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Chapter 281 - Debate.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 281: Debate.

    Although Xiao Luo went to clean up on the second floor, the contents of their conversation could still be heard word for word. He just laughed it off as it could not make any waves in his heart. This was the concept of the older generation in rural areas, and it was the generation of uncles and aunts. He would not care too much. It was good for them to say that they were happy. This was their own life and it was up to them how to live it.

    Grandma felt sorry for her grandchild and ran out to tell them to go away when she heard them talking outside.

    “Why not go to the fields instead of gossiping in front of other people’s houses. Aren’t you afraid that God will punish you for being dumb for the rest of your life?”

    “Sister Deng Feng, we didn’t speak ill of Xiao Luo. We also care about his personal affairs. Isn’t it bad for you to curse us like this?” The dark-skinned woman said with an unhappy face.

    Grandma said, “My grandson is a good-looking man and so capable in his career. You don’t have to worry about his affairs!”

    She was also fed up with this. These neighbors, whenever they saw Xiao Luo, they would always ask when he would get married, and then would make a few remarks. This was not caring, this was clearly making jokes. Today these people taunted her grandson Xiao Luo in front of his face, and she could not bear it.

    “Yes, yes, a good-looking person is better than anyone else, but not a wife can be found.” The woman with dark skin got a little angry and said coldly.

    Other people, except auntie Tao Xiu, showed a little smile, watching the scene with bustle on their faces.

    Grandma turned red with anger and pointed at the dark-skinned woman angrily. “Anyuanpo, you can’t even discipline your own son. All he does is to eat, drink, go whoring and gamble. He has been locked up several times by the police station. What qualifications do you have to say about my grandson?”

    Hearing this, the dark-skinned Anyuanpo immediately became furious, with a livid face and a darker look.

    She glowered, “Hah, your son is useful. He threw all his possessions into the ravine, hoping that gold would grow out of the mud. He is as busy as a dog all year round but he hasn’t seen how much money he has earned. Your grandson is an old man, not to mention his wife. He doesn’t even have a partner.

    Even if my son is no longer useful, he has a good wife and a good son. What is your family? Even If you don’t say it, everyone is making fun of your family, and your grandson can’t even afford to marry a wife. ”

    Her grandson couldn’t afford to marry a wife?

    Such a big hat couldn’t be buckled down.

    “You are a wicked woman, you … you …”

    Grandma was so angry that her chest heaved up and down, she couldn’t breathe smoothly.

    Grandpa looked at her and rushed up to pat her on the back to help her stabilize her breathing. Although he was quiet in peacetime, his wife was angry. Naturally, he would not stand idly by and shouted at Anyuanpo: “Go, don’t stand at our door. You are not welcome here!”

    “Uncle Lianfa, why don’t you talk sense? We didn’t say anything bad, and just expressed our concern for Xiao Luo, and Sister Deng Feng came out to curse us. Tell me, there is no such sense in the world.” Anyuanpo righteously said.

    “Yes, Uncle Lian Fa, Sister Deng Feng is really going too far.” The thin middle-aged man echoed.

    “Xiao Luo is our grandson. He doesn’t ask you to care about him. If you gossip again in the future, don’t blame this old man for turning against you!” Grandpa was old, but he still had backbone in his body.

    Anyuanpo put her hands on her waist and sneered, “Uncle Lianfa, you are very ungrateful to talk like this. If you put it so absolutely, are you not afraid of what would happen to your family in the future? Wouldn’t everyone stand up and take charge?”

    Grandpa and grandma, who are the opponents of this sharp-tongued mouths, are losing the battle at the moment.

    Aunt Tao Xiu came out to be the peacemaker, “All right, all right, let’s not say a word, it’s all small things, don’t hurt the harmony.”

    “Hum, they started to hurt the harmony first!” Anyuanpo said coldly.

    “Have you finished? After that, please leave. The temple is too small to hold so many great gods. ”