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Chapter 294 - Storm.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 294: Storm.

    All the people who were present heard this and were stunned. ‘What does this mean? Does it mean that the couplet written by Xiao Luo is better than his? The old man is a scholar of the Qing dynasty. He has been writing calligraphy for most of his life. Xiao Luo is only in his twenties. Can he write calligraphy better than the old man?’

    “I’m flattered, sir.” Xiao Luo said with a smile.

    “Don’t be supercilious, don’t be arrogant and impetuous, Little Luo, you will eventually become a great instrument!” Xiao Quanren held Xiao Lou’s hand tightly and gave Xiao Luo a very high evaluation.

    “The old man is absolutely right. This Little Luo can definitely achieve a big and vigorous career.”

    “It is said that as the knife sharpens, the wood cutter does not miss. Xiao Luo has been in college for several years and his temperament is different.”

    “Well, yes, there is no reason why Miss Ji doesn’t like Xiao Luo.”

    Once again, everyone was full of praise for Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Qiu was the only one gnashing his teeth, shaking with anger. He felt his superiority was completely destroyed. His title as the most outstanding youth representative in Luo’s village was also lost, all the glory and honor were transferred to Xiao Luo.

    This gradually made him lose his mind, and he said coldly, “Isn’t it just a small white face who depends on a rich young lady to get the upper hand? Why is he being praised so highly by you?”

    He said it in a low voice, but coincidentally it was the moment when the voices of the people stopped, so it sounded extremely harsh. The whole circle of people heard it, and all eyes were cast on him for a moment.

    Xiao Quanren’s face showed displeasure, “What are you whispering about Xiao Qiu?”

    There was a rebuke between the words.

    In the face of his questioning eyes, Xiao Qiu panicked, but he calmed down quickly. Now that he had already said it, he was not so afraid of his hands and feet anymore, and has become righteously strong, “Sir, I’m telling the truth, Xiao Luo works as a laborer, and should’ve only been earning 80,000 per year till he dies. It would be already very good to have 50,000 saved in the bank. He graduated from university almost four years ago, and only saved 50,000. This is too common. What is there to be proud of and to show off?

    The only thing he can show off is miss Ji, his girlfriend. But I also have a few words of advice for miss Ji. Fairy tales are absolutely impossible in the real world. You have no hesitation for love, but what about your family? Will they allow you to marry a poor boy who comes from a mediocre background and cannot even afford a garage? The answer must be no, I dare to assert that sooner or later, you will break up, marriage is to pay attention to the match, this … ”

    “That’s enough! ! !”

    A loud thunder-like rebuke sounded, and cut off Xiao Qiu’s words to an abrupt end.

    Xiao Qiu turned his head and stared at Xiao Ping with bewilderment, doubt and anger in his eyes. He shouted coldly, “Xiao Ping, did you eat a dynamite?”

    “Xiao Qiu, I, you, and Luo zi, the three of us were playmates. We played in the mud together, stole father’s loquats together, and also secretly swam in the river together. Luo Zi is doing well. I am very happy for him from the bottom of my heart. What do you mean? If you can’t see Luo Zi as good, then you must be more comfortable than Luo Zi. Xiao Qiu, are you mentally ill?” Xiao Ping accused him in a loud voice. He really couldn’t bear it anymore, Xiao Qiu was being too much.

    “I am mentally ill? Ha ha … ”

    Xiao Qiu derided a sneer, “Isn’t what I said the truth? If he hasn’t have a rich darling daughter on the list, he would have been nothing!”

    “Xiao Qiu, you’re out of your mind. What’s wrong with you here at the altar at that?” Xiao Dechang thundered and rebuked, he was too disappointed in Xiao Qiu.

    “Uncle Dechang, I’m not crazy. What I’m saying is the truth. Why do you all think I’m crazy? Can’t Xiao Luo write good characters? Is he not good-looking enough for a rich young lady to take a fancy to? Besides these, he is nothing but bullshit. He went to an undergraduate university and came out to be a stinking worker. I didn’t go to a university, but I got a house, car, ticket and everything. In front of me, what qualifications does he have to be proud of and what qualifications to show off?”

    Xiao Qiu really lost his mind. He felt that he was not mad. But people thought otherwise, they felt that he had gone mad. ‘He was just a rich girl’s trash on the list. Is it worth being touted like this? And his success, he is so outstanding but no one cares, what the hell?’

    He pointed at Xiao Ping and said with a maniacal sneer: “I won’t lend the 120,000. It’s none of my business even if they cut off your hands. If I were you, I wouldn’t have come back this year!”

    “You …”