessly as Qin Yu chose a star spiritual essence, sea soul flower, spiritual god grass, and cloud reversal fruit, four different kinds of soul treasures. If it weren’t for the Old Ancestor ordering him to fulfill Qin Yu’s every desire, he would have already smashed this greedy young bastard into pieces!

    It’s just a hundred years of your lifespan! You bastard, do you really think a single second of your life is worth an inch of gold? Ah, you scumbag, it’s like you’re playing games with me!”

    Chief Steward Qin sucked in a deep breath and squeezed out a smile. “Ning Qin, we should leave.”

    Qin Yu looked up, a startled expression on his face as if he had never thought of this. Chief Steward Qin nearly erupted in an apoplectic rage.

    Luckily, the brat seemed to know he couldn’t push things too far. He nodded quickly.

    Chief Steward Qin turned to leave, his footsteps much faster than when he first arrived. He wished he could grab onto Qin Yu and toss him right out of the treasury.

    This bastard, what was he glancing left and right for? Could it be that he still dared to open his mouth? Did he take this old man as some clay to be pinched!?

    “Cough cough. Lord Chief Steward, please wait a moment.”