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Chapter 306 - Complete Pitch.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 306: Complete Pitch.

    “Poof ~”

    Thick blood gushed out from the man’s mouth, and his body flew upside down hitting a pine tree with the thickness of an adult’s thigh in the distance. At the moment of collision, the pine tree snapped and fell to the ground together with the man.

    The man’s arm was broken and he lay motionless in a pool of blood, looking like a corpse.

    The rest of the Cobra mercenary group’s face suddenly changed, looking at Xiao Luo like a monster whose palm was stained with blood, thinking: Is this a man or a beast, how can his explosive force be so terrifying?

    “It seems that NSA has overrated you a bit!” Xiao Luo said coldly.

    These guys haven’t reached B level, because the B level Long Sankui was not so weak.

    “Ah ~”

    Mercenaries licking blood at the tip of knives have dignity. Although the Cobra mercenary group members were afraid of Xiao Luo, they were also angry at him. They pounced on Xiao Luo severely. The combat knives in their hands did a series of chopping and cutting. Each knife contains domineering power.

    Xiao Luo dodged at first, then blocked with a black dagger …

    “Peng ~”

    A sonorous metal impact sounded, great strength from the combat knife was conveyed back, the man couldn’t hold the combat knife anymore and could only helplessly look at the combat knife fall to the ground. He felt pain, looking down, the web on his hands was bloody.

    When he was stunned, Xiao Luo broke his neck with one blow.

    Xiao Luo counted again, the Cobra mercenary group was one member shorter, just at this time, a cold voice sounded behind him.

    “I have always held a reverent attitude towards China, because I know that China is very mysterious, and there are too many masters willing to be ordinary people hiding in this vast land. I didn’t expect our target to be one of them.”

    Xiao Luo turned around and saw a white man with a thick beard and a height of about two meters coming from a distance. He had a person in his hand. The person was none other than Ji Siying.

    Needless to say, this was the 8th member of the Cobra mercenary group. The reason why he couldn’t find any trace of him just now was because he had quietly struck Ji Siying.

    “Let her go!” Xiao Luo gnashed his teeth and spat.

    “Let her go?”

    The white man looked at Ji Siying, whose neck was gripped by his hand and her hands were tied with ropes. He shook his head and smiled, “No, no, no, no, she is my bargaining chip. How can I finish the task if I let her go?”

    “Let her go, and I’ll leave you with a full corpse. Don’t let her go, and I’ll chop you into eight pieces!” Xiao Luo’s deep eyes beat up dense cold light.

    The big white fellow laughed aloud like he heard a funny joke, “It seems that you haven’t understood the current situation, and need me to explain …”

    His voice came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo bluntly rushed over. In a blink of an eye, the dagger in his hand without any fancy moves, stabbed towards the man’s throat.

    The white man was frightened to disgrace, the attack speed was too fast. He wanted to block it but couldn’t do anything. In panic, he had to abandon Ji Siying, and retreated to increase the distance of five or six meters between them.

    Ji Siying only felt her line of sight flash, then her whole person was engulfed in a strong and reliable chest.

    “Back off!”

    Xiao Luo let her go and told her to stay away.

    At that moment, the white man coldly hummed. His body suddenly accelerated, and his steel knife acted fast like the wind splitting the void towards Xiao Luo. He could only take the initiative to attack to win back the lead.

    Xiao Luo blocked it with his dagger, “Dangdang ~” in a few breaths, the two consecutively clashed with each other.

    At last, standing a few meters apart, the white man was panting, while Xiao Luo with an easy grace breathed smoothly, just like someone who did not just fought hard a moment ago.

    “I don’t need this to deal with you!”

    Xiao Luo threw his dagger to the ground. This man has the standard of a B level fighter, but it was not enough for him to pay more attention to. Just after the two of them fought, he now had a comprehensive understanding of his power.

    The big white fellow took a puff at his mouth and felt that his dignity got trampled on.

    “You will pay a painful price for your behavior, ah!!!”

    The veins stood out on his forehead suddenly and violently, and a loud shout tumbled out of his throat. Like a bull, he rushed towards Xiao Luo, and a terrible evil spirit spread all over him. After rushing and jumping high, his steel knife flashed across the sky like a meteor, cutting into Xiao Lou’s head.

    Xiao Luo hummed softly and clapped his hands on him.

    “Tang ~”

    A crisp blow suddenly exploded, and the big white fellow’s eyes suddenly burst. He looked at the scene in front of him in an incredible way. He … He grabbed his steel knife with his hand!

    Ji Siying at this time was also big eyed, her eyes lighting up. Unarmed, he caught a B level warriors’ knife. What was his strength, class S?