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Chapter 305 - Battle.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 305: Battle.

    Ji Siying did as Xiao Luo instructed. She was a C-class soldier and had received systematic training, so it was not difficult for her to climb mountains at night. When a flare blasted off, just like a reduced version of the sun shining brightly in the sky, an area of several hundred meters below emerged from the darkness.

    Hiding halfway up the mountain, the Cobra mercenary group was startled by the sudden change. Originally, their motionless bodies moved slightly. It was their subtle movements that made it easy for Xiao Luo to find their hiding place.

    “Three have been confirmed!”

    Xiao Luo’s eyes were like an eagle’s, with his sharp awn spreading. The constitution of the Mercenary King was supplemented by Yi Jin Jing. His senses were several times stronger than those of ordinary people.

    As soon as the flare effect was over, everything was once again cloaked in darkness. Xiao Luo took advantage of this opportunity to sneak a distance toward the mountainside of Luo mountain.

    Ji Siying ran to the next location and put another flare into the air.

    With the changing of positions, the cobra mercenary group naturally made some slight movement changes.


    Xiao Luo was lying prone on the top of a tall haystack, the corners of his mouth hooked a little arched smile.

    The last flare rose, with the help of its light, two more people exposed their positions. A total of seven mercenaries, but the other party had eight people, therefore, there was still one more person’s position he did not know where.

    Forget it!

    Xiao Luo, like an incarnate of a ghost, quietly rushed towards the cobra mercenary group’s members locations

    The Cobra mercenary group was not scattered one by one, but in groups of three and two, after ten minutes, he quietly lurked behind the haystack not far from the trio, his eyes motionless as he stared at the three guys watching closely around.

    “Have you found the location of the target?”

    “No, only silence.”

    “Damn, why do I feel that something is on my back?”

    The three were whispering, unaware of a figure quietly approaching them in the darkness.

    Two black daggers, without warning, silently struck out from the side into the throats of the two men. The mercenaries were comparable to B-class soldiers, thus their senses were not ordinary but before they could react, the two black daggers like poisonous snake fangs, had slit their throat.

    “Poof ~”

    Their vitality was cut off suddenly, they wanted to turn and scream from the pain, only to find that there was no sound coming out at all. The cold dagger cut off their trachea, and the endless pain could only be swallowed back in their stomachs.

    The remaining man saw that his two companions were attacked, he couldn’t help but take in a sharp gasp. After being stunned for about 0.01 seconds, he turned around and pressed the trigger on the submachine gun to crazily shoot behind him.

    “Da Da Da …”

    The muzzle of the gun burst into flames and the shrill sound of gunfire broke the silence of the forest.

    The strong man was horrified to find that there was nothing behind him. If it weren’t for the bodies of his two companions on the ground, he would have thought he was having nightmares.

    He immediately called his companion on the co, “Number 3 to Cobra, target present, target present!”

    “Where is the target now?” A cold voice came from the com.

    “I don’t know!”

    “You do not know?”

    The strong man looked around him in cold sweat. Even if he had night vision goggles, he couldn’t locate the target at all, “He was very fast, like a ghost, and disappeared after killing No.1 and No.2.”


    There was verbal abuse over the com, as Cobra immediately ordered the others to rush to the strong man’s place.

    The strong man was nervous, as he felt a murderous look. This murderous look filled within this forest, he was sweating like a pig, he suddenly felt a chill from his back. He turned again, pulling the trigger, dense bullets swept out with ferocity.

    This time, he caught Xiao Luo!

    Xiao Luo secretly berated himself in his heart, because he underestimated the Cobra mercenary group. He was about to deliver a killing blow, but the other party was able to react at the critical time. Turning around and crazily shooting, if it weren’t for him ducking fast enough, there would’ve been more than a dozen bullets hitting him at the moment.

    “Bastard, go to hell!!!”

    The strong man grounded out a loud roar, constantly shooting at the ghost-like running Xiao Luo.

    In the interval between the rounds of bullets, Xiao Luo stopped beside a pine tree, took in a breath, and kicked at the lower end of the main trunk of the pine tree.

    “Pa Cha ~”