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Chapter 318 - Finally Landed.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 318: Finally Landed.

    Xiao Luo’s eyes penetrated through the darkness and stared straight at the fire wall on the ground, which was used as a mark. He flew the plane and used the fire wall as the target.

    The plane’s system automatically monitored the altitude from the ground, and a similar warning voice sounded in the cockpit.

    Five hundred meters!

    300 meters!

    200 meters!

    The whole plane shook violently, and all the passengers were in weightlessness. If they hadn’t been sitting on their seats with their seat belts fastened, they would definitely have been thrown out from this violent shaking.

    “God bless, God bless …”

    Someone closed his eyes and prayed aloud.

    “Mr. Xiao, the lights have turned red!” Tan Ning Fu, who has been paying close attention to the APAPI lamp, suddenly exclaimed aloud.

    A double red-lights would indicate that the nose was pointed too low, which would cause great impact to the front support bar.

    “Pull up!”

    Xiao Luo held the throttle tightly in his two hands, he rebuked in his mouth, and forced the nose up a little.

    “Boom ~”

    There was a loud noise that shook people’s eardrum. The plane passed through the fire wall and came into contact with the ground.

    At the moment of contact, the shaking intensified to the extreme. As the plane rolled and shook, the passengers closed their eyes and waited for death’s judgment. It was the decisive moment whether they live or die.

    “Take the throttle on your side and don’t loosen it!” Xiao Luo said bluntly to Tan Ning Fu.

    Tan Ning Fu was frightened, but she didn’t get flustered like a normal woman. She still kept her head and took the throttle firmly.

    After landing, the plane still roared forward like a beast. The tires on the support frame were braked in an emergency and scraped violently against the ground, resulting in numerous colorful sparks on the ground.

    The main reason why the fuselage was shaking like this was because the nose was dipped too low, and the speed controlled by personal feeling without the plane’s system was too fast when falling to the ground, causing the plane to have a balance problem.

    Xiao Luo’s hands controlled the throttle, trying to make the steel behemoth gentle down. The cries of the passengers echoed, they all felt that they were going to die.

    The duration was very short, but it felt as long as a century for everyone.

    A few minutes later, the roaring steel behemoth finally stabilized and its speed dropped to about 80 mph. The plane continued to slide forward, under the action of the brakes the speed slowly decreased until it came to a steady stop.

    Stopped, they had landed safe and sound!

    The passengers looked at the fire trucks outside the plane’s window and the airport staff that was rushing towards the plane. They all seemed to come back to earth from hell one by one. Tears streamed down their faces and they cried with excitement.

    “We are back on the ground.”

    “Live … We’re alive, we are not dead.”

    “Good, ha, ha, ha …”

    Although many people were vomiting violently, it was difficult to hide their excitement.

    The plane crew also felt that it was surreal. The captain was attacked by the deputy pilot. The deputy pilot wanted everyone to be buried with him. This was the case, but a mysterious man named Xiao Luo turned the situation around and made everyone come back alive. Everything they had experienced was like a dream and felt extremely unreal.

    Xiao Luo breathed a long sigh of relief. He was sweating like a pig at this time. If Zhang Dashan was here, he would complain and curse a few times on the spot that the deputy pilot wanted to take them down with him. If not for the system, he and these passengers would become wisps of ghosts in the air.

    He turned his head and looked at Lao Cui. If there was no one else here, he would kill Lao Cui at the moment.

    Lao Cui had already woken up. When he found the plane to have successfully stopped at Xia Hai airport, his face turned white and bloodless, and his mouth mechanically repeated a sentence, “How is it possible? How is it possible …?”

    Yes, how was it possible, how was the plane able to land back on the ground smoothly?

    The airport staff responsible for the rescue had already opened the docking ladder and completed the connection with the opened cabin door. The fire brigade, doctors and nurses also rushed to the airport as soon as possible. The airport staff did not dally. Seeing the Boeing 747 landing at high speed and pressure, the passengers were definitely injured. Many people were bleeding from their heads and needed emergency rescue.

    The chief flight attendant interrupted the excited passengers and security personnel, “Let the injured off the plane first.”

    The order was well maintained. Although everyone was excited, they were able to remain rational and took the lead in getting the wounded off the plane and receiving emergency rescue.

    The leaders of the airport and the civil aviation also rushed up in the first instance and learned the story from the chief flight attendant.

    “This Lao Cui is really a damned motherfucker!” The leaders scolded.