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Chapter 296 - Five Brothers.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 296: Five Brothers.

    After getting kicked by Xiao Luo’s leg, Xiao Qiu’s face was burning with pain. It swelled up at the speed visible to the naked eye. His forehead was covered in blood and a tooth was kicked out. His mouth was full of blood, and was not spared. It would be difficult to use words to describe the pain Xiao Qiu was in.

    “Hiss …”

    All the people present gasped, and the children were stunned to see this scene.

    Xiao Luo moved his neck around, his face was as cold as frost, lifted his foot and stepped out of the altar. If he was angry, he would take blood to calm himself down.

    At this moment, five middle-aged men led four young men to run up with bad color on their faces. They saw Xiao Qiu lying on the ground whining, but when they saw Xiao Luo, the nine people glared.

    “Xiao Luo, you now have long wings and dare to beat your elders, right? As soon as I came back, I heard from Xiao Chaolai that you had been rough on him and even beat my wife. If you don’t give me an explanation today, I’ll break your leg in front of the teacher (godfather of Luo Village) and give you a lesson, this unworthy son!”

    A middle-aged man with a flat head, with a pair of angry eyes like that of a tiger.

    It was Xiao Chaolai’s five brothers and their sons. The middle-aged man with a flat head was the eldest, Xiao Chaofa.

    Hearing the commotion outside, all the people inside the master altar ran out.

    “Uncle Chaofa, with the conscience of heaven and earth, Xiao Luo did not beat Anyuanpo!”

    “We were all present that day, and Xiao Luo did get rough with Xiao Chaolai, but that was because Xiao Chaolai was over the top.”

    “Yes, we can all testify that Xiao Luo did not hit your wife at all.”

    At this time, all the people present that day spoke for Xiao Luo.

    “Chaolai, did Xiao Luo hit my wife?” Xiao Chaofa twisted his head to ask Xiao Chaolai.

    Xiao Chaolai clapped his chest and swore, “Yes, didn’t he slap Anyuanpo directly?”

    “Chaofa, if you want to make the decision for me, I will say a few words to him innocently. That little bastard slapped me. My face was swollen at that time, and it only disappeared after a few days.” The dark-skinned Anyuanpo came running, pretending to be very weak, as she wiped away her tears.

    Upon hearing this, Xiao Chaofa became furious. Pointing to Xiao Luo, he growled, “You little brat, you are tired of living, you actually dare to beat my wife.” He glared at the crowd. “No one is allowed to help him. Anyone who dares to help, this father will beat him too. He does not know how to respect his elders, we have to teach him a lesson!”

    The crowd was shocked by his imposing manner. He was the one who hung up his brother’s daughter-in-law. He was also the one who whipped. It was a tragedy. The brother’s daughter-in-law was almost beaten to death. Xiao Chaofa also spent three years in prison for this. With a black history in this area, who dared to provoke him.

    Xiao Dechang gave a dry cough and stood up crustily, “Chaofa, let us discuss the matter. We are all family members. Don’t disturb the peace.”

    Although he was the secretary of the village but in front of Xiao Chaofa, this clown, his tone was not meek.

    “Secretary, if your wife is beaten, can you discuss it calmly? ” Xiao Chaofa rebuked.

    Xiao Dechang’s eyelid twitched, “The situation is known to all, you can’t just say that Xiao Luo beat Anyuanpo based on the one-sided words from Anyuanpo and Chaolai. I wasn’t there that day, but there were a lot of people present. Everyone saw clearly what happened that day. Everyone said that Xiao Luo didn’t beat your wife, that is, he didn’t really beat your wife.”

    “Do you mean my wife is deliberately framing this little rabbit?” Xiao Chaofa pointed to Xiao Luo.

    “You should know clearly in your heart how Anyuanpo conducts herself. It is not impossible for her to frame Xiao Luo.” Xiao Dechang calmly replied.