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Chapter 284 - You Are My Brother.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 284: You Are My Brother.

    Xiao Luo’s opinion was very big, he asked, “Wax Gourd, did you invite me to eat at the banquet or to be a volunteer?”

    Xiao Qiu was shocked and then said with great disappointment, “Xiao Luo, we grew up together and wore the same underpants. No one can match our feelings, but this sentence makes me feel cold. Are you accusing me of using you as a waiter?”

    “Don’t you use me as a waiter?”

    Xiao Luo sneered, serving dishes and tea, pouring water and bowls, and being on call to the guests at the dinner party. This was the job of a restaurant waiter.

    It aas not that he was narrow-minded and unwilling to help. It was just that the relationship between the two people was clear to both of them. They were not as close as other people say. If it were Zhang Dashan, let alone being a waiter, he would not have any complaints in his heart. However, Zhang Dashan would never treat him like this and would only give him more generous treatment than others.

    “Xiao Luo, I won’t say much else, I will ask, are you my brother?” Xiao Qiu asked seriously.

    Xiao Luo now very much wanted to learn Zhang Dashan’s swearing, because he felt very ‘humbled,’ worse than being slapped. He could not say how uncomfortable he was.

    Xiao Luo remained silent, Xiao Qiu’s eyes flashed, secretly pleased.

    He patted Xiao Luo’s shoulder, and the tone of his voice was relaxed. He earnestly said, “I am embarrassed to call others. Why, because they are all outsiders, I am afraid of being unkind. Xiao Luo, I will never be polite to you, because you and I are brothers. Of course, you should not be polite with me. If you have any difficulty, please tell me and I will do my best to help you!”


    Xiao Luo couldn’t help but want to laugh. A real brother would never put these two words on his lips. If he was only a young boy who had not deeply experienced the world, he would certainly be fooled by Xiao Qiu’s remarks. Unfortunately, he was not. He had worked hard in the society for three years and had seen many kinds of people. Xiao Qiu was just a fair-weather friend who kept saying that he was his brother but had never treated him like a brother. He was eloquent and took part in a play.

    He shook his head helplessly and laughed scornfully, “Wax Gourd, you are treating me like a fool!”

    The world could learn from those who let them feel cold.

    Xiao Qiu’s face was full of exaggerated surprise, he frowned and rebuked, “Fool? Xiao Luo, why do you think like that, I … ”

    “Xiao Qiu, where is your son? Bring him out and show everyone.”

    “Yes, Xiao Qiu, let’s see if the baby born by your woman is handsome.”

    “It’s said that the offspring of men and women who are from far places, will be smarter. Your wife is from Baodao. Isn’t that far enough? Your son will definitely be a genius when he grows up.”

    A group of drunken masters came along and noisily said to Xiao Qiu.

    Xiao Qiu left Xiao Luo behind, he busily put on a smiling face and turned to greet them.

    “Uncle Di Changshu, wait here while I go and get my son.”

    Turning his head, he solemnly shouted to Xiao Luo, “Xiao Luo, please help me with the fish balls on those tables!”

    With that, he was ready to leave without giving Xiao Luo a chance to refuse.

    But Xiao Luo did not eat his words. He took off his apron and laughed coldly, “Xiao Qiu, I’m sorry, I have something that’s urgent, I don’t have time to help you. Please ask another person to help you with the rest.”

    Xiao Qiu stopped and looked at Xiao Luo with complicated eyes. He didn’t expect Xiao Luo to disobey him. After all, he always thought he was leading Xiao Luo.

    “Xiao Luo, you’ve just been serving food and water. You haven’t eaten yet. Please eat something before you go.” A man in his 40s or 50s said.

    Xiao Luo said with a smile, “Uncle, I can’t help it. It’s a little urgent. I have to go now.”

    This kind of banquet, even if he didn’t eat, he already had been sincere to Xiao Qiu. Originally, he had hoped to be able to re-establish the feelings of the two people like when they were young, but Xiao Qiu, that night left him alone in the rain on the road. He clearly invited him to drink and eat meat to celebrate the birth of his son, but the result was he asked him to act as a coolie, as a waiter, let alone eat food, he even had no time to drink tea.

    It was at this moment he realized that he was wrong. He was treating Xiao Qiu with sincerity, but Xiao Qiu did not take him seriously.

    “Xiao Luo, you …… alas ……”

    Xiao Qiu hesitated, he finally shook his head with a sigh before he added, “Well, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have asked you for help. I’m too selfish to take your feelings into consideration. I can understand your complaints. Can you have some food before you go?”

    ‘Have some food before you go?’

    Xiao Dechang was Luo Village’s secretary. He had a flexible mind and could act fast. When he heard Xiao Qiu’s remarks, he immediately understood the ins and outs. What Xiao Luo was dissatisfied with Xiao Qiu was that he asked him to serve food and water. That was why he said he had something to go.

    He earnestly urged, “Xiao Luo, you have such a good relationship with Xiao Qiu, don’t make trouble over such a small matter.”

    “Uncle DeChang, I’m not at loggerheads with him. We have a good relationship.” Xiao Luo said hypocritically.

    “Since the relationship is good, then we can leave after the meal.” Xiao Dechang advised.

    Xiao Qiu was very good at seizing the opportunity, bringing over two glasses of white wine. He came up smiling and said to Xiao Luo, “Brother, today is my fault. I didn’t consider your feelings. Come on, have a drink and forget all the unhappiness!”

    His smile, in Xiao Luo’s eyes, was a false front. In front of the elders, he was magnanimous, a contrast to how he was in reality, it was actually very unbearable. Xiao Qiu had deeply learned that what you feel on the inside must not match the outside, instead it should match the situation.

    Xiao Luo simply acted as a villain according to Xiao Qiu’s script.