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Chapter 289 - Lucky Meat Duck.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 289: Lucky Meat Duck.

    The body of the middle-aged woman rose and stood upright, her face showing surprise: “how do you … how do you know?”

    “I just said that I am a fortune teller and can see things.” Xiao Luo fooled.

    It was actually very simple to see what the middle-aged woman used to do, because the middle-aged woman’s right hand was habitually rough, either grinding the table for a long time or grinding the blackboard for a long time, plus the middle-aged woman dressed appropriately, naturally the only occupation was being a teacher.

    “You have excessive confidence in your eyes. That’s because you have formed the habit of saying ‘you listen and do what you learn’ in your long career. This habit makes it difficult for you to accept other people’s suggestions. For example, I said the white-headed duck is the representative of auspicious signs. You immediately refuted it and totally disagreed with it. However, Elder Sister, I also said that I am a fortune teller and I suggest you buy the white-headed duck, because it is good for your family. That’s all, Elder Sister, you should consider it yourself.”

    After he said that, Xiao Luo turned to leave right away in order to create a sense of mystery.

    The middle-aged woman was scared out of her wits and felt that she had met a living fairy who was guiding her. She immediately caught up with him and said with a warm smile: “Young man, I know I have to buy a white-headed duck. Can you tell me what else needs to be done?”

    Although she was a teacher before, feudal thoughts were still deeply rooted. Otherwise, she would’ve abandoned the white-headed duck. If not for her recently met with bad luck, that was, her son had been very disobedient and making trouble for her. She thought it was very bad luck. When Xiao Luo accurately stated her career, she decided that Xiao Luo was a little fairy who could tell fortune.

    “Better buy two…” Xiao Luo waved his hands, mystifying.

    “Good good, I’ll buy it right away, thank the young man for reminding me.”

    The middle-aged woman repeatedly promised and ran to Xiao Zhiyuan. “Boss, pick me two fattest white-headed ducks!”

    Hiss …

    Xiao Zhiyuan and Hua Heying gasped and were shocked. They sold two in less than a minute. This was incredible.

    The middle-aged woman decided that Xiao Luo was a living immortal. After buying two of them, she shouted loudly for everyone to come here to buy ducks. A middle-aged man who came with her came up and heard what had happened to her. He was immediately disbelieving.

    “How is that possible? He guessed it.” The Middle-aged man pointed to Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo approached: “Uncle, are you doubting me?”

    “It’s not suspicion, it’s not belief at all. You are deceiving people to buy ducks at your house.”

    The middle-aged man felt that the middle-aged woman had been tricked into buying two white-headed ducks. This was unlucky. He shouted, “Folks, come and have a look. There is a swindler here. He tricked us into buying his ducks.”

    When this voice shouted out, Xiao Luo suddenly became the focus of the whole alley.

    Xiao Luo smiled calmly: “Uncle, is your salary not low?”

    “Of course!” The middle-aged man raised his head haughtily.

    “The unit doesn’t have to go to work yet, does it?”

    “Of course.”

    “Children are married, right?”


    Then Xiao Luo only looked at him, no longer speaking.

    The expression on the old man’s face froze instantly, thinking: ‘How did this boy know?’

    Someone immediately asked, “Brother, how did you know?”

    “This young man is a fortune teller and can also see your future. Of course he knows.” The middle-aged woman was now a loyal follower of Xiao Luo and had no doubt about Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo looked over at the man in his thirties who questioned him and stared at his face. The friendly, smiling face, anxious to embrace your brother’s face, Xiao Luo immediately guessed his job again.

    “I can also see what products you have sold.”

    Looking at his face like a magic wand, “It seems like an online product, selling insurance?”

    “Ah? !”

    The man was stunned. He didn’t notice Xiao Luo’s tone was interrogative. He nodded and said excitedly, “Yes, brother, you are amazing. I really sell insurance.”

    The whole alley burst into flames. One or two, one could probably guess right, but for the other three if one still guessed right. This was not luck.

    When Xiao Luo guessed the careers of the two men again, all the people present believed that Xiao Luo could tell fortune and see the future. As a rural person, most of them believed in this one. At this time, everyone looked at Xiao Luo with fervent respect, especially the middle-aged woman, it was like seeing a living god.

    This was amazing!

    He could even guess what everyone did for a living.

    Of course, they all didn’t know that Xiao Luo used psychology and micro-expression observation. The answer laid in the eyes. The eyes were the windows to the heart. Through this window, the clever people could see the heart.