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Chapter 291 - Drinking the Sacred Water.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 291: Drinking the Sacred Water.

    Seeing displeasure on Xiao Qui’s face, Xiao Ping smiled awkwardly and immediately changed to, “Of course, our Wax Gourd is also very excellent, doing engineering and marrying a Baodao wife.”

    “What wax gourd, what are you insinuating, are you scolding my short neck? Call me by my name Xiao Qiu, if you call me wax gourd, I will turn against you! ” Xiao Qiu was surly, and bluntly thundered.

    Xiao Ping was stunned, he could only give in, bowing and saying ‘yes and yes’.

    These scenes entered Xiao Luo’s eye. Ever since childhood, Xiao Ping was like an older brother to Xiao Luo, because Xiao Ping was older. Seeing Xiao Ping being scolded by Xiao Qiu, how could he not feel anything?

    “Miss Ji right? Hello, my name is Xiao Qiu. I have a very good relationship with Xiao Luo. When we’re still children, we even wore the same underpants. Speaking of which, we really grew up wearing the same pair of trousers too.” Xiao Qiu held out his hand to Ji Siying. The expression on his face changed faster than flipping a page of a book. He was angry one moment then smiled warmly the next.

    False! Fake!

    Xiao Luo’s helplessly sighed in his heart, he was unable to understand, when had his childhood partner became so hypocritical, he couldn’t see any bit of sincerity.

    Out of courtesy, Ji Siying reached out and shook hands with Xiao Qiu. She smiled and said, “Hello!”

    “Miss Ji, you should be Jiang City’s people, you can have a luxury car like the one you drove in, your home assets must be tens of millions or hundreds of millions. I am very curious, how can you have a crush on us people like Xiao Luo? This smelly boy is not from the same world as you. ” Xiao Qiu asked.

    Ji Siying’s smile converged, taking her hand back, her eyes flush with hostility, how could she not know this guy was criticizing.

    “Ha ha … Miss Ji, don’t get me wrong. I’m just curious. After all, you and Xiao Luo are too much like the fairy tale story of the princess and the poor boy getting married.” Xiao Qiu joked.

    Xiao Ping frowned and said with a small voice: “Xiao Qiu, this is not good, you shouldn’t be provoking the relationship between Luo Zi and Miss Ji.”

    “Provoke? Who provoked? I asked purely out of curiosity, do you understand that there is no such issue or is your brain not working well?” Xiao Qiu turned his head and snapped at him.

    There were sounds of gongs and drums in the master altar drowning out Xiao Qiu’s voice, otherwise, at that volume, he was afraid everyone would look over here.

    Xiao Ping dared not anger him and say anything anymore, his clenched fist loosened. He was afraid Xiao Qiu would renege, and wouldn’t lend him money. Before, he had to kneel down to Xiao Qiu to borrow money, how could he dare to offend Xiao Qiu and make him unhappy.

    “Don’t be too arrogant Xiao Qiu!” Xiao Luo said coldly.


    Xiao Qiu raised his eyebrows, as if he heard a very funny joke and laughed aloud, “Xiao Luo, my good brother, how am I arrogant? I’m just a little harsh with my words, but it’s definitely not arrogant like you said, don’t you think, Ping’ge?”

    Xiao Ping immediately nodded with a smile on his face, “Xiao Qiu is right, not arrogant. Luo Zi, what you said is biased.”

    “Did you hear? Even Brother Ping said you said something wrong. ” Xiao Qiu was satisfied and snorted softly.

    Xiao Luo shook his head and lost his smile, thinking this Xiao Qiu was really boring.

    Xiao Qiu turned his eyes to Ji Siying and said with mirth, “Miss Ji, can you satisfy my curiosity? What attracted you to Xiao Luo?”

    Ji Siying glanced at Xiao Luo and then said earnestly, “He is excellent!”

    “Oh?” Xiao Qiu pretended to be surprised.

    Ji Siying added, “Better than you, more handsome than you, anything and everything is better than you.”

    Although being a couple with Xiao Luo was fake, she still couldn’t like suc hypocritical people like Xiao Qiu.

    Such straightforward words, almost made Xiao Ping shout happily and laugh.

    The smile on Xiao Qiu’s face froze and it seemed like he was dazed. Then he burst out laughing: “Ha, ha, ha … Miss Ji is really interesting. There is a saying… If you are not attractive, you will be fascinated with yourself. Beauty is in the eyes of your lover. It seems that this is true.”

    His eyes were rolling in laughter but his teeth were gnashing in anger. Ji Siying’s words mercilessly stepped on his dignity, ‘Xiao Luo is anything better than him, it is a great shame for him.’ He couldn’t say it outloud, but this gigolo waste was not qualified to be compared with him. Of course, he had not lost his head completely to anger to the point of being at war with Xiao Luo, so he endured.

    Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, he just glanced at Ji Siying admiringly, in his heart, ‘this liaison officer, good!’

    In fact, with Ji Siying, he could build and work on emotions. Most importantly, his grandparents liked her very much. If there was a spark between them, he could accept it.

    At this time, Xiao Quanren’s chanting voice became more and more urgent, the movement of the scribbles in the void became faster and faster, and the rhythm of the cymbals and drums also accelerated, suddenly rose up as if some kind of ceremony had reached the climax.

    All of a sudden, Xiao Quanren’s eyes were open. His turbid old eyes were very sharp, making people dare not look straight at them.

    The sound of gongs and drums stopped, and his old and rich voice sounded, “Sacrifice the blood spirit, open the sacred cask, protect the Xiao clan; be healthy and free from all diseases!”

    The Xiao clan people present immediately got up and lined up neatly in three horizontal lines, looking piously at the altar ahead. Xiao Quanren, the old man, grabbed a cock, decapitated its head to take blood, merged his forefinger and middle finger, soaked them with blood, and lightly lit a red dot between each Xiao clan’s eyebrows, and then brought a bowl of sacred water from the innermost sacred barrel to the front.

    “Mr. Xiao Luo, is this the magical drink?” Ji Siying asked quietly.

    Xiao Luo nodded, “Eyebrow irrigation blessing, sacred water protection.”

    “Can you drink it all?”