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Chapter 301 - Charm.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 301: Charm.

    Ji Siying just hung her head and came out, a flush had spread to the woman’s ears.

    “This … I … I’m sorry.”

    Xiao Luo also didn’t know what to say, all he could say was sorry first.

    Ji Siying let out an “Eh” and immediately explained, “The shower in my room is broken, so I went to use the bathroom in Mr. Xiao Lou’s room …”

    It turned out to be so!

    Xiao Luo nodded, “Tomorrow I’ll go to town to buy a new one and help you. It’s getting late. Go to bed early.”

    Getting up, he unnaturally walked into his room.

    Ji Siying stood with a poor appearance, provoking pity, when suddenly, her body shook. She couldn’t help but cry out, because she suddenly remembered that her underwear was hanging on the hanger in the bathroom of Xiao Luo’s room. She was already caught by Xiao Luo just now, she was too nervous earlier as she had gotten out in a hurry and she forgot about it at that time.

    “What can I do?”

    She felt that she was going crazy and stamped her feet in a flurry.

    When Xiao Luo went into the bathroom to take a bath he was scared out of his wits. His eyes involuntarily fell on the hanger with a white underwear and black bra. His mind again wandered to Ji Siying’s attractive ketone and body. After all, he was a normal man, even if his concentration was better, he felt like he was going to have a nosebleed, his heart thumping, “Bang Bang.”

    Outside, after struggling for several minutes, Ji Siying then was determined to wait for Xiao Luo to leave the room tomorrow and then quietly take away her personal clothing. She also thought that Xiao Luo would not deliberately check it.

    But at this moment, the door opened, and Xiao Luo came out, looked at her and pointed to the bathroom in the room, “Ji Siying, you seem to have left something inside.”


    Ji SiYing’s cheek rose to a very hot red, she opened her eyes wide, feeling embarrassed to the extreme.

    “I … I’ll take it!”

    Squeezing out an awkward smile, she desperately ran into the bathroom, gathered the two pieces of clothing into her arms at random, and then like a frightened rabbit, ran back to her room.

    “I seem to have done something wrong.”

    Xiao Luo whispered in his heart, he tried to put on a serious expression, in order not to embarrass her, but obviously that was not the case.

    At this moment, his cell phone rang, it was Zhang Dashan.

    “Lao Xiao, how are you? Did you miss your brother?” Zhang Dashan’s rough voice sounded.

    Xiao Luo answered directly, “Fuck off!”

    “Motherfucker, did you eat a dynamite? Why are you so angry?” Zhang Dashan asked.

    After a moment, Xiao Luo told Zhang Dashan what happened tonight.

    “What the, Pld Xiao, you are simply the force king…” Zhang Dashan commented.

    “Speak human language.” Xiao Luo’s face had a black line spread down from top to bottom.

    “Good beating. Well, if you said you beat them too lightly, they should have their hands and feet scrapped.”

    Xiao Luo said, “We’re from the same family. I can’t give out such heavy hands.”

    “Yes, but it’s all right. You’ve taught them a lesson anyway. Even if you give them ten times the courage, they won’t dare to provoke your family again.” Zhang Dashan said.

    “One more thing, you are a veteran in this field. Please give me some reference to see if I have done something wrong.”

    Xiao Luo kept no secret to Zhang Dashan. Their relationship was great. It was not even embarrassing to bathe naked together.

    When he told him about the incident with Ji Siying and let Ji Siying take back her under clothing left in the bathroom, Zhang Dashan laughed on the other end of the phone, even tears started coming out from laughing.

    “Old Xiao, your EQ has definitely a problem ah. You can’t act as if you didn’t see, and then the next day you’ll also find an excuse to leave? Because Ji Siying will certainly stay quiet, you two people should have tacit understanding. Your mind knows this matter and it is good, how perfect, because you’ll always remember. You really can only use hanging to describe it, ha ha ha … ”

    “Can’t stop, can you?” Xiao Luo wasn’t in good spirit.

    “Ha, ha, ha … Old Xiao, you made me smile for a while, I’ll make sure to tell your story ha, ha, ha …” Zhang Dashan couldn’t stop completely.

    “Don’t you dare expose my name, see what I’ll do to you!” Xiao Luo aggressively dropped malicious words.

    “Don’t worry, your name will never be revealed. I’ll just say it’s my brother.” Zhang Dashan comforted.

    Xiao Luo promised that if this mountain (Dashan) was in front of him now, he would kick the fart and split this mountain in half with one foot. As long as Zhang Dashan said it was his brother, those who knew them would immediately know that he was talking about him.