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Chapter 315 - Panic and Despair.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 315: Panic and Despair.

    “Peng Peng ~”

    Everyone banged on the cockpit, but the result was still the same. The door was tightly closed.

    “Deputy Chief Cui turned off the autopilot, deviated from the route and drove the plane into thunderclouds. Once struck by lightning, we are all finished.” A staff member who knew the situation looked pale, sweaty and was trembling.

    With these words, whether it were the flight attendants, or the passengers on the plane. Their faces paled, they never thought that death would be so close to them. The thunder and lightning outside were like devils with teeth and claws, as if they would be swallowed up at any time.

    “Get out of the way!”

    Xiao Luo left his seat, and walked towards the cockpit door.

    “Yes, with more people, we can definitely knock the hatch open!” The chief flight attendant nodded, and a glimmer of hope lit up deep in her eyes.

    “You misunderstood what I meant. I told you all to spread out.” Xiao Luo said.

    This …

    Everyone was stunned, thinking, ‘what was this guy thinking? Does he think he can knock the cockpit door open by himself?’

    “Listen to him, quickly spread out!”

    Tan Ning Fu had an unspeakable trust in Xiao Luo and quickly helped disperse the people blocking the cockpit’s entrance.

    Xiao Luo’s stared at the door. Power slowly gathered to his right arm and then concentrated on his right fist. Accompanied by a rebuke, he flung a punch at the tightly closed door.

    “Peng ~”

    People only heard a loud noise, then the cockpit door was thrown out to the cockpit, the instruments and operational buttons came into view.

    God, the cockpit door was blown open by him!

    The people and the airplane staff were stunned and temporarily forgot the current situation.

    “Ha, ha, ha … brother, I love you so much, drag that scumbag co-pilot out and beat him to death.” Wang Yanzu cheered, he now finally saw the hope of life.

    Xiao Luo without any hesitation, strode into the cockpit.

    The captain had been knocked unconscious by Lao Cui and was slumped in his seat with his head beaten. Lao Cui was a middle-aged man who was fat and white. He was stunned when Xiao Luo walked in.

    Xiao Luo grabbed him by the collar, lifted him like a puppy, and threw him out of the cockpit.

    The angry people immediately rushed up and beat Lao Cui.

    The chief flight attendant was the most rational, and immediately stopped them, “Stop fighting. Stop fighting. He’s the only one who knows how to fly a plane. If he is knocked unconscious, we can’t even make a safe landing.”

    Hiss …

    The crowd gasped as their angry moods suddenly dissipated. Like birds, they scattered. They looked at Lao Cui on the ground uneasily, hoping that he was OK, after all he was the only one who could fly the plane.

    Lao Cui was beaten black and blue with blood spilling from his nose and mouth. He smiled frantically and then roared at everyone, “Fight, continue to fight, let’s go to see God, ha, ha, ha …”

    He really has gone crazy, revealing two rows of bloody teeth as he laughed.

    “Deputy Chief Cui, I don’t know what injustice you have suffered, but you can’t blame the passengers. They are all innocent. Please make sure the plane lands safely.”

    “Yes, yes, we are innocent, don’t include us in your anger.”

    “It was wrong of us to hit you just now. Sir Cui, you must fly the plane.”

    “We have no cause or enmity with you. If you want to die. Don’t drag us with you.”

    The passengers were saying things one after another. But they dare not say anything bad about Lao Cui. They have to treat him like a great grandfather and appease him.

    Wang Yanzu flattered Lao Cui and smiled like a dog leg, “Deputy Chief Cui, listen to my advice, there is nothing difficult in life. No matter how big it is, it will be a trivial matter tomorrow. On the day after tomorrow, it will be nothing. You see, you are the oldest one here. You also must have a wife and children. If you let them know that you committed suicide on this day, how does this make them feel?”

    When he said this, Lao Cui’s mood suddenly lost control. He caught Wang Yanzu by the collar with his red eyes and shouted angrily, “My wife has put a green hat on me. My son, whom I have raised for more than ten years, was unexpectedly born from another man. I killed them all in anger and then buried their bodies into the wall.”

    Wang Yanzu was shocked by his ferocious face. The others were also shocked. How could they have imagined that Lao Cui had killed his own wife and son? This was a psychopathic killer with distorted psychology.

    How could such a person fly the plane and be able to land it safely? He only wanted to die now!

    “I advise you all to sit in your seats and wait for the gate of heaven to open. It’s too late now. Everything is late. I have cut off all contact with the airport. The plane is now like a blind man. It doesn’t know where to fly, even if I pilot the plane now, I wouldn’t be able to find the airport. And there is no spacious runway even if we can land.

    The plane can’t land, so the final result is to be hit by lightning and get destroyed along with it, or it will run out of fuel and drop from ten thousand meters high, like a meteorite hit, boom, we will all be turned into ashes, ha ha … ha ha ha … ”