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Chapter 319 - Cattles, Stalker fans.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 319: Cattles, Stalker fans.

    But after waiting for a long time, even though Tan Ning Fu already got off the plane, they still didn’t see Xiao Luo get off the plane.

    Both the leaders looked at the flight attendant with inquiring eyes, which meant where was the pilot?

    The chief flight attendant hurried to meet Tan Ning Fu who was approaching. “Where is Mr. Xiao, Xiao Fu?”

    “Hasn’t Mr Xiao disembarked?” Tan Ning Fu blinked and asked.

    “When did he get off?” The flight attendant asked urgently.

    “Shortly after the hatch was opened, he picked up his luggage and disembarked.” Tan Ning Fu said.

    The chief flight attendant suddenly felt ill.

    “What’s going on? Where is the person?” The Civil aviation leader asked loudly.

    The chief flight attendant looked embarrassed: “Leader, when we were talking, he seemed to have left the plane along with the other passengers.”


    The faces of both the leaders suddenly became very ugly. Such a pilot left right under their noses. They planned to hire him as a captain at a high price.

    “What’s the matter with you? Didn’t you see him get off?” The Civil Aviation leader complained.

    “I’m sorry, it’s my responsibility, I …” The chief flight attendant bowed her head and admitted her mistake.

    The airport leader waved his hand, “It’s not on you. After all, no one guessed that he would slip away secretly, so it doesn’t matter. The basic information of each passenger can be found in the system anyway. It’s not difficult to find him.”

    Reminded by this sentence, Tan Ning Fu stepped forward, “Esteemed leaders, he left his contact information.”

    The Civil Aviation leader was overjoyed, “Then contact him quickly and say we want to meet him.”


    Tan Ning Fu nodded and called, only to find that somebody else was on the phone.

    At this moment, the cell phones of the civil aviation leader and the airport leader rang at the same time. After watching the caller ID of their mobile phones, the two people immediately quietly started to purge. Obviously, this was the phone number of their higher ups. They then both got the warning from their superiors: It was forbidden to track down information of the passenger that landed the Boeing 747 safely!

    The two people after the end of the call had their eyes full of horror. What was the identity of the man, he incredibly made their superiors place a direct order to not track him?



    At Exit A of Xia Hai Airport, Xiao Luo came out with his baggage.

    On the phone, “Director Gu, thank you very much.”

    He didn’t want to be the focus, so he told Zhang Gu about this and let him press everything through relations.

    “Don’t be polite to me. It’s a bad thing for you to get too much attention. However, you have made me sit up and take notice again. You can even fly a civil plane. I’m thinking now whether there is nothing you can’t do in this world.”

    Zhang Gu became more and more interested in Xiao Luo. According to the information on hand, Xiao Luo had a lot of skills, and every one of his skills could be said to be at the top level. His computer skill was just one of them. He found that this guy was versatile and knowledgeable in all aspects. He seriously doubted whether Xiao Luo was blessed by god and his brain was more developed than normal people.

    “I just happened to read a book about flying a plane.” Xiao Luo said carelessly.

    “You knew how to pilot after reading a book? You are a genius!”

    Zhang Gu was not stingy with his praise. “By the way, I’ll meet you sometime and take you to meet the NSA’s computer elites who can’t match your fingers. You can help me guide them.”

    Looks like he’s going to pay his debts!

    Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and smiled obscurely. He never thought that Zhang Gu would help him free of charge. He and Zhang Gu had always had a deal. One was to not be jailed, while the other wanted to have a sharp sword to serve the country.

    Nodding “OK.”

    After a few more commonplaces, the two ended the conversation.

    Xiao Luo put his mobile phone back in his pocket, took a deep breath of the air in Xia Hai, and looked up at the night view. This was the city where he once lived for four years. There was not much change. At least the airport was still the same as before.

    At this time, a petite woman with shoulder-length short hair approached him.

    With a smile on her face, she asked, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Xiao Luo?”

    “I am, and you are?” Xiao Luo nodded and replied.