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Chapter 314 - Great Changes.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 314: Great Changes.

    Feeling the applause and appreciation around him, Xiao Luo’s mood became somewhat cheerful. It was indeed like the old saying, ‘helping others can make oneself happy’. He sat back in his seat, and put on his headphones, closed his eyes, emptied himself and enjoyed peace.

    “Brother, you are really amazing. When we get off the plane, we should add each other in WeChat!” Wang Yanzu became talkative again.

    “Can you not talk to me?”

    Xiao Luo was unable to bear with him, so he directly warned him coldly. Since boarding the plane, he had been like a fly buzzing in his ear, him enduring up to now was already good.

    Wang Yanzu shut his mouth wryly, but he couldn’t help but talk to the people around him. However, not many people were very natural talkers with a stranger, and there were some conflicts between them. Therefore, everyone was indifferent to a degree, not because of dislike, but because of normal reaction to a stranger.

    After the old man’s condition stabilized, the flight attendants returned to their posts. Tan Ning Fu poured Xiao Luo another glass of water.

    “Mr. Xiao, thank you very much just now.” She said with a smile.

    “Just doing my part.”

    Xiao Luo smiled and looked at the hot water in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but feel good about Tan Ning Fu pouring him two glasses of water. He needed them both times and her actions were timely.

    “It’s not a duty, it’s a responsibility. Mr. Xiao is a good person. Only a good person would step up.” Tan Ning Fu said.

    “A good man is not necessarily a good man, but I am definitely not a bad man.” Xiao Luo said in a profound way.

    Tan Ning Fu was stunned, “Mr. Xiao is really humorous. By the way, which hospital does Mr. Xiao work in Xia Hai?”

    Hearing this question, Wang Yanzu sitting next thought that Tang Ning Fu obviously wanted to take the initiative to have ‘something’ with Xiao Luo, he would like to interrupt this process, only to find that there was nothing to say.

    “My job is not yet available.” Xiao Luo answered.

    “Can Mr. Xiao leave me a contact information?” Tan Ning Fu boldly asked.

    Xiao Luo looked up and gave her a meaningful look.

    Tan Ning Fu was flustered and explained, “It’s like this. I have a grandmother. She has not been well all the time and often fainted without warning. She has been in the hospitals in Xia Hai and they have not found any problems. So I want to ask Mr. Xiao for help. Please.”

    “I’m not sure I can do it.” Xiao Luo told the truth.

    “It doesn’t matter, Mr. Xiao will do his best. No matter whether she is cured or not, I will be very grateful to Mr. Xiao.” Tan Ning Fu shook her head.

    Since she already said it this way, Xiao Luo naturally could not refuse anymore unless he did not want to give her face. He then left his contact information to Tan Ning Fu.

    “Brother, it seems that you are going to have good luck. Alas … alas, such a beautiful sister does not belong to me. If I can conquer such a beautiful sister, It would be okay to lose ten years of my life.” After Tan Ning Fu walked away, Wang Yanzu sighed with envy and jealousy.

    Xiao Luo didn’t say a word, this Wang Yanzu made his heart sick.

    All of a sudden, the plane had a sharp jolt and started shaking, and the lights went out. The lights flashed quickly, and finally the plane became normal and bright.

    What’s happening?

    What happened?

    There was a panic among all the passengers on the plane. It was at an altitude of 89 kilometers. Every accident would be fatal.

    The chief flight attendant hastened to reassure the crowd through the radio, “Don’t worry, everyone, this is the effect of high-altitude air flow and is a normal phenomenon.”

    Normal phenomenon?

    Xiao Luo twisted his head to look out of the window of the plane, a series of lightning were flashing harshly, at the same time carrying a devastating breath. Even from inside the plane, one can feel a strong electrical field in the air. He knew that the plane entered a thundercloud, but would the plane be able to bypass the thundercloud unscathed?

    A bad feeling arose spontaneously, especially when the crew chief rushed to the first class with a large group of safety officers, knocking on the cockpit door and shouting to the captain and the deputy captain inside, the bad feeling became stronger and stronger.

    When there was no response from the cockpit, the flight attendant ordered the security officer to use brute force to crash into the cockpit door.

    The passengers in the economy class knew nothing about it, but the passengers in the first class saw it very carefully and clearly. There was definitely an accident. This could not be normal. Fear spread quietly in the bottom of their hearts. Everyone took out the life jackets and the oxygen masks. The turbulence and shaking of the plane began again accompanied by the cries of children.

    At this moment, the radio on the plane rang again, it was a man’s voice.

    “Dear passengers and friends, I am your deputy captain Lao Cui. Congratulations on your qualification to enter heaven with Lao Cui. Yes, you heard me correctly. You and I, as well as this Boeing 747, will all enter heaven. There is no sickness, no intrigue, no oppression. There is only happiness, no fear, no panic. Let’s keep smiling and fall into the arms of God. Lao Cui is with you. Ha, ha, ha …”

    This voice was full of madness, just like a radical delivering his exciting speech, full of emotion.

    However, for the passengers on the plane, these words were the devil’s. Their understanding ability was not poor. Naturally, they knew that the deputy captain Lao Cui was taking them step by step into the abyss. The thunder and harsh lightning outside would bring everyone to a bad end.

    Fear spread rapidly like a plague, with cries, shouts, prayers … intertwined.

    “It’s over. The deputy pilot is crazy. He’s crazy. He’s going to kill us all. No, no, my wife hasn’t asked for it. I haven’t lived long enough!” Wang Yanzu was frantically yelling, but even if he was mad, he could not jump off the plane.