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Chapter 299 - Envisages.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 299: Envisages.

    “Uncle, aunt, you can rest assured that Luo Zi was not injured, instead uncle Chaofa and his brothers were all beaten by Luo Zi.” Xiao Ping stepped forward and explained to Xiao Zhiyuan and Hua Heying.

    ‘Xiao Chaofa’s group, were they all knocked down by Xiao Luo?’

    Xiao Zhiyuan and Hua Heying looked at each other, obviously they didn’t expect it to be like this.

    “This child Xiao Luo must have received the blessing of the master. He drank the sacred water, and was extremely powerful and brave. This is the master’s act of reducing his anger and punishing the five brothers for dominating Luo village over the years!” Xiao Quanren, full of feelings shouted loudly.

    Xiao Chaofa and his brothers had a guilty conscience, they subconsciously looked at the teacher’s altar, as if it had more than a layer of meaning.

    All the people who worshipped the master, believed that this was the manifestation of the Master, and took Xiao Luo’s hand to punish Xiao Chaofa’s five brothers.

    A little while later, an ambulance arrived and sent all the injured to the county hospital.



    In the hall on the second floor of their home, Ji Siying felt uncomfortable before Xiao Zhiyuan and Hua Heying’s gaze. Although she said hello, they still looked at her with a ‘smile.’

    “You are Siying. Our little Luo is really lucky to have you as his girlfriend.”

    Hua Heying looked at this daughter-in-law. “Our little Luo is honest and is devoted. He is a bit of a male chauvinist and has a good face. Just like his father.”

    Xiao Zhiyuan originally nodded and agreed, but when the last sentence was said, he immediately woke up, his eyes wide open and unconvinced. “What do you mean, like me? When have I become a macho man?”

    Hua Heying snorted, “I’m just telling the truth. Why are your eyes widening, hugh?!”

    “All right, all right, all right!” Xiao Zhiyuan was defeated.

    “Careful, earnest and single-minded, These are all inherited from me. What is the relationship between them and you?” Hua Heying quipped.

    Xiao Zhiyuan didn’t know what to say, with a sulking face, he twisted his head towards Xiao Luo.

    Xiao Luo helplessly waved his hand, meaning I can’t help you.

    “Hahaha🎵 ~”

    Ji Siying suddenly couldn’t help laughing aloud, because she thought Xiao Luo’s parents were too interesting.

    “Miss Siying really looks good when she smiles.” Hua Heying held her hand tightly.

    “Auntie looks better.”

    “I am old, my face is wrinkled, and my skin is not moist at all.”

    “Not old, not old at all. Auntie is still young.” Ji Siying said with a smile.

    “In another year, I will be 50 years old. You sure jest. By the way, your skin is so good. Do you use skin care products?”

    Ji SiYing was slightly stunned, she didn’t know what Hua Heying was trying to convey.

    “Siying, don’t get me wrong. Auntie has no other meaning. I just want to ask if you are an expert in this field. My skin is too poor and I don’t know what kind of skin care products to buy.”

    “Auntie, you have oily skin. You can’t aggravate oily skin when choosing skin care products. I know seventh’s anti-aging skin care product is very useful and effective for oily skin.”

    “Seventh’s anti-aging? Do you have this brand? ”

    “Yes, I’ll book one for you online later. Besides using this skin care product, aunty should also pay more attention to rest and don’t stay up late. Staying up late is very harmful to women’s skin.”

    “Well, Siying is right. Over the years, I haven’t slept before eleven o’clock.”


    The two women quickly entered the familiar chatting state, leaving Xiao ZhiYuan and Xiao Luo aside.

    The father and son simply went to the balcony and looked at the dark night and chatted leisurely.

    “That girl is very good, you must take good care of her.” Xiao Zhiyuan said.

    Xiao Luo didn’t know what to say in this conversation topic, so he could only pretend to hear nothing.

    “How did you beat Xiao Chaofa and his brothers down?” Xiao ZhiYuan curiously asked, when did his son become so strong?

    Xiao Luo laughed, “I practiced Sanda this year when I had time outside.”