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Chapter 285 - Ji Siying.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 285: Ji Siying.

    Xiao Luo drank his own cup of wine first, then waved the empty cup to Xiao Qiu and smiled thoughtfully: “Wax Gourd, it’s your turn, drink this cup, after all, we are brothers!”

    With an aggressive tone in his speech, Xiao Qiu realized at this time that Xiao Luo could not be controlled by him like other times. Xiao Luo did not fall for his tricks at all, which made him feel a strong sense of frustration. After all, no matter the boss or the grass-roots workers, they obeyed his advice under this set of rhetoric, and seldom would go against him because he could catch the other’s weak points.

    For example, Xiao Luo, them being childhood friends, was a weak point. As long as he grasps this weak point, it would be difficult for Xiao Luo to refuse his request. Of course, this was his own opinion, at least before this.

    Xiao Qiu smiled and said, “Xiao Luo, what are you doing? You and I are good brothers! ”

    “Precisely because we are good brothers that you should drink this cup of wine!”

    Xiao Luo was really angry now. What did he think to get from his fake sincerity? Why should he think about their, ‘past’ friendship now?

    “Xiao Luo, are you serious?” Xiao Qiu stared at Xiao Luo.

    “I won’t say much else, I’ll just ask, are you my brother?”

    Xiao Luo repeated the other’s words back to him. “If brother drinks this cup, I don’t have any other meaning. Eating in a banquet is just having fun!”

    There was always a faint smile on his face.

    Xiao Qiu’s mouth twitched: “Have you heard the word moral kidnapping?”

    Moral kidnapping?

    Xiao Luo sneered unceasingly, the words moral kidnapping were used, hah!

    The smile on his face suddenly froze and he shouted coldly, “I’ll let you drink it then! ! !”

    His last two words were like roars. Xiao Qiu’s pupil suddenly shrunk sharply, Xiao Luo’s sentence stunned him and made his ear ring, his spirit appeared in a trance. He subconsciously put his hand carrying the wine upward to his mouth and chugged it down.

    Xiao Luo patted him on the shoulder and smiled with satisfaction: “This is a good brother.”

    Xiao Qiu just came to his senses at this time. He didn’t know that he had been hypnotized by Xiao Luo for a moment there. All he knew was that his mouth seemed to be burning up. The spicy and bitter taste mixed with the drink was like a poisonous dragon churning in his mouth, making him teary-eyed, dry cough and his face red like pork liver.


    Xiao Luo coldly hummed, with both hands folded across his chest, he turned to leave.

    At this moment, a white commercial car was coming down the dirt road from a distance. Whether from the brightness of the color or the overall appearance of the car, one could see that the car was expensive.

    After a few sips of water, Xiao Qiu blurted out, “That’s a Erffa commercial vehicle, its cost is more than 800,000 yuan!”

    Hiss …

    After hearing about the price, the people who were at the banquet could not help but gasp. Even though they did not have many cars passing through Luo Village’s backwater all year round, the whole Luo Village also had cars owned by residents like Xiao Qiu. For others, cars were a luxury beyond reach, not to mention a car pricing at 800,000 yuan. This was really an impact on their psychological endurance. It was simply astronomical.

    “This car cost more than 800,000 yuan, Xiao Qiu?”

    Although Xiao Dechang was the village secretary, he did not have a wide range of knowledge. His family owned a tractor that was worth around 8,000 yuan, which was already regarded as a very beautiful sight in the village. Where would he ever see such expensive vehicles?

    Xiao Qiu nodded: “Yes, it’s a very famous brand. Over 800,000 yuan is only for the car itself. After all the formalities are completed, it will cost about one million.”

    “One million?”

    Xiao Dechang almost disgrace himself in surprise, others were also shocked, one million, even with two lifetimes they could not earn so much money.

    “Who is this driver? Probably not from our village, secretary of the prefectural party Committee, please go up and have a look. He must be lost.” Anyuanpo was curious herself, but she didn’t want to be the first bird to run up, so she urged Xiao Dechang to lead.

    “I don’t need you to teach me what to do!”

    Xiao Dechang reprimanded. Obviously, as one of the brothers’ wife, she would often go stir up trouble in the village. Anyuanpo made him feel disgusted, he had been keeping his complaints in his heart for a long time.

    Anyuanpo opened her mouth to swear, but on second thought, Xiao Dechang was the secretary of the village so she swallowed them back into her stomach.

    “Look, look, the door is open and the people inside are coming out!”

    “What a beautiful girl.”

    “Hey, that girl seems to know little Luo and is chatting with little Luo!”

    All the people attending the banquet turned their eyes to the dirt road …

    It was a beautiful woman like the heroine in a TV drama, with black hair hanging loose, skin as white as snow, clear and bright pupils, curved arch eyebrows and lips as delicate and tender as rose petals.

    She was so beautiful, just like a holy fairy!