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Chapter 350 – Everything Is Fair and Jus

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Another hour passed before Chief Steward Qin stumbled out from the treasury in a daze. The events from just now began to replay in his mind. What he was most surprised by was how he managed to hold himself back from tearing this Ning Qin to pieces!

    This bastard!

    Clenching his jaws, just as he was about to curse out loud, Chief Steward Qin looked around to discover that Qin Yu had already vanished.

    “That bast…where did Ning Qin go?”

    Several surrounding subordinates were frightened. This was the first time they had seen Chief Steward Qin angered to such an extent before. They quickly reported that Ning Qin had seen an unhappy expression from him just now and decided to leave on his own initiative.

    He actually ran so fast!

    Chief Steward Qin rubbed his temples with some strength, feeling the veins bulging on his forehead. He took a deep breath and forcefully calmed himself, afraid that he would rupture a blood vessel from anger.

    He then turned and walked away, his pace gradually quickening. He needed to report this matter to the Old Ancestor!

    In the pitch black hall, a pallid Chief Steward Qin stepped into the transmission array. With a flash of light, he appeared in a dark underground temple.

    He fell to his knees and said through clenched teeth. “Old Ancestor, this servant has just sent Ning Qin away!”

    Within the nine flickering oil lamps, the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor said, “To make even you so angry, it seems that Ning Qin has a great appetite.”

    If it weren’t for the regal Old Ancestor in front of him who allowed no affront to his dignity, Qin Wushang would have already cursed out loud. The bastard’s actions, how could they be described as merely being a ‘great appetite’?

    Restraining his anger, Chief Steward Qin ruthlessly reported Ning Qin’s ‘villainous behaviors’ one by one.

    “Old Ancestor, from the treasury, Ning Qin took three talent-enhancing treasures…

    “He took four soul-strengthening treasures, they are…

    “He took a set of rare and precious spirit plant seeds...

    “He took a soul-protecting treasure…

    “…An ancient divine sword…”

    When the normally calm and patient Old Ancestor heard just half of these items, his eyes had already widened with shock and anger.

    Not mentioning anything else, just those rare spirit plant seeds had taken the Southshine Nation an immense amount of effort and time throughout the years to gather from all around the world. Some of them had already vanished from the Land of Divinity and Demons and were absolutely uniquely singular items! Among the list, there were even some things he had prepared for his breakthrough into the Calamity Immortal realm.

    But soon, this angry mood vanished without a trace. A thoughtful look crossed the Old Ancestor’s face. He glanced at Qin Wushang, saying, “You want to caution me that Ning Qin might have detected something?”

    Chief Steward Qin respectfully bowed. “This servant does not dare to recklessly speak. It was just that Ning Qin’s behavior crossed the limit somewhat.”

    The Old Ancestor nodded. “Good. These past years of comfort and ease haven’t worn down your vigilance.”

    Chief Steward Qin maintained a humble demeanor. “What does this servant need to do?”

    The Old Ancestor smiled. “There is no need. If Ning Qin can refine such an astonishing number of pill recipes and also refine such an incomparably potent Revival Good Fortune Pill, then it isn’t strange that he sensed something. But, what he knows is only superficial, otherwise why would he dare to offer a sacrifice to the Good Fortune Tablet?” His complexion returned to serenity. “Fulfill every one of Ning Qin’s requests. Do you understand what I am saying?”

    Chief Steward Qin bowed to the floor. “This servant understands.”

    He crawled back up and stepped back, the restlessness in his heart disappearing.

    Since the Old Ancestor was so calm, it was clear that Ning Qin was within his grasp. If so, then there was definitely no problem.

    Even if he used up all the treasures, they would still eventually be the Old Ancestor’s things.

    Qin Yu returned to his dwelling within the four-sided building. Once Ninth Province isolated out any perceptions, a cold sneer appeared on his lips. Did you really think that your things were yours and that my things are yours too? Keep on dreaming!

    These things could all be considered advance interest he collected for the hundred years of life he lost. The collection for the main principle was still behind.

    A trace of anticipation appeared in Qin Yu’s eyes as he immediately started to train. He was looking forward to the effects of the three talent-enhancing treasures. He flipped his hand and took out a jade box. Opening it, one could see a dark vine within. It seemed to contain an absolutely low temperature, slowly emitting a chilling cold.

    Nine nether vine!

    Qin Yu lifted his hand and touched it with a finger. After fusing his own aura into it, the nine nether vine voluntarily flew above his head and started to circle around…

    12 hours later, there was a light cracking sound and the Buddha insight fruit thoroughly disintegrated. Qin Yu’s eyelids trembled and he slowly opened his eyes.

    Without stopping, Qin Yu took out an Essence Juncture Pill and swallowed it down. After a moment he opened his eyes. There was a brief flash of joy that soon turned to helplessness.

    Using the nine level crystal pagoda as the standard, Qin Yu’s initial talent had been first level. After he used the blue crystal lotus and nirvana lotus seed in the Dao Arena, he had reached the peak of first level talent. Now today, after refining the nine nether vine, nine heavens thunder juice, and Buddha insight fruit, his talent has just barely managed to reach the third level.

    Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, anyone below a fourth level talent was unworthy of being raised. But while a third level talent was still as bad as mud, from Qin Yu’s viewpoint, it was amazing progress.

    This was why he felt joy.

    But as he thought about how even a cultivator with ordinary talent could use these three treasures to become a rare cultivating genius, he couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

    These were rare treasures from the Southshine Nation’s treasury. If it weren’t for him grabbing onto the Old Ancestor’s weakness, he never would have had such a chance.

    It seemed like his road of raising his talent was destined to be a long one!

    He shook his head, scattering these thoughts. Then, he stood up and walked into the bathroom. He soaked in a comfortable hot bath and changed into a set of clean white bathrobes. Then, as he stood in front of a mirror that nearly occupied an entire wall, Qin Yu could see his gray hair and he frowned for a moment before composing himself.

    The world was fair and just. There were gains and losses.

    If he wanted to survive the world killing tribulation, if he wanted to obtain a greater good fortune, if he wanted to pave his own road of cultivation, then he naturally had to pay a price. To exchange a hundred years of his life for the current situation…of course, right now it seemed that a hundred years wasn’t enough, but this transaction was still worth it. Moreover, he had already chosen his road, so why keep worrying? Besides making himself uneasy, there was no other benefit.

    He put on a black robe. This was the Demon God Armor that had taken the form of a long robe. It had an automatic self-cleaning function that saved him the trouble of changing clothes. Moreover, it could change into whatever design he liked. Unfortunately Qin Yu preferred casual clothes and didn’t like to be too flashy, so he wasted this effect of the Demon God Armor.

    He pushed open the door and sat down. After organizing the things he obtained from the Southshine Nation’s treasury, he thought for a moment and decided not to continue refining anything from there. He took out some pills and swallowed them.

    The world killing tribulation would arrive soon. Even if he was confident that the Old Ancestor wouldn’t hesitate to pay a price to protect him, this didn’t mean he would be safe. In these uncertain times, increasing his cultivation was the most important thing. Even if he had just a little bit more strength, that might save his life in a perilous situation.

    Five days later, Qin Yu decided to refine the pill again because he didn’t have much time remaining.

    Chief Steward Qin personally brought him to the alchemy room. He earnestly said, “Ning Qin, what the Old Ancestor needs is a Revival Good Fortune Pill that is the same as the first one. Do you understand?”

    Ning Qin nodded. “This junior understands. I ask chief steward to rest assured.” He strode into the alchemy room, a sneer appearing on his lips. Even if they didn’t make him do this, he was also thinking of coming here early and taking that Good Fortune Tablet into his hands sooner.

    The first Revival Good Fortune Pill had only changed and absorbed a hundred years of his life because it had sensed the world killing tribulation. If he wished to refine a Revival Good Fortune Pill that was the same, he couldn’t accomplish it himself. He could only rely on the aura of the world killing tribulation once more.

    As for the little blue lamp…the basis of the Revival Good Fortune Pill was Qin Yu’s own lifespan. No matter how heaven-defying the little blue lamp was, it was helpless in this situation.

    Luckily, Qin Yu seemed to already expect this. Without accident, he would be able to replicate that Revival Good Fortune Pill.

    He lit the furnace and began. Another pill recipe, a fluctuation of consciousness, was activated within his mind. This time, Qin Yu gave up control of his mortal body on his own initiative.

    In a situation where he was prepared and maintained a glimmer of his consciousness, Qin Yu found that he couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver pass through him as he observed his body.

    The Good Fortune Tablet was truly incomparably terrifying. Just a consciousness was able to produce such a massive influence. But as he thought about how this Good Fortune Tablet would soon become his, Qin Yu’s mood brightened.

    The refinement process proceeded smoothly. When the Revival Good Fortune Pill flew out from Ninth Province and bit down on his fingertip, small wave-like fluctuations began to appear in his pitch black eyes. His other hand rose and his five fingers rose up. The phantom of a great sun shrank countless times over suddenly appeared, and deep within this sun phantom was a thumb-sized lantern.

    In the next moment, a heart-shaking fear descended. Qin Yu coughed and his face paled. The sun phantom between his fingers seemed to withstand a powerful invisible pressure before it shattered with a crack.

    The Revival Good Fortune Pill emitted a shrill scream and the speed at which it plundered his lifespan increased. Qin Yu’s body shook and a bit of relief and fear flashed through his heart.

    The relief came because his judgment was correct and there would be no problems with the Revival Good Fortune Pill. As for the fear, that was because the world killing heavenly tribulation was already very, very, very close.

    Within seven days, it was sure to arrive.

    Moreover, Qin Yu had an intuition that if he summoned the phantom of the little blue lamp again, the world killing tribulation would directly descend!

    Perhaps it was because he had already experienced his lifespan being crazily taken away, or perhaps it was because his cultivation had risen to the ninth level of Nascent Soul, but his resistance had increased and he didn’t fall unconscious this time. Rather, he dragged his sweat-soaked body over the ground and opened the door to the alchemy room.

    He met Qin Wushang’s eyes and nodded. Seeing the smile on the man’s face, he revealed a bit of reluctance.

    Chief Steward Qin only assumed that Qin Yu wasn’t feeling well and didn’t think much of it. He warmly said, “Men, bring little friend Ning Qin to rest.”

    Qin Yu waved his hand. “This junior can still persist, so it’s better to complete the sacrifice first.”

    Qin Wushang had no opinion on this. He pretended to worry about Qin Yu’s condition and then after a moment of pushing back, agreed to let him do as he wished.

    He clapped his hand and the four frozen-faced guards that stood outside the cave door suddenly appeared, lifting a soft sedan between them. “Little friend, please.”

    Qin Yu smiled and nodded, but he cursed this bastard for being such a liar. He had already prepared a sedan just for him and yet he was telling him to resist earlier.

    As he thought, the facial skin of these old things couldn’t be underestimated. He needed to prepare himself more in the future.

    The group continued quietly. Qin Yu closed his eyes in meditation and when he opened them, he was already outside the black door.

    Wei Ziqing was already waiting here. He took out a token and opened the door. Then, he turned to Qin Yu and said, “For little friend to refine two Revival Good Fortune Pills in such a short time is truly worthy of praise.”

    Following behind him were two people. They were White Fengfeng and Black Beibei.

    Seeing Qin Yu glance over, Wei Ziqing smiled and explained, “Little friend Black has just completed the sacrifice. He is also a wonderful young man.”

    Qin Yu’s tense heart loosened. It seemed this brat White Fengfeng hadn’t completed the refinement yet. If he had time he should look for a chance to warn her.

    As for Black Beibei and how he fared in the future, that would depend on his luck.

    Qin Yu smiled at White Fengfeng. “After a moment come to my place for a visit. I have something to say to you.”

    There wasn’t a need to be too secretive. The two of them were relatively close, so there wasn’t any reason to conceal it.

    White Fengfeng glanced at Qin Yu. As she saw his full head of gray hair, her eyes blushed red a little. She quickly nodded.

    Without further delay, Chief Steward Qin brought Qin Yu inside. As for Wei Ziqing, he remained outside.

    The black door closed, isolating all staring eyes outside.