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Chapter 302 - Benevolent, Upright.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 302: Benevolent, Upright.

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    Xiao Luo walked down to the first floor, aunt Dong Zhao immediately rushed up like crazy, if it weren’t for Xiao Ping and several women holding her back, she probably would have used her fingernails to scratch Xiao Luo.

    “Luo Zi, what are you coming out for? Hurry back!”

    Xiao Ping urgently cried, Xiao Luo should not appear at this time. Aunt Dong Zhao would certainly despondently leave if he didn’t appear.

    Xiao Luo smiled faintly and shook his head, “We have to face it. Let go of Aunt Dong Zhao.”

    Let go of this crazy woman?

    The crowd was shocked. This was an intentional joke. She looked like she was going to tear you apart.

    Aunt Dong Zhao stared at Xiao Luo ferociously and cried out at the top of her lungs, “Xiao Luo, you white wolf, you dare beat our Qiu zi. Has your conscience been eaten by a dog? Qiu zi has always treated you like a brother. How could you be so cruel to him? You let me go, I will fight! ”

    Xiao Ping looked at Xiao Luo with inquiring eyes, which meant, are you sure to let her go?

    Xiao Luo nodded and waved, signalling it was ok, he also let Ji Siying protect grandma and grandpa.

    Getting Xiao Luo’s signal, Xiao Ping and the others let go of aunt Dong zhao.

    No one stopped her again, aunt Dong Zhao strode up to Xiao Luo, “I’ll kill you!”

    Xiao Luo simply accepted her aggressive mood.

    “Poof ~”

    The hair pin used was very sharp, it buried about a centimeter into him, blood started seeping from the wound immediately.

    Not only did all the people present were stunned, but even aunt Dong Zhao jumped in her heart and looked at Xiao Luo with wide eyes, “You … why didn’t you dodge?”

    “Has your anger subsided?”

    Xiao Luo asked with a smile, he could dodge but he didn’t want to. Aunt Dong Zhao was highly respected in his heart.

    Looking at his sincere and clear eyes, aunt Dong Zhao panicked and stepped back subconsciously.

    Xiao Luo pulled off the hair pin on his left shoulder and handed it back to her. But when she saw the blood on the hair pin, she did not take it back immediately. She hesitated for a moment before taking it back. She suddenly felt very ashamed and wanted to ask Xiao Luo to deal with the wound.

    “When your anger subsides, I will explain to aunt Dong Zhao well.”

    Xiao Luo said slowly, “You said Wax Gourd has always treated me like a brother, but does he really? From the beginning of his successful career, he has been stressing that I cannot compare with him who hadn’t gone to college. He has belittled me and let others poke at my spine behind my back. I have endured this and I have not taken any dispute with him.

    I came home this year and met him. I took his car and came back. It was already over 9 o’clock in the evening when I arrived in the village. He left me alone on the roadside in the rain on purpose, which was not in front of the village nor in any shelter. I didn’t have an umbrella so I was standing there in the rain the entire time until my father came to pick me up. I endured this and did not dispute with him.

    He gave birth to a son and invited everyone to come to celebrate with a banquet at home. Everyone can find a place to sit down and eat and drink. As for me, what am I doing, serving vegetables, pouring tea and delivering water? Is this the Wax Gourd that has always treated me like a brother. I will ask, is this how my brother treats me?”

    Brother? Xiao Qiu doesn’t deserve to be called with that word.

    “It’s too much to leave Xiao Luo in the rain on the roadside.”

    “Yes, that day I thought Wax Gourd really gave Xiao Luo unfair treatment. Everyone was full of food and drink. While Xiao Luo was still busy at work and didn’t even drink, let alone eat vegetables.”

    “He’s been talking about being a brother all the time, but he himself didn’t treat Xiao Luo as a brother at all, alas …… this Xiao Qiu.”

    One after another, everyone felt sorry for Xiao Lu, and what Xiao Qiu did was too chilling.

    Aunt Dong Zhao was stunned and muttered to herself, “Qiu zi, he … why didn’t he tell me these things …”

    She really didn’t know because after Xiao Qiu married Li Honglian, Li Honglian looked down on her and her husband. She was even slapped by Li Honglian while Xiao Qiu didn’t take his mother’s side. She was very sad, and finally moved back to the old house with her husband to live. She didn’t even show up at the banquet, fearing to provoke Li Honglian.

    “I have been patient all the time, but the more patient I was, the more Wax Gourd pushed. Maybe I didn’t do it well enough, maybe my behavior touched Wax Gourd’s self-esteem. Last night he picked up a stick and rushed at me. Right at the altar in front of the old man, he smacked my head. If not for the improvement of my physical quality, yesterday’s smack would have knocked me unconscious and left me bleeding.”

    Xiao Luo’s mood got more and more difficult to control, every word was from his heart, “Aunt Dong Zhao, Wax Gourd is your son, yes, so you protecting him is a matter of course, but me striking back is also a matter of course, I never owe him as I am not in the wrong!!!”

    His last sentence was like an iron-law, showing a sense of justice and might.

    All the people present were deeply infected. Xiao Ping was the first to hold high his fist and echo, “Xiao Luo is not wrong!”

    “Xiao Luo is not wrong!”

    Other people also joined in unison, raising their fists for Xiao Luo, shouting.

    Their voices were uniform, as if shaking mountains and rivers.