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Chapter 298 - Revelation.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 298: Revelation.

    “A woman who has no sense of decency is indeed a woman who has no sense of decency!”

    Xiao Quanren said with grief and resentment. To think that there was actually a scandal of adultery between a brother and his brother’s wife. If it had been done in ancient times, they would have been soaked in the pig cage. He (Chaolai) was too shameless.

    The people’s eyes looked at Anyuanpo with deep disgust. This kind of woman was not only vicious, but had also cheated with her husband’s brother, which was simply unbearable.

    In the face of the public’s eyes and Xiao Quanren’s rebuke, Anyuanpo was restless. When she saw her husband Xiao Chaofa looking at her with questioning eyes, she completely panicked. Pointing to Xiao Chaolai, she shouted abuse, “Chaolai, what are you crazy about, who has a relationship with you, you … you don’t talk nonsense!”

    Although her voice was very loud, everyone could tell from it that she had no confidence and a guilty conscience.

    After a pause, Xiao Chaolai realized that he had spoken out the things he shouldn’t have said. He was afraid that the whole Luo village would spit on him. He immediately wanted to change his explanation, but Xiao Luo’s devil-like voice rang in his ear at the moment.

    “She said you were talking nonsense and you are not going to refute it?” There was a strong chill between the lines.

    Xiao Chaolai had a bad cold. He knew what Xiao Luo meant. He wanted him to prove that all this was true. It was not his nonsense. It was to make him and Anyuanpo completely lose their reputation. It was too cruel.

    “Speak up, and I will spare you.” Xiao Luo suddenly gave him a strange smile.

    Xiao Chaolai raised his head and looked at his eyes. His pupils were dilated and his spirit was in a trance. He was hypnotized by Xiao Luo. Xiao Chaolai said, “She bought me a pillow case. She sewed the word “lai” on the front and the word “feng” on the back. The word ‘lai’ represents me and the word ‘feng’ represents her.”

    Chen Xifeng, this was Anyuanpo’s name!

    Hearing this, everyone frowned and shook their heads. This was too shameless, too disgusting. She was already over half a century old, actually still hooked up with a man, and with her husband’s brother at that! This let the whole Luo village be in shame.

    Anyuanpo’s face was white and bloodless, it was over. This kind of thing was revealed, she would never be able to lift her head in Luo Village ever again.

    “Bitch! ! !”

    Xiao Chaofa was ferocious, his voice hoarse as he roared out a cry, just like an angry bull. His anger flooded his heart, “poof,” he spat out a mouthful of blood.

    “The story here is really interesting!”

    Xiao Luo coldly laughed, he originally wanted to cripple Xiao Chaolai’s leg, but thinking about it now, his adultery with Anyuanpo was revealed for all to see, this was far more painful than crippling him.

    Although everyone was shocked about Xiao Luo’s performance, the people’s minds were yelling happily. Xiao Chaofa’s five brothers this time had kicked on an iron plate, not only severely teaching them a lesson, but it also led to an extremely shameless revelation. Indeed as expected, the wicked had their own evil, no secret could be forever hidden.

    The blood on Xiao Qiu’s face had dried up, and the blood in his mouth had stopped flowing out. He looked at Xiao Chaofa’s brothers who were knocked down to the ground by Xiao Luo and were groaning in pain. He only felt a chill pouring down from his skull to the sole of his foot, and his whole body was cold.

    All of a sudden, his eyes suddenly saw a big hand fiercely grabbing his collar.

    His eyes focused, only to meet Xiao Luo’s slightly ferocious but handsome cold face.

    “Xiao Qiu, I’ve endured you for a long time, every time I always remind myself that you and I were playmates who grew up together, but you challenge my patience time and time again, do you think I should be bullied by you? Sorry, this may make you feel a sense of accomplishment, but it will only make me upset, very upset!”

    Xiao Luo grabbed Xiao Qiu by the collar and swung him up severely, spinning in the air like a sack to the wall of the altar.

    “Peng … Crack …”

    Accompanied by the depressing crash and splitting of bones, severe pain rushed to Xiao Qiu’s brain. His face full of panic, he immediately screamed and wailed; like a ghost crying and wolf howling, piercing to the extreme, his body was struggling with violent tremors.