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Chapter 317 - Landing.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 317: Landing.

    “You have two things to do now. First, notify Xia Hai airport to clear the runway and make clear marks at the beginning of the runway so that the plane can land safely. Second, turn on the mobile phone map and mark the location of Xia Hai airport to ensure that I have adjusted the correct course to Xia Hai and not any other city. ”

    As soon as Tan Ning Fu was seated in the co-pilot position, Xiao Luo gave her two orders lightly. The communication system of the plane failed. Now he can only rely on the communication and positioning functions of a mobile phone as it has become the eyes of the plane for the time being.


    Tan Ning Fu immediately took out her mobile phone, but she was dumbfounded soon because the phone had no signal.

    Xiao Luo added after the above words, “Use my cell phone.”

    Saying so, he took out his NSA assigned mobile phone out. He unlocked it and turned off flight mode. This mobile phone was different, it could receive signals directly from satellites in space, rather than the ground signal towers. It could be said to have a signal in any corner of the world.

    Tan Ning Fu got through with the Xia Hai airport, paraphrased Xiao Luo’s words and the Xia Hai airport immediately began to prepare.

    Then opening the map software and marking the location of Xia Hai Airport.

    “The course is 45 degrees off.”

    Xiao Luo looked at the position display on the mobile phone map and began to adjust the course of the plane.

    “Brother, what brand of mobile phone do you have? It’s amazing. It still has a full signal even though we’re 8-9 kilometers high in the sky.”

    Wang Yanzu marveled while at the cabin door because he knew very well that mobile phone signals were supported by the wireless signals formed by each cellular base stationed on the ground, and the normal coverage distance of a single base was 5,000 meters, which could not reach as high into the air as 89,000 meters.

    Xiao Luo ignored him and focused on flying to Xia Hai Airport.

    The chief flight attendant, and the other flight attendants, the safety officers and so on, all looked at Xiao Luo at this time, because Xiao Luo was too mysterious. He was not only a doctor and knew how to save people; but also knew how to fly a plane. In addition, even his mobile phone was different from theirs. It was able to pick up signals high in the air. Everything showed that the man’s identity was not ordinary!

    “Mr. Xiao, I … can I ask you a question?” Tan Ning Fu could not help but show her inner curiosity, she carefully asked.


    Now that the course of the plane has been adjusted, its state was stable. If it kept flying at this speed, they would be able to reach Xia Hai Airport in about 40 minutes, so Xiao Luo’s nerves slowly relaxed.

    “How did you learn how to fly a plane?” Tan Ning Fu asked.

    Xiao Luo made up a random reason, “Read a book.”

    “Ah? So you have never really flown a plane before? ” Tan Ning Fu exclaimed.


    Xiao Luo nodded. He was not lying as it was indeed the first time he had ever flown a plane.

    “It’s your first time but you can pilot so well, Mr. Xiao, you’re too good!”

    Tan Ning Fu was an optimist. She only saw the strength of Xiao Luo. If she were a different person, she would be worried as a driver would be nervous for the first time on the road, not to mention on a plane. If this news was released, she was afraid the passengers who had stabilized would fall into panic again.

    The flight attendants had been performing their duties to calm the passengers’ nerves. They organized singing and impromptu performances with the crew members to divert the passengers’ attention so that everyone could relax and not become too nervous.

    Lao Cui said some negative words at the right time, “It’s no use. That boy will not be your savior. No matter how much he does, it is impossible for the plane to land safely. Please wait and die together.”

    He was driven mad by the pressure of his wife and work. He wanted to die, and he had to retaliate against this miserable society.

    A strong security officer on the plane became angry and punched him several times. Lao Cui collapsed like a ‘fart’ and his smelly mouth stopped.

    After 40 minutes, the passengers in the cabin became nervous again when they arrived over the Xia Hai airport. Lao Cui gave them a clear understanding of the current situation of the plane. Landing would be the most critical step. Failure to do well was death.

    Everyone was sitting tensely and did not dare to breathe loudly.

    “Mommy, can we land safely?” Asked a little girl who’s hugged tightly by her mother.

    “Yes, we will. We will see Dad soon.” Her mother comforted.

    Hearing this conversation, the other passengers felt sad and bitter. They hoped that everything was just a disaster movie now, because there were usually children’s scenes and nothing would happen.

    “Trust my brother, he can definitely land the plane safely.” Wang Yanzu loudly ensured.

    The flight attendants also shouted at the crowd through the radio, “Ladies and gentlemen, please believe in us and believe in Mr. Xiao, we will definitely land at Xia Hai Airport safely!”

    “Yes, we will be fine, because a fortune teller said that I can live up to 100 years old, so I can’t die young.” A man in his fifties or sixties shouted loudly, cheering for himself and others.

    “Ha, ha, ha …”

    Everyone laughed, he was already in his fifties or sixties, yet he still dared to say that he couldn’t die ‘young.’ It was a humorous joke that affected everyone.