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Chapter 286 - Special Task.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 286: Special Task.

    Luo village was not big, so the news spread quickly from mouth to mouth. In just two or three hours, the whole village knew that Xiao Luo had a beautiful girlfriend, who was also a rich girl with a luxury car worth in the millions.

    “I told you, Xiao Luo is so handsome and works so hard. How can there be no girl that likes him?”

    “That girl is like a star on TV. She is so temperamental that even my ten daughters-in-law cannot compare with her.”

    “Yes, the little child Xiao Luo is too low-key, introverted, and wouldn’t go around talking about such a good girlfriend.”

    At that time, Xiao Luo became the object of discussion among the people in Luo village. Everyone was happy for Xiao Luo and proud of Xiao Luo. Imagine who in Luo village would be so good that he wouldn’t talk about a beautiful and rich girlfriend. No, so far only Xiao Luo.

    Of course, some people were extremely unhappy.

    For example, Anyuanpo and Xiao Chaolai, and Xiao Qiu.

    For a long time, Xiao Qiu had been the best youth representative in Luo village. He had been praised by people. He had not only made great achievements in his career, but also had a good harvest in love. He has married a wife from baodao. He was a big winner in life. How many people nodded when talking about him? And shook their heads when talking about Xiao Luo?

    But now, everyone was full of praise for Xiao Luo, his light had become dimmed by contrast, his heart was really very unhappy, especially seeing his wife, Li Honglian after giving birth to a child, had become plump, her facial features became out of shape. You could almost use the word “ugly” to describe it. His unhappiness was magnified to the extreme.



    At home, Xiao Luo was sitting on a wooden sofa with his left hand holding his chin and his right hand tapping on the arm of the sofa, looking at Ji Siying standing in front of him.

    Ji Siying was wearing a turtle neck top, coupled with a pair of black sports pants, her lithe and graceful figure of concave and convex was well reflected. She just stood there looking at Xiao Luo, just like a little girl, wet behind her ears.

    “Are you a night bird?” Xiao Luo coughed softly to break the silence.

    “Yes, Mr. Xiao Luo, I am the NSA’s designated liaison officer. I am responsible for conveying NSA’s orders and serving as a bridge between you and NSA. It is my honor to be Mr. Xiao Lou’s liaison officer. Please give me advice!”

    Ji Siying was very awed by Xiao Luo, her voice was very soft and very nice. After saying that, she also made a deep bow towards Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo thought the woman was quite interesting, at least he did not feel repulsive towards her. He asked curiously, “Why did you lie about being my girlfriend?”

    “As the liaison officer of Mr. Xiao Luo, it takes 24 hours to keep in touch with Mr. Xiao Luo. I lied about being Mr. Xiao Luo’s girlfriend, so it is convenient to start work and does not invite gossip.” Ji Siying meticulously answered.

    Xiao Luo laughed in silence: “You are very thoughtful, but your lie makes it very difficult for me!”

    Indeed, everyone in the village now knew that he had a girlfriend, she was also a beautiful girl with a good family background. The threshold of their home was almost broken. All the curious villagers made visits and wanted to see the elegant demeanour of his girlfriend. Fortunately, his grandparents were blocking them below. Otherwise, they would surely run to the second floor and turn his own space on the second floor into a vegetable market.

    Ji Siying shook her body and bowed again: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would embarrass you. I … I’ll go out and explain it to them.”

    She turned and walked towards the first floor.

    “Come back, no need.”

    Xiao Luo was speechless, explaining would only deepen the already complicated situation.


    Ji Siying stepped back, like a child doing something wrong, she rubbed her hands while standing there uneasily.

    “You can be a little more casual without being too formal.”

    Xiao Luo poured a cup of tea for himself, also poured a cup for her, picked it up and handed it to her, “Please have some tea.”

    Ji Siying looked slightly stunned, she stepped forward and accepted the cup with both hands: “Thank you, Mr. Xiao Luo!”

    Xiao Luo helplessly shook his head; Mr. Xiao Luo this, Mr. Xiao Luo that, was this his liaison or his subordinate? This was too polite.

    “Zhang Gu said that there were also 20 C-class soldiers with you?”

    “Yes.” Ji SiYing gently took a sip of tea and nodded heavily.

    “Where are they now?”

    “They have been dispatch around Mr. Xiao Luo’s parents’ farm and are secretly protecting Mr. Xiao Luo’s parents. Once the Cobra Mercenary Group is found, they would escort Mr. Xiao Luo’s parents to evacuate immediately.” Ji SiYing said.

    Xiao Luo nodded, so there was no trouble back at home, 20 class C soldiers, even if they could not go against Cobra Mercenary Group, but that should be enough to ensure the safety of his parents.

    He fixed his eyes on Ji Siying again and asked, “What level of soldier are you?”

    “Replying to Mr. Xiao Luo, I am a Class C soldier.” Ji Siying respectfully answered.

    “Class C?”