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Chapter 354 – Unwilling

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     The phantom continued forth without stopping. It invaded the invisible net that covered the world and then emitted a sad and shrill scream. Gray flames erupted from the phantom before it was burnt to ashes. The Old Ancestor’s eyes dimmed a bit but his face remained cold and calm. Another phantom emerged from his body, burying itself into those gray flames once more.

    Phantom after phantom emerged, withering away and burning away the power of the rules. Finally, when the invisible net eventually disappeared, 16 phantoms had stepped out from the Old Ancestor’s body. His complexion was incomparably dark and his face was pale. This was because their auras were connected and the deaths of the phantoms also injured him to a certain extent.

    The blood dragon stood tall and firm. Its shattered scales quickly recovered and it looked at the Old Ancestor with an icy cold gaze. Then, it emitted a deep roar.

    Bang –

    The blood dragon exploded into countless blood red drops of rain. It fell down like an overwhelming shower, a tiny blood dragon phantom within every droplet.

    The Old Ancestor’s complexion changed.

    Every drop of blood rain contained the aura of the world killing tribulation. Although it had weakened a great deal, it was more than enough to kill any cultivator at the Divine Soul realm or below.

    He could resist it but he would need to use up all the seeds he had saved. The arrangements he had painstakingly laid down over the countless years would all be destroyed in a moment.

    Even if he managed to block today’s world killing tribulation, would there be any meaning to it?

    The Old Ancestor sighed as he avoided the blood rain. His gaze fell atop the alchemy room, a bit of helplessness in his eyes. He truly did want to save Ning Qin. For this reason, he didn’t hesitate to ruin the capital city’s great defensive array formation and even send his legion of 100,000 elite soldiers to their deaths. But when it involved his own life, he had no choice but to withdraw.

    Because if he ruined his own foundation just to save Ning Qin, that would be putting the cart in front of the horse.

    Thus, the Old Ancestor neatly withdrew. Even if he was unwilling in his heart, he didn’t hesitate for a moment.

    Even if Ning Qin died, he still had hope. At the worst he would struggle one last time.

    But it really was a pity…

    As for the promise, the Old Ancestor felt no guilt because he had already contributed his fair share.

    The blood rain encountered no hindrance. Soon it would fall atop the alchemy room, and the corrosive power contained within – that destructive strength – would be more than enough to disintegrate the room and Qin Yu inside.

    In the far distance, the silent Good Fortune Tablet suddenly erupted with dark golden light. The rich blazing flames raced forth and covered the alchemy room.

    As the drops of blood rain fell down, they were wrapped up by the dark golden light. Although the dark golden light contained a terrifying energy, it still wasn’t enough to destroy those raindrops. Inside, the miniaturized blood dragons locked their eyes onto the Good Fortune Tablet. As more and more blood rain fell, it seemed to merge into one whole with the dark golden light.

    Roar –

    The blood dragon appeared once more. It tumbled about, its teeth biting and its claws slashing around as it tried to break through the dark golden light. In the distance, the Good Fortune Tablet violently trembled.

    The Old Ancestor’s face was stunned before his complexion paled. He never thought that the Good Fortune Tablet would actually protect Ning Qin on its own initiative.

    But this choice also placed him into a hopeless situation without any path to retreat. If the Good Fortune Tablet were injured, he would die just the same.

    However, if the Good Fortune Tablet chose to protect Ning Qin so decisively, the Old Ancestor couldn’t help but look at Ning Qin once more. Perhaps Ning Qin was incredibly important, even more important than he first thought.

    If this was the case, then he might as well give it a try!

    Within the underground chamber’s altar, the Old Ancestor opened his eyes. Then, from two oil lamps, a figure stepped out from each.

    They rapidly condensed into reality and then bowed towards the Old Ancestor. They stepped out and vanished from sight.

    In the next moment, these two figures appeared outside the alchemy room, forming a triangle formation with the Old Ancestor’s avatar.

    Of course, this description wasn’t too clear, because these three people were all avatars of the Old Ancestor.

    The Old Ancestor had lived for a long, long time of 100,000 years. This time was so long that it even surpassed the Calamity Immortal realm. Although he still hadn’t been able to break through to the Calamity Immortal realm because of certain limits, if one were to live for such a long time, even a pig could cultivate to a profound realm, much less the Old Ancestor who ruled over the entire Southshine Nation.

    Yes, he was only at the Blue Sea realm, but he was one of the strongest Blue Seas in the world, because every one of the Old Ancestor’s avatars was each at the peak of the Blue Sea realm!

    Three peak Blue Sea avatars combined into a super combat strength of 3000 dragons. Now, all of this strength erupted without hesitation, punching out at the blood dragon.

    The dark golden light began to tumble about like a raging sea. On the blood dragon’s massive form, three deep fist prints instantly appeared.

    Each one spread out with invisible waves of energy. Wherever they went, scales disintegrated.

    The blood dragon’s eyes revealed pain. It opened its jaw wide and hurled out a blast of dragon breath that sent one of the avatars flying away.

    But the dragon breath’s true terror wasn’t in the force of its attack. Rather, the avatar that was sent tumbling away immediately turned deep red.

    Through the connection between the avatars, the crimson color also started to spread to the other two avatars.

    On the altar, the Southshine Nation Old Ancestor’s thin face revealed a shocked anger. The flames of the oil lamp in front of him started to turn crimson, and even the two nearby ones started to turn the same color.

    With a pained expression, the Old Ancestor lifted his hand and extinguished the crimson oil lamp. Then, he lifted his hands and placed a drop of blood into the two other oil lamps, temporarily scattering the red color.

    Though this was just two drops of blood, it seemed to completely suck the Old Ancestor’s body dry. His figure withered even further and the wrinkles that stacked up on his face filled up with the aura of decay.

    But the greatest loss was the extinguished oil lamp. The avatar had fallen into a deep slumber and he had no idea how much time and effort he would need before he could awaken it once more. Moreover, the Old Ancestor had no idea what the red color would do to the two other avatars that had been stained. This unknown worry caused his complexion to become even uglier.

    But with things having come this far, he could only clench his teeth and continue to the end. His thoughts stirred and two more avatars stepped out from the oil lamps.

    The Old Ancestor’s breathing became heavy. To support the arrival of four avatars clearly placed an enormous pressure on him.

    But at this moment, the Old Ancestor clenched his teeth and two more avatars appeared.

    In the underground temple, four peak Blue Sea avatars stood around the altar, their eyes all rippling.

    The Old Ancestor stuffily coughed and blood flowed out from his nose and mouth. He lifted a hand and touched the point between his eyebrows. A black seed emitted a shrill scream.

    The ripples in the eyes of the four Blue Sea avatars were directly erased. They bowed obediently and teleported away.

    Outside the dark golden light, six peak Blue Sea avatars mercilessly attacked together.

    The blood dragon roared miserably. Even if it were the incarnation of the world’s killing tribulation and possessed a world-destroying prestige, while it was restrained by the Good Fortune Tablet it still couldn’t withstand the full barrage of six peak Blue Sea masters.

    Its massive form collapsed inwards. The pupils of the six avatars all shrank together and they immediately turned and fled as blood red shockwaves swept out through the world.

    The Good Fortune Tablet violently shook and the dark golden light was torn apart. The six avatars were sent tumbling away, flung into the far off distance, each of their faces pale white.

    On the altar, the Old Ancestor’s body fiercely shivered and sweat streamed down his body. Yet, a smile lifted his face.

    He had made it through…

    But just as this thought appeared, his pupils popped wide open.

    A change appeared when the blood dragon imploded. As the blood red shockwaves erupted outwards, a blood dragon the thickness of an arm immediately rushed towards the alchemy room.

    “No!” The six avatars all simultaneously shouted in rage.

    But he knew that no matter what he did, he would be too late.

    Although this blood dragon was only the thickness of an arm, it contained the last pure strength of the world killing tribulation. It was more than enough to slaughter Ning Qin.

    Even with the bracelet he gave Ning Qin, it wasn’t enough to save him.

    The Good Fortune Pill was still swallowing blood and lifespan. There was no change in emotion in Qin Yu’s pitch black eyes.

    He suddenly looked up above his head. The blood red dragon appeared and as their gazes met, Qin Yu could clearly feel a thought come from it.

    Found you.

    Without any hesitation, the blood dragon pounced forwards. At the same time, a cold chill rushed out from deep within Qin Yu’s soul, causing his blood to freeze and his heart to stop.

    Qin Yu could not resist. He could only watch helplessly on as the blood dragon arrived. It would sink into the point between his eyes and then eliminate his soul and life.

    As life and death hung on a single thread, the black bracelet on his wrist suddenly erupted with a blinding light, blocking the blood dragon outside.

    But this impediment only lasted for a short period. Not even a breath of time passed before it was mercilessly broken apart. The black bracelet disintegrated into dust.

    But in this blink of an eye, Qin Yu was able to react. He grabbed a green branch and activated its protective powers.

    The blood dragon crashed into the barrier. It was clearly exhausted and had lost a great deal of its strength. Even though the green branch was far, far weaker than the black bracelet, it was actually able to stop it for a breath of time.

    Qin Yu still had the protective soul treasure and ancient divine sword he obtained from the treasury. Unfortunately, the blood dragon was far too fast and gave him no time to react.

    It was like someone smashed a rod on his head, nearly causing his brain to tear apart. A terrifying pain swept through his body, but in the next moment, all of this froze as the blood dragon entered him.

    Within his soul space, the blood dragon circled around Qin Yu. It swept its eyes over his soul that could not move, and a trace of disappointment seemed to flash in its eyes.

    All of this happened quickly, so fast that it seemed like an illusion. The blood dragon opened its jaws and a blood red light started to condense in its mouth.

    Qin Yu was well aware that if he were struck by this blood light, his soul would dissipate into nothingness.

    Even though he had made so many preparations, he still couldn’t escape the fate of death. Bitterness swelled up in his heart along with a raging unwillingness.

    Qin Yu wasn’t willing to die. He hadn’t yet truly experienced the vast and boundless Land of Divinity and Demons, nor had he stepped into the distant Immortal Sect and found that girl.

    He had vowed that the two of them would meet again. He couldn’t die here, he absolutely could not die here!

    Perhaps it was an intense will to live, but Qin Yu’s frozen soul actually managed to move a little.

    Looking at the base and lowly soul that lifted a hand in front of it, the blood dragon’s expression remained faint without any changes.

    Because all of this was meaningless.

    Then, let’s end it!

    Blood red light shot out. But at this time, another figure appeared. And then countless motes of starlight sprinkled down throughout Qin Yu’s entire soul space.

    They were incomparably weak, but there was so much that they could not be quantified. In the blink of an eye, a thick layer fell over the blood dragon’s body.

    Spirity’s face tightened and her body shivered as if she were withstanding a massive pressure. She was Qin Yu’s Partner Soul, but because of certain reasons she had remained silent, so silent that she was nearly forgotten. But when the blood dragon invaded this soul space and tried to extinguish Qin Yu’s soul, she broke her silence and erupted with all her strength.

    Kacha –

    Kacha –

    The motes of starlight condensed, turning into something similar to a layer of ice. The blood dragon froze, but it clearly didn’t receive any damage. Because at this moment, the frozen blood dragon looked at Spirity and its ice cold eyes were still filled with indifference.

    Bang –

    The layer of ice burst apart and the blood red light continued forwards. The blood dragon didn’t attack Spirity, because as a Partner Soul, she would naturally vanish into nothingness once her master died.

    The blood red light hurtled towards Qin Yu’s soul, and at this time he finally managed to lift his finger with difficulty and welcome it.