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Chapter 313 - Rescue.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 313: Rescue.

    Xiao Luo knew what happened in first class. Even though he was listening to music with headphones on, next to him, Wang Yanzu wouldn’t leave him alone. He nudged him and told him that an old man had fainted and might die without emergency treatment by a doctor.

    “It looks like this is a dangerous situation. If you die on a plane, the civil aviation company will have to pay for it.” Wang Yanzu said.

    Xiao Luo didn’t reply to Wang Yanzu’s words, but he was struggling with whether to rescue the old man. Buddha said that saving a life was better than building a seven-level pagoda, but deep down there was a voice telling him to mind his own business. If he saved his life, he would be a savior, but if he couldn’t save him and died in your hands, then you were a sinner and would be spurned by people. He didn’t need to take risks in such matters.

    But when looking at the helpless eyes of the old woman, Xiao Luo clenched his fist slowly, and finally the light defeated the dark side of his heart. He put down his headphones, got up and walked past.

    “I am a doctor, let me see!”

    Xiao Luo’s words made everyone move to give him space.

    Tan Ning Fu looked up and down at Xiao Luo and said with a grain of salt: “Are you really a doctor?”

    Because Xiao Luo looked very young, it was reasonable for her to have this question.


    Xiao Luo squatted down, turned over the old man’s eyelids and checked the old man’s pulse.

    Everyone was surprised, Intern? Is this … is this okay?

    The chief flight attendant motioned for everyone to be quiet. At this moment, no doctor was present. It was already very good to have an intern.

    Wang Yanzu came running up at this moment, not afraid of the people around him, and said to Xiao Luo, “Brother, the situation of this old man looks very bad. You should think twice.”

    His meaning was very clear, this kind of thing was not something one could casually intervene, and as an intern, you shouldn’t wade into this muddy water.

    “Doctor, please help my husband, I’ll kowtow to you!”

    The old woman, however, seemed to grasp at the last straw and knelt on the ground to kowtow to Xiao Luo, tearful and pleading.

    “I will try my best.”

    Xiao Luo was not a god. Although he exchanged for the ability to cure diseases earlier, not all diseases could be cured, especially in places where such medical equipment was very limited; on the plane.

    He wrapped the sphygmomanometer on the old man’s arm and monitored the old man’s blood pressure, “Please help me pay attention to the blood pressure and remind me when it is lower than 70 or higher than 150.”


    Tan Ning Fu firmly nodded.

    “Alas …”

    Wang Yanzu sighed and felt that Xiao Luo’s rash behavior was not worth it. You know, if you don’t save his life, you may be stuck by the family members of the old man. This is a thankless job at all.

    The entire first-class passengers were closely watching the situation here, while the old woman was shaking her hands and whispering in her mouth, praying for her husband and god to keep him safe.

    “Do you have a syringe?”

    After putting the oxygen mask on the old man, Xiao Luo looked up and asked the flight attendant.

    “Yes, get the syringe.” The flight attendant nodded repeatedly and asked the other flight attendants to bring up the sealed syringe.

    Xiao Luo quickly opened it, and opened the old man’s clothes and stuck it into his lungs.

    “What are you doing?”

    The chief flight attendant got a fright. Is this a rescue or a murder? A needle that pierces the lung? Is it not killing the old man?

    This way of saving lives was unheard of and unprecedented, and everyone else frowned.

    “The patient’s blood pressure is too high and the pressure in his chest is also increasing. If he does not decompress, he will have an internal bleeding.”

    Xiao Luo explained, stabbing the old man in the chest, “The patient has cerebral thrombosis, thick blood fat, high blood pressure and acrophobia. These problems escalated due to the instability of gravity in the plane space, which eventually led him to fall to the ground in a coma.”

    After listening to what Xiao Luo said word for word, the flight attendant was relieved and thought to herself: This young intern seems to really know things.

    However, as soon as the needle was inserted, the old man with his eyes closed coughed violently with a few drops of blood. The blood dyed the oxygen mask red, and the old man’s face became extremely pale and sweaty.


    The old woman screamed out of control.

    The crew chief and other people’s nerves tightened at once, and their questioning gazes reappeared.